Anzac Biscuit Pancakes

A delicious, grain free and gluten free single serving pancake recipe which is based off an Australian classic- Sugar free too! 

Healthy THICK and FLUFFY Salted Caramel Pancakes which are accidentally low carb and packed with protein- NO nasties! A delicious breakfast choice! {paleo, gluten free, grain free recipe}-


It’s finally Friday folks and I’m in a kicking mood entering the weekend.

GUESS WHO HAS OFFICIALLY PASSED ALL THEIR SUBJECTS? Yep. Stoked. I feel like shrieking through the forests of Narnia out of excitement. Alas, that is not possible because I tried going through my closet to get there and bumped my head. 

Guess which was my best subject? Statistics. Seriously. Maybe all those bell shaped curves and ‘is mine bigger than yours’ practice questions paid off…That, or my mature minded cheerleaders paid off. Thanks legends.

Now onto today’s recipe. Anzac biscuits. You are probably perplexed as to WHAT Anzac biscuits are and WHY the have such a name. Well let’s get the most authentic definition and rip it off from Wikipedia-

Anzac Biscuits are a simple cookie made up of rolled oats, flour, shredded coconut, sugar, butter and golden syrup. The name ‘Anzac’ hails from the days of World War 1, when (Australian and New Zealand) wives would send their soldier husbands Anzac cookies because they sustained a lengthy shelve life and travel well.

Anzac Biscuit Protein Pancakes- Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Grain Free- without sacrificing taste


To this day, it is without a doubt considered to be an iconic traditional biscuit in Australia and New Zealand loved by both kids and adults. I remember growing up and having my mum buy assorted biscuit packs and I would fight my sister for the Anzac ones- being older, I often got my way. After succeeding in transforming the Australian classic treat the ‘Lamington’ into pancakes– I wanted to try to recreate the Anzac biscuit too. Those who follow me on Instagram are probably sick of seeing multiple photos of the same thing- The Anzac Biscuit Pancakes. It took me over FIVE trials to perfect it. I wanted the pancake to taste like an Anzac Biscuit yet still pack a nutritional punch to suffice as a meal anytime of the day. Ironically, the day I ran out of coconut flour was the day I FINALLY perfected it- both in taste and texture.

These pancakes are extremely fluffy, filling and make a very generous serving size– I easily made 5 thick pancakes from the single serving batter. The ingredients, while simple, stay true to the basis of the cookies. For the most authentic taste, top simply with slightly salted butter and nothing else- adding syrup or nut butters would be criminal. 
Anzac Biscuit Protein Pancakes- Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Grain Free- without sacrificing taste

Anzac Biscuit Pancakes

A delicious, gluten free, paleo, vegan and grain free pancake twist on a classic Australian cookie- Healthy of course!
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Servings: 1
Author: Arman @ thebigmansworld



  • In a large mixing bowl, sift the coconut flour, protein powder and baking powder to avoid clumps. Add in the gluten free oats (if using it), shredded coconut and salt. Mix well to combine.
  • In a small bowl, whisk the egg whites with the vanilla extract. Add this to the dry mixture and stir until a dough like consistency. Slowly add the milk to the batter. Ideally, the batter should be quite thick. Do not over mix.
  • Heat a frying pan on low heat and spray with cooking oil. Once pan is extremely hot, using a measuring cup pour 1/4 cup of the batter and then cover the pan. Once bubbles appear and the edges go brown, remove cover, flip the pancakes and cover again for approximately 1 minute. Repeat until all the batter is used up (It should make 5 thick pancakes).
  • Allow pancakes to cool slightly and top each evenly with butter.


* The amount of milk you use depends on the brand of coconut flour and protein powder used. When I tried this out with a paleo protein powder it required less liquid- the most successful batch I had used a vegan type of protein powder. I didn't add any sugar to this as my protein powder was already sweetened.


Anzac Biscuit Protein Pancakes- Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Grain Free- without sacrificing taste

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 Hands down, the fluffiest 'healthy' pancakes you'll ever make thanks to a secret method- Delicious, filling and chock full of protein! {vegan, gluten free, paleo}

Hope you all have a great weekend- Let’s hope your all not turkeys like me and left Christmas shopping to the last minute.

What was your best subject in school/university?

Are you a fan of butter? 

What are you excited for this weekend? 

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73 thoughts on “Anzac Biscuit Pancakes

  1. Congrats on all the passes!!! Especially stats – I hated stats. (But mine IS bigger than yours 😉

    I love the pancakes. Just pinned them, as they will be happening very soon. Probably Saturday AM.

  2. STOP! Turkish Delight Pancakes? You are taking the things I have dreamed about in my wildest dreams and making them a reality! 😀

    These look so thick and fluffy, and would be the absolute bomb! What a way to kick off the weekend! I’ll have to share a pic of my trial 🙂 The diggers would be proud 😉

  3. Ah congratulations on passing all your exams! You can fully relax now 🙂 Mine start in January aka starting to poo myself to put it nicely haha.

    These pancakes look peeeerfect! Thick, fluffy and filling 😀 I’ll defo be trying soon.

    Erm my best subject in Uni is ironically the one I hate the most haha, where we look about physics chemical properties of drugs and formulation mechanisms etc.. Yeah it as bad as it sounds!

    I’ve always hated butter unmelted e.g sandwiches :/ but otherwise I’d cut it out recently but I’ve been incorporating it back into my diet lately 🙂

  4. Choked on my oatmeal reading your second paragraph!! 🙂
    CONGRATS on passing ALL the subjects!!!! Love the protein content of these pancakes – and me oh my they are so fluffy! Speaking o Golden Syrup, I think would have to drizzle them with Lyle’s Golden Syrup instead of butter – not a huge fan of butter – unless it’s browned n baked!

    My best subject was English …was always an easy A! And I am super excited for this weekend cos today is my last day of work for the year!!!! Oh Yeah!

    Hope your weekend is wonderful Arman!

    1. Thanks, Shashi! Okay, you can be forgiven to use Golden Syrup over butter because that IS a key ingredient in the actual biscuit recipe!

      Hope your last day was a good one- regardless, its OVER! … until the new year 😉

  5. Stats?! Way to go! My best subject was always physical education (haha) or English. I actually miss school a tad… not the studying, the learning. These look so fluffy. I wonder if vegan (brown rice) protein powder would be okay to use? Happy holidays friend, talk soon!

    1. I loved English class too- but not sure if I would miss it. :p

      I’ve tried it with brown rice protein powder 😀 I used growing naturals vanilla in one batch- It was slightly earthy but still worked perfectly fine!

  6. Well heyyyyy good news! Congrats on passing all your exams and kicking stats’ butt! I absolutely hated stats in school, but somehow managed to do really well in it too. Go figure. Best subject was always English and philosophy though. I guess I just like to write? And given my current obsession with coconut flour, I’m all over these cakes… Do you think I could combine them with my other obsession? Molasses? Probably not, eh? I don’t imagine they’d be very Anzac-y then…

  7. Congrats on passing all your exams! So funny- I’m not the best at a lot of math, but I did really well in stats. I majored in communications, so those were obviously my favorite classes. I also really liked my leadership classes (one of my minors). I’m a big nerd, though, so I liked most of my classes haha.

    To answer your other questions- yes, I’m a fan of butter. Big fan. This weekend I’m most excited for weirdly warm weather and seeing my family.

  8. Yessss older sibling ftw. These look so delicious!!! ….and I’m pretty sure I called them Atzec pancakes before…..heh, what do I know? Congrats on passing your exams! Always exciting 🙂 My best subject in school was either science or english. Worst? Definitely history. I have a baaaaad memory, it’s kind of pathetic.

  9. Oh gosh..I barely passed statistics when I took it. My brain just doesn’t comprehend that stuff. Calculus- sure. Statistics-not a chance.
    Congratulations though!!! CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!

  10. congats on passing everything! I’m actually TA-ing a third year stats course next semester, so we’ll see how well that goes over….thank god for answer sheets 😉
    and after trying Turkish Delight that my parents brought back from their Mediterranean cruise, i’m looking forward to that pancake recipe!
    My best subjects were always Sociology (I like learning about people, apparently) and English (I like writing).

  11. Am I a fan of butter? That’s not a real question right?? I considered going paleo for .5 seconds purely because they encourage butter consumption!

    And I loved abnormal psych…should I be concerned about this? HATED STATS. Because I switched by major 3 times I took 3 different stats courses and they all sucked ass. I also still count on my hands so yeah.

    CONGRATS ON PASSING! Who’s the brain now?

  12. Congrats, Arman! My favorite subject in school was political theory. I love stuff like that! Locke, Hume, Weber – bring it on!

    Butter is one of the most amazing foods ever invented. It can literally be used in EVERYTHING!

    Oh, worst subject was definitely microeconomics. Ridic.

  13. Ps. How did I miss the question, ‘Are you a fan of butter’?

    Pull up a chair my friend. Let me tell you…

    OH GOD YES. I go through almost an entire block of butter each week. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with goat butter – it’s so sweet and creamy. I just eat it straight up.
    Have you tried Bulletproof coffee yet? Coffee + unsalted butter + coconut oil, and blended until frothy? YOU WILL DIE. It’s like drinking liquid gold. Try it right now and report back!

    1. YES! Okay, I just bought a Costco sized tub of Lurpak and it’s pretty much gone. I have replaced all my nut butters, frying oil etc with butter. Seriously, it makes my house smell like lard. Nice lard.

      Bulletproof coffee sounds so odd..what are the ratios?

  14. Your pancake runs deep! Congrats on passing your exams…always such a great feeling. My best classes were always non quantitative. Psychology was my fave, thankfully, because I studied it for 7 years. And I still take post graduate classes. LOVE butter! My plans for the weekend are to tie up last minute holidays ends, relax, and go on a date with my man!! Oh, and Sunday night watch the Polar Express with the kiddo! How about you?

    1. Haha, and its going to get worse…trying out a couple more recipes. Oops.

      I hope you used that date night playlist haha. Well, this weekend I had a friends Christmas dinner potluck with the most un Christmas fare. It was awesome!


    And these look so amazing… I LOVE butter but I stay away from it usually. 🙁 So sad.

    In school I was always good at history/geography/social studies classes and in undergrad I was good at all marketing classes. No wonder I’m such a marketing genius.

  16. Ha, funny I just mentioned my obsession for numbers in the comment on your last post, because I was always a bit of a brainiac in school so yeah, grades were something I obsessed about as well. I made A’s in almost every subject, except Chemistry…I just can’t understand Chemistry…at least not the TEXTBOOK kind! Bow chicka wow wow! 😉 Anywho, I’m not sure what my BEST subject but my favorite subject was always biology…especially once I got to college and had my first human anatomy class! The human body is a fascinating (and sometimes disgusting) thing! Lol! I’ve never been a big fan of math (I thank God every day that I didn’t have to take statistics), but I surprised the HELL out of myself when I passed calculus without having ever taken PRE-calculus!

    Love butter! Actually, I’m just getting to where I can embrace it again after being “scared” of it for so long slash convincing myself that I didn’t like it…same thing with mayo. You know, both get a pretty bad rap, but damn do they make things taste like 2109573986 times better!

    I just Googled golden syrup and see that I can find it at World Market…I am SO making some Anzac Biscuits!! 😀

    1. Thanks alot Heather- Why didn’t you tell me you were a brain? I would have bribed you to write my papers, do my figures and draw my bell shaped curves for me. That is so strange how you guys didn’t have to take Math classes when doing science ones- Here if you do Science inclined subjects its expected your a fan of maths!

      YES! I am seriously embracing butter and mayonaise and anything deemed ‘bad’ ‘saturated’ blah blah blah. Tuna salad made with greek yogurt is great but with mayo? Sorry Chobani, no dice. Make those Anzac biscuits…so good! Then crumble them on pancakes 😉

      1. Oh don’t get me wrong…we had to take math, but only one advanced class. Statistics is on the requirement for most degrees, but I couldn’t fit it into my schedule so I had to opt for a higher math course…hence the calculus class. I also had to take Physics (regular and radiation physics) and omg, I would rather DIE than take those again!

  17. Wahoo!!! Congratulations!!! This is a huge accomplishment. My best subject was always math and/or foreign languages – both just came to me far easier than other subjects. The recipe looks great, and I love the Anzac lesson – thanks!

    1. Hahaha a brain as smart as a chicken…seriously. The procrastination to study ratio was ridiculous. Pancakes all day, every day. In fact, I have a pancake creation in your honour- sweet potato, riced cauliflower and cheese. Need one more try to perfect. 😉

  18. Hey I love you recipes but I wish that you put the nutritional facts! My husband and I are on a body building meal plan and workout schedule and it would be so helpful if you had nutritional facts attached to your recipes so that we could use them! Your recipes look sooo good!

    1. Thanks Rachel for your kind words! I don’t count calories and rather focus on ingredients- I do know there are multiple calorie calculators available online so you should be able to calculate it there 🙂 Enjoy!

  19. Do you know if this recipe would work well with whey/casein protein powder, specifically Quest brand? I have a 2lb tub of it that I like to use for pancakes. There’s 22 grams of protein per scoop (28g). Also, why the one tbl of oats? Have you made them without it? Thank you!

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