Healthy Breakfast Cookie Dough

The taste and texture of cookie dough but for breakfast- This no bake healthy breakfast cookie dough takes less than FIVE minutes to whip up and is high protein, vegan, gluten free and a sinfully nutritious start to the day- Single serving too! 

Healthy No Bake Breakfast Cookie Dough {single serve}- The taste and texture of cookie dough but for breakfast- This no bake healthy breakfast cookie dough takes less than FIVE minutes to whip up and is high protein, vegan, gluten free and a sinfully nutritious start to the day- Single serving too!  @thebigmansworld

Cookie dough. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I was unaware of this goodness until my semester abroad in America. I recall going grocery shopping with some of the local students and they bought cookie dough.


Great. We’re making cookies!

Fast forward to several hours later, vegged out in front of the TV on Thursday for ‘Jersday Thursdays’ (Another great tradition I learnt over there) and voila, the cookie dough was whipped out of the fridge. Much to my dismay, I was perplexed as to why it wasn’t baked in the oven.

Won’t it make you sick?

Won’t it give you worms?

Why does Australia not condone this goodness?

It was love at first…bite?



Since returning to Australia, I must admit my cookie dough consumption has been limited to times I have been baking. However, the thought of eating cookie dough for an actual meal has never left my mind. Last week, I showcased a dark chocolate and peanut butter waffle recipe I’ve been working on and gave an attempt of mixing some of the base ingredients without any eggs to form some sort of dough.

Seeing as I wanted it for breakfast and knowing I’d need to not be in a sugar coma so early in the day, I opted to trial using ingredients which I knew would keep me energised yet NOT sacrifice the taste.

Friends….we have a winner here.



Nut Butter Breakfast Cookie Dough

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Servings: 1
Author: Arman @ thebigmansworld


  • Nut Butter Breakfast Cookie Dough
  • Ingredients-
  • ½ cup peanut flour can sub for PB2, Almond flour or other nut flour
  • 2 T nut butter of choice I’ve tried it with Almond butter and Peanut butter
  • 3 T oat bran divided
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 T natvia natural sweetener can sub for any granulated sweetener
  • ¼- ½ cup milk of choice
  • ¼ cup mix in of choice- I used crushed salted peanuts


  • In a mixing bowl, sift peanut flour to avoid clumps. Add in 2 T of oat bran, salt and sugar and mix.
  • Add the nut butter of choice and mix well into the mixture. It should now dense and clumpy. Using a tablespoon, add in milk of choice until a dough like texture is formed. Add in the mix ins of choice until combined.
  • Using your hands, form into tablespoon sized balls and roll them into the remaining 1 T of oat bran. Refrigerate for at least an hour (overnight is best) until they become more dense
  • Keep refrigerated until ready for consumption


If using an alternative nut flour (e.g. almond flour), decrease the amount of milk. If using PB2, cut back on the sugar/sweetener of choice.
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Hope you all have a great start to the weekend- Catch you Sunday for a round of Spill it, Sundays where I hope to indulge in your dream destinations for 2014.

Is raw cookie dough a ‘thing’ where you’re from?

What did you eat for breakfast today?

Are you a fan of raw cookie dough?

What are your favourite add ins to cookies or baked goods? 

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118 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast Cookie Dough

  1. Hello goodness! Sounds just yum! And I love how you gave it a salty twist again. Why do I still wonder??? Cookie dough is right down my alley but I never got farther than licking out the bowl.
    aaaah should I really tell you what I had for breakfast??? Okay of course you already know! But let me tell you that this was the tittiest of all tit bakes I ever had! What’s that about that strange bowl that brings out tits all the time????

  2. This looks right up my street! I wish I could get peanut flour over here. Wreckon ground peanuts would work? I just ate overnight oats on the train and got some very strange looks. Maybe it was the hemp protein powder and chia seeds that gave it the green appetizing sludge appearance… haha. I love raw cookie dough and cake mixture for that matter. I used to just make the mixture to eat raw as a kid and wondered why I felt sick for hours ha. Have a fab weekend Arman 🙂

  3. I love that you called them nut butter bites rather than PB bites… Makes my allergy-ridden heart do all sorts of happy dances 😀 And I love that it’s ‘cookie dough’ without the eggs because… the thoight of eating raw eggs just skeeves me out. Cookie dough is definitely a thing here, but I’ve never actually had any because of the eggs.

    Favourite cookie add-ins are chocolate chips, and breakfast today has not yet happened 😛

  4. They look great Arman! Trying to think of something I could sub for the oat bran, as I really want to make them!

    Cookie dough is not common in the UK – people know about it cause it appears all the time on US shows but you can’t buy it. Then again folk over here won’t even lick the spoon when baking for fear of uncooked eggs!

  5. You, my friend, are a genius. I’ve spent many a girls night watching Sex and the City reruns while eating cookie dough straight from the container. Something about all of us eating it together made it seem less terrible for you.
    I’m currently sipping my breakfast- a coconut milk smoothie with banana, berries, and protein powder.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I’m from Germany and cookie dough is not a thing here at all. Since cookies (at least “American cookies” aren’t so much of a thing here either). I will try this recipe soon. I’ve seen lots of chickpea cookie dough recipes but I don’t digest beans so well so your recipe sounds much better to me! I would add in some nuts or sugar free chocolate, chopped!

  7. I wish I could post mid-post comments because I reacted to the first line of this post like this -> “WHAT?!?!?!” *falls off chair*

    I always say ice cream is my favorite food, but that’s a lie, it is cookie dough. My childhood is filled with memories over negotiating how much cookie dough I should be allowed to eat at the risk of contracting food poisoning. My dad for many years kept a tub (yes, a tub, he bulk ordered it) in the freezer for him to snack on. Basically, in America, we all know you can get salmonella or whatever but we’ve collectively concluded that it is worth the risk. The ultimate #worthit, if you will.

  8. I remember in high school going to the grocery store with my friends and sharing a tube of cookie dough with friends once in a while. Yup…super healthy kid here. But cookie dough that isn’t horrible for me and won’t potentially give me salmonella? Sign me up 😉

  9. yum, cookie dough! I haven’t had breakfast yet but I think I will have eggs. I have been stuck on yogurt and muselli this week. I need to see if I can ship you Cookie Butter from Trader Joes.

  10. Omg yes I was obsessed with raw cookie dough as a teenager! I remember after I finished a 10 day canoe trip one time my friends and I went straight back to civilization and bought a package of cookie dough, a Wendy’s meal with burgers and fries, a chocolate cake, and pop tarts. And ate them all on the bus ride home. Don’t judge haha.

    Love the looks of this recipe!

  11. I love raw cookie dough, but I can’t keep it in the house because it is the one thing (other than Cheez-Its – do you have those over there?) that I can’t restrain myself from eating. I actually found a recipe for raw cookie dough that ISN’T terrible for you to eat, in that you can’t get salmonella from eating the raw eggs. This reminds me to make that!

  12. Knew this would be a good one! Going to make this soon for sure.

    And cookie dough was a childhood staple for me – don’t tell my mom! I would sneak pieces and try to reconstruct the roll so it looked like it hadn’t been touched. Haha.

  13. Yum! These look like a winner. I’m needed something to use up my almond flour, so this will do the trick!

    As a {Canadian} kid, I loved cookie dough. Pretty sure Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream was my go-to. Our elementary school always had a cookie dough fundraiser, and we’d have to sell these massive tubs of it…I remember my mom getting so mad at my brother and I for eating the entire container she had bought!!

    I meant to ask you, have you tried the new Mayvers peanut butter from Woolies (glass bottles)?? It’s so good! Loving the smooth one with a pinch of salt. Finally some good nut butter around here!!!

    1. No worries, Kelly!

      The cookie dough ice creams in the northern hemisphere live up to it’s name. I tried a cookie dough flavour from NZ Natural ice cream once. It was just vanilla ice cream with a few dots of chocolate chips.

      YES! Love Mayvers- and the added salt by hand- perfect.

  14. You can buy cookie dough!? Say what? That’s un-bloomin-believable. The two times in my life I’ve made cookies I’ve eaten the dough and loved it! Love the look of this, but one question: with only 1 tsp of sugar – does it taste sweet?
    Breakfast was PB&J oatmeal and coffee 🙂

  15. Yup, America…home of the lazy…and…GENIUS. Cookie dough is great. I happen to love it, but I also love freshly baked cookies so I usually end up eating too much of both when I make them! However, these sound amaaaazing and I’m sure I’d end up eating all the balls in one sitting 🙂

  16. Oh hell yeah cookie dough is a thing. In eighth grade, we’d all walk to this grocery store after school and buy cookie dough… for a snack. #thinspiration.

    You know how I feel about salted crushed nuts so I’m totes on board with that.

  17. Clever! These look terrific. I am going to have to invest in some peanut flour or almond meal. I like raisins or other dried fruit in cookies. I haven’t had raw cookie dough since I was a kid but I preferred the dough to the baked product. Back then, we didn’t worry about salmonella, just spoiling your appetite for dinner (Yeah, right!) Of course, we also rode in the car without seat belts, left meat on the counter to defrost all day long, washed our hands with regular old non-antibacterial soap, and sold Girl Scout cookies door-to-door sans parents. Miraculously, I’m still alive!

    For breakfast I had Greek yogurt with berries and chia seeds plus toast topped with almond butter and sliced dried fig.

    Hope your weekend is fantastic!

    1. You NEED to- peanut flour- when NOT using it as a substitute for peanut butter, is absolutely amazing in baked goods or added to real peanut butter for a dough!

      Mmmm…Greek Yogurt is something I need to reintroduce to my breakfast rounds!

  18. Oh my goodness, I need to make these! I’ve always been able to find raw cookie dough in the stores here but it’s never a good idea to have it in the fridge (for obvious reasons!) Haha these bites would be dangerous too 😉

  19. Gosh, I read: ‘Why does Australia not condome this goodness?’
    I’m so sorry.
    BUT I have peanut flour here, oatbran (LOVE that there is oatbran in them!!), I will buy nutbutter tomorrow and I am obsessed with cookie dough. Of course only since I entered the blogging world – you bet the Swizzies think Cookie Dough is an online game or something.

  20. Heck yes! I will totally be trying these. I’m so happy that you’ve come to meet the amazingness of cookie dough. You should bag these nut butter breakfast cookie dough balls and chuck them at your fellow bloggers (since you like to do that apparently)…I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. At least I wouldn’t. More cookie dough for me!

  21. Seriously drooling right now! I was just telling Kyle (as in 3 minutes ago) that we should bake cookies tonight. Aka we should pretend to make cookies and then just make ourselves sick off of the dough ;). Can’t wait to try these!

  22. Wow I never realized cookie dough was an American thing!!! There truly is nothing like eating some fresh cookie dough!!
    I make some mean monster cookies and that dough is the best!!! 0% healthy but 100% amazing!!

  23. I’ve never been huge into the raw cookie dough thing. I remember when I first tried it years ago and thought it was strange…strange but good 😉 heehe

  24. I’m the atypical blogger who’s not into that whole ball/ bite for snacks business [too much dried fruit] but we’re talking cookie dough here so: I’m in! Who’s NOT a fan of cookie dough? Eggs or not I never gave a second thought as a child making sure the largest part of homemade dough was consumed the way it had to be: raw. Salmonella? Pfft, what is that even ;)?
    The first time I saw store-made cookie dough was at IKEA. Gingerbread dough. I’m trying to remember if any of that – back then pretty exciting to me and my sister – find actually made it to the oven. Rather not.
    Slowly but surely a few kinds of prepared cookie dough – none of those vegan, though – have been appearing in freezer aisles over here during the past years. One thing Germany still hasn’t gotten the hang of, though, is cookie dough ice cream.

  25. Raw cookie dough is one of my ultimate binge foods… I can eat half a container without blinking if left unsupervised after a particularly bad day. That being said these sound very similar to my favorite cookie dough balls and I’m excited to have a new variation (because an extra excuse to eat cookie dough for breakfast is never a bad thing).

  26. What would you recommend as a substitute for oat bran? I don’t have any one hand, but I’ve got coconut flour, rolled oats, scottish oatmeal, and hemp hearts. Think any of those will do? This recipe sounds so good, but I already did my weekly grocery shopping…don’t think I can wait a week to not try it!

  27. Finally catching up on all my blog reading and see that you posted about cookie dough. Kick myself for not seeing it sooner than now, Sunday night…because now I already have my PJs on and can’t go to the store. Of course, homemade is an option buuuuut I’m lazy. So instead, I’ll just drool and most likely dream doughy dreams.

    In summary, YUM!

  28. I used to eat cookie dough by the boat load back in the day. I don’t think I’d mind having it for breakfast. 😉
    It is a food I do enjoy. I don’t know exactly why (because it’s raw), but its just so dang satisfying.

  29. Oh HELL YES!! You better believe I’m making this when I fiiiiiiinally put in my order for more peanut flour! Cookie dough is my JAM!! <- And you should probably know that I never ever say that…see what you're doing to me?!

    And ps, I notice now that your sidebar stuff has found it's proper place at the TOP of your page! Much better! 😀

  30. I had a friend from Pakistan in college who had the same reaction to raw cookie dough! That’s kind of why I’m a fan of making vegan cookies, truth be told. 😉

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