Huge Announcement + Thank YOU!

In just over a month, it will have been officially one year since I decided to head over to America.

Long term readers know that a big part of this move was to see if I could elevate this blog from a hobby into a full-time career.


I’m glad I took that leap of faith- I’m thankful, grateful and proud to see that this somewhat risk has been a positive one- I’m now doing something I absolutely love every single day and able to support myself comfortably doing so.


Over the last year,  I’ve experienced life in New York City, Columbus and now, Los Angeles

The last two months have been incredibly busy

Fellow bloggers may have noticed I’ve been slightly absent in their neck of the woods, but I promise it’s been for good reason. There’s been a ton happening in the back end of the blog and I can officially spill the beans.

Before we get into it- MacKenzie– I am STOKED that I didn’t spam that email you sent back in December. 



To all the blog readers who come on TBMW with each new post and leave comments….

To all the silent blog readers who come on TBMW with each new post and send me amazing emails….

To the amazing community across my social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)….

To all my fellow blogging friends who’ve supported me from back when TBMW was a little baby….

To all my fellow blogging friends who’ve joined me on the ride over the last two years….

To every single person who believed this blog could be something.

To every single person who knows this blog IS something.

Thank YOU.

Because of YOU…


Book deal = OFFICIAL.


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168 thoughts on “Huge Announcement + Thank YOU!

  1. If you have 2,3 billion pageviews from Germany it’s because I was hysterically refreshing your page since I saw your snapchat this morning!
    I am jumping up and down on my chair screaming – literally. Good luck I am alone in the office!

    I am extremely pround and so so so happy for you <3

  2. Yay congrats to you! I have been following your blog for about a year now and am excited for this book deal! But I have to wait until 2017 ?? Lol..I know, I know- good things come to those who wait.

  3. Arman this gave me chills! I have loved following along on your journey and totally read your blog way before I started blogging myself. I am so excited for you. Your hard work and dedication are a true inspiration! Congratulations 😀

  4. Congrats! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, on such a good path following your dreams, it is so so inspiring!

  5. YAAAASS!! Congratulations, Buddy! Can I write the foreword to your book? I promise I’ll say nice things about you 😉 No, but seriously, it has been such a privilege and inspiration watching you grow and succeed in this journey. Hats off to you!

  6. Congratulations Arman! I look forward to your 2,000 page work of fiction. I assume it will be a childhood favorite and capture audiences like the Harry Potter series 😉

  7. That’s so exciting!! It is clear how much of your heart and soul you have poured into this blog, so you deserve to be rewarded. Congratulations!

  8. Consider this comment my pre-order, because that’s definietly a book I’m interested in.
    Congrats on going after your dreams, making them come true, and supplying America with too-good-to-be-true eats. I look forward to making them, but mostly I look forward to shoving them all in my face. [in the most attractive way possible, of course]
    Maybe we could collaborate on a second book, in which its only pictures of my face as I have foodgasm after foodgasm upon tasting your food.
    Wait – did I just go to far? 😉

  9. CONGRATS!!!! That’s SO legit and totally deserved! All of your content is amazing and I already know the book will be fantastic. GOOD LUCK with the whole process! I’m from Columbus, proud to have that in common with such an amazing blogger! 🙂

  10. Hey man! Congrats on the success. I only just discovered your blog today while looking at pinterest for vegan + paleo recipes – and wow, I’m so impressed.

    So much so, that this is the first time that I am commenting on a post!

    Congrats – and welcome to LA – I hope to meet you down the line as I get my blog off of the ground, because so far your posts have inspired me!!

  11. Have to make it blog comment official 😉 CONGRATS!! So very proud of you and all your hard work, dedication, and sacrifice!

  12. Long time reader but first time commenter. Congrats! It will be awesome for you to get credit for all your hard work and recipe development! Well done.

  13. I smiled so big when I read this!!!! You should be SO proud of yourself – I can only imagine how hard you work. It’s obviously all worth it. Now you are officially #goals ? Can’t wait to get my hands on that magical book of goodies!!

  14. How exciting for you (well, and all of us too)!!!!
    Looking forward to the book and trying more recipes.

    Greetings from Canada!

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  16. YESSSSSSS!!! I’m so proud of you! You really have taken a small hobby and turned it into a fiery passion! Also I can’t believe you’ve already been here for a year? Time flies! Congrats so much my friend!

  17. Congrats, friend!!! So freaking exciting. Side note- we should chat about this. I’m curious to hear who you signed with as we may or may not have something in common 😉

  18. Congratulations! That’s amazing, good for you! Although I have only been a member for a little while, I adore you’re blog. As a dedicated athlete who lives with an autoimmune disease, along with maintaining a healthy diet, it has been hard to try and make food enjoyable while meeting all the criteria. Since I have found your blog, it has been a lot easier. So, I just wanted to say that I thoroughly appreciate all of your efforts and time that you put into this. Good luck with your cookbook, and I hope to see more delicious recipes!

    1. Hi Abby!

      Thank you SO much for your kind words- It really means so much! I’m so glad that these recipes on here have made it a little easier for you- I hope to continue doing so, and will ensure this cookbook will do that justice too

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  20. Wow!! How exciting for you!
    That will definitely be on my purchase list. I love when I find out about a cookbook that I would actually use often. 🙂

    Now you just have to take the next big step… A YouTube Cooking Show! 😀
    I’ll let you know right now, I would be your first subscriber. 🙂

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