Lamington Pancakes

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Can I get a ‘Huzzah’ for it being Friday? Actually, to be perfectly honest, this week has been quiet at work and with abit of spare time since finishing exams- its been relaxing. I intended to post an exciting giveaway today but seeing as there are several floating around this week, I thought I’d leave it for Monday- stay tuned!

Last Friday’s post, I talked about how I was trying to perfect the infamous Australian treat- the ‘Lamington’. Just to remind you what a lamington is- a sponge cake, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with shredded coconut. There are twists to it including having a layer of cream and strawberry jam in the centre (my favourite) and even chocolate or custard filled.



After several attempts, I finally perfected the texture and taste to resemble a Lamington. I needed the pancakes to be light and airy and a distinct coconut taste throughout. I tried it without the cocoa powder mixed it and as a sauce but preferred it mixed into the batter. These pancakes are extremely fluffy, filling and and make four large pancakes. I ate them layered with strawberry jam and a tiny bit of whipped cream– bliss. The best thing? They are a much healthier alternative to a traditional lamington, which can clock in at up to 390 calories for a piece! 


PS- I dedicate these pancakes to the pancake Goddess herself, Heather– Happy 3rd Birthday to KMG- May you continue to spread your cruciferous love to the world.

Aussie ‘Lamington’ Pancakes


Lamington Pancakes

A classic Aussie treat converted to a healthy pancake form- without sacrificing on taste- gluten free and high protein too!
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Servings: 1
Author: Arman


  • 3 tablespoon coconut flour
  • 1 tablespoon quick oats/oat flour/rolled oats gluten free
  • 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 3 tablespoon shredded coconut divided
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 teaspoon Natvia natural sweetener OR 1 tablespoon of Norbu sweetener or sugar
  • 3 large egg whites
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Jam/cream/greek yogurt to serve


  • In a large mixing bowl, sift the coconut flour and unsweetened cocoa powder to avoid clumps. Add in the rolled oats, baking powder, natvia sweetener and 1 tablespoon of the shredded coconut. Mix well to combine.
  • In a small bowl, whisk together the egg whites and vanilla extract and add it to the dry mixture. Slowly, pour in the milk- you want the batter to still be quite thick. Do not over mix.
  • Heat a frying pan on low heat and spray with cooking oil. Once pan is extremely hot, using a measuring cup pour 1/4 cup of the batter and then cover the pan. Once bubbles appear and the edges go brown, remove cover, flip the pancakes and cover again for approximately 1 minute. Repeat until all the batter is used up.
  • Top the pancakes with the remaining 2 Tablespoons of shredded coconut and spread the pancakes with strawberry jam and cream for a true 'lamington' experience.


Do not use brown sugar instead of white as it changes the flavour significantly.
By using only egg whites as opposed to whole eggs allows for a lighter, airy texture which resembles the 'lamington' texture.
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75 thoughts on “Lamington Pancakes

  1. OMG, the pancakes seriously look really drool worthy! If I wasn’t eating a Paleo diet, I’d probably have to break down & make these. Never had a Lamington, but they sound like something I’d like… and pancakes… well, can’t really go wrong there! 😉
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Exactly! Can never go wrong with pancakes! I look forward to when you try out a paleo style one 😉

  2. Alors mon cher, j’ai vraiment besoin de tes pancakes!! Holy yum – oats, coconut flour amd cacao?? My favorite stuff in one piece that’s fantastic!! I never heard of Lamington, but I buy these anyway.
    This weekend (yesterday) was Santa Clause celebration. It’s a Swiss Tradition – Santa comes on December 6 and brings along tons of unhealthy stuff. Love it!!

    1. Its like an Angel food cake if you guys have that? So good! Like, really fluffy hahaha!

  3. Congratulations. It always feels great to nail something you’ve been working on for a while….in more ways than one. Wink, wink.

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