Off the cuff Fridays 29/11 – No bake SunButter cookies

Happy Friday guys! For many of you, this is just another day part of your long weekend (Thanksgiving needs to be introduced in Australia…seriously!) but for those in the Commonwealth and outside of America, its the final day of the working week, WOO! This weekend I’ve got two brunches, one of which is a blogger one which I am stoked for! For Sunday’s brunch I have to bring something….lets just say I will NOT be making a traditional brunch dish.

Before we get into some Friday rambles, I’ve received several emails saying that they were having trouble commenting on here- Saying that the message ‘Invalid Security Token’ was coming up preventing them from doing so. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Jetpack so hopefully it will be working now- Please do let me know if troubles still occur! 🙂


I used to think Disney movies were just a fundamental part of childhood and nothing else. Now I think Walt Disney and the team there can predict the future…..


Who here has heard of Lamingtons? I guess we could say Lamingtons are to Australians as Oreos are to Americans and Nanaimo Bars are to Canadians. Lamingtons are pretty much a sponge cake with a jam and cream centre, and then covered with a thin layer of chocolate icing and shredded coconut. Friends, abit over a week ago I attempted to make a pancake recipe based off this. Lets just say there is a minor obsession. Let these batter pictures be the proof in the pudding lamington. Recipe to come next week!

Picture Source
Picture Source

Lamington pancakesMolasses seems to be the new chia seed on the blogging world. After seeing a multitude of recipes recently, I think I’ve been peer blog pressured to get some and test it out in some prospective baking adventure. Although, I’m ashamed to admit I thought Molasses and Blackstrap Molasses were the same thing…maybe the latter being sexually connotated. Oops.

Picture Source
Picture Source

A Costco opened up last week (the second one in Melbourne!) which is quite close by! On Tuesday, I went with a friend and was VERY tempted to get a certain something….but perhaps 5kg is MAYBE, just maybe, slightly excessive. I will, however, buy it in an instance if I can convince you guys all for a trip to Australia? I’ll force Jan to even buy a jar too.


For those of you wanting some Sunday reading or Sunday posting- Don’t forget to link up to the ‘Spill it, Sundays‘ feature which will be starting this Sunday! Don’t be shy to chuck in a selfie along with it!

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On Wednesday’s What I Ate Wednesday post, I mentioned a simple No Bake SunButter cookie I have been snacking on lately and had several of you request the recipe! These cookies are based off a no bake protein bar recipe I often use. I’m trying to cut down on the amount of protein powder I’ve been using to subbed in oat flour for most of the protein powder and decreased the amount of liquid I used.

These cookies are not your typical crispy cookie- because they are no bake, they are quite soft in texture. I’ve cut down on the sugar because the SunButter is quite sweet as it is- feel free to add more to suit your taste! These wholesome cookies use simple ingredients and are the perfect vehicle to satisfy a sweet craving! Thank you Kierston for the recipe link up!


No Bake SunButter Cookies

No Bake SunButter cookies
No Bake SunButter cookies

Makes- 12 Medium sized cookies


  • 1/4 cup SunButter (can sub for another nut butter)
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup oat flour (rolled oats ground into a flour)
  • 2 T brown sugar (add/decrease depending on taste- Could sub for a few drops of liquid stevia)
  • 1 T cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/4 cup + milk of choice (see note)
  1. In a large mixing bowl, add the SunButter, rolled oats, oat flour, brown sugar and cinnamon. Stir until completely combined- batter should be extremely crumbly.
  2. Slowly add milk of choice. Start with 1/4 cup and then gradually add in more, 1 tablespoon at a time until the batter reaches a cookie dough texture.
  3. Using your hands, roll out batter into 12 golf sized balls and place on a baking paper. Sprinkle with sea salt. Press each cookie down firmly and then refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Once semi firm, serve up and devour!

Note- With the milk, start with 1/4 cup but have more put aside to reach the cookie dough consistency. For firmer cookies, use less milk. For a more super soft version, add more. These cookies and be frozen and then thawed slightly before consumption. Keep cookies refrigerated otherwise. I’ve also made a higher protein version of these but omitted them this time as I’ve been eating these as a side to a chicken salad or an omelette!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Dream, Believe, Create and Succeed…in pancake making and flipping.

Have you heard of a lamington before? What is a dessert often associated with your country?

Cookies- Do you like them chewy or dense and crunchy?

What are your weekend plans? 

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65 thoughts on “Off the cuff Fridays 29/11 – No bake SunButter cookies

  1. Yay! I am super excited about those cookies. No-bake is the best, and I love a recipe with a short ingredient list. I’m not much of a baker, so these sound perfect for me. And also, welcome to the molasses-bandwagon. Once your on it, it’s difficult to get off! 😉

  2. Can’t wait for the lamington pancake recipe sounds delicious!

    Those cookies look great too! I nearly bought some sunbutter this week but then didnt. Really must get onto it!

    When Nick and I first went to Costco the amount of crap we bought because we could. Tempted by the Nutella for sure if it means our international blog friends come here then why not!

    I’m in two minds about what to order tomorrow…yep I checked the menu again already. Work is soooo slow.

    1. You bet I’ll have it up this week- I’m going to try once more with either the jam INSIDE or layered. touch choices 😛

      Costco is seriously deadly- I have 4 containers of yellow mustard and a giant pepper grinder lol!

      By the way- there is a cheaper version of coconut butter sold here- I forgot the brand but if I see it again I’ll photog it for you!

  3. Cookies = chewy. Hands down, no contest. Sure, the crunchy ones are great, but nothing can compare the soft centre tearing away as you bite into it, lingering, tempting … I am getting worked about a cookie?!

    Lamington pancakes. You, sir, are a genius. The best thing ever doubled! Just hope there is a splash of jam on those to make it the real deal 😉 Can’t wait for that recipe! 😀

    1. I think to date my favourite cookie is hands down subway white chocolate and macadamia…I don’t know how they do it!

      Well, you need to get coconut flour AND peanut flour to recreate the recipe…iherb order in the (very) near future?

  4. I saw that 5kg jar of Nutella somewhere in Sydney as well! And then when I was in Bangkok, a street food vendor has that same 5kg he use for his Nutella pancakes. Pretty cool!

    And hello from another Aussie blogger! 😀

  5. Thanksgiving definitely needs to be introduced to other parts of the world, it’s so unfair that we don’t get a turkey day. 😛 Haha, I think I saw that disney pic before but it’s still hilarious. Maybe the royal family has a secret disney obsession?

    I’ve never heard of Lamington pancakes before but the sure sound delicious, really looking forward to your recipe.

    So excited about Spill It Sundays, I’ll definitely be linking up! 😀

    1. The Royal Family are actually wizards and we are muggles. 🙁 Its a sad reality.

      Guess what I’m excited to get next week? A turkey sandwich from Subway!!! You’d appreciate this important bit of information. Hope you do link up- Next week I think will be a travel theme!

  6. Oh my word- lamingtons!! Love them. My mum makes a killer one and you just have to love sponge cake, Jam, cream, chocolate and coconut. I secretly quite like the lamingtons fingers you can get too 🙂 I like chewy cookies I think (although I like crisp choc chip and obviously mint slice and tim tams are not chewy at all and I adore them- by the way- which do you like better mint slice or tim tams?) awesome cookie recipe 😉 P.S but the Nutella-look up nigella lawson recipes- se has a whole heap of addictiv uses for
    It that will make you feel happy you are alive.

    1. Hey Milly! Wow, I’ve never had a homemade one before…Maybe I should befriend your mum 😉

      Hands down mint slice…I could devour a whole packet.

      Thank you so much for nutella ideas- Ironic it has to be Nigella especially at this time! Hope your enjoying your weekend!

  7. Nutella is pretty amazing stuff, however I’m like you. If I bought a 5LB tub, things might get a little crazy. I’ve actually discovered a brand I like even more from Woolies, though. It’s called Oxfam Dark Chocolate spread, and it’s unreal.
    There are still plenty of Aussie foods I have yet to try (e.g.: meat pie, vegemite, tim tams) but i HAVE tried a Lamington! I didn’t really like it, but I think it’s because I was expecting something more like a brownie. That moment when you eat something with completely different expectations of what it’s going to taste like?! haha… maybe I’ll give it another go one of these days!!
    Have a great weekend, Arman!

    1. ………..I’m going to pretend I didn’t read that vegemite fact. If Thomas doesn’t taste it in the near future, I think that could be considered borderline criminal 😉

      Thanks for the tip for that chocolate spread- I love supporting Oxfam and love their chocolate so I’ll have to give it go!

      Seriously. Get on the vegemite. Its on special at Woolies. :p

  8. Wahoo! Now I know what to do with my impulse oats. Hahaha. Omg, remember that time Davida said she didn’t know Nanaimo bars are Canadian? What the hell. Who is she?!

    You Australians like Tim Tams right? I always see those in stores. And marmite. What else do you guys eat?

    1. Seriously. Its like I don’t know who she is anymore.

      Zomg Jo You can’t just ask people what they EAT. You don’t see me telling you to go party with Anne of Green Gables do you?

      We eat tim tams, VEGEMITE (marmite is New Zealand..gross) and oats. thats it.

  9. I’ve never heard of Lamingtons before, but I’m intrigued. They sound and look awfully delicious! Can’t wait for the recipe! I still have yet to try sunbutter. I almost bought it at the store the other day, but I was kind of expensive, so then I stopped myself. Now I’m just wishing I did because then I could make these cookies. They look great, and I do love a soft and chewy cookie the best!

    1. They are so good, Holly- But I’d rather trade them to you guys to have HALF or even a quarter of the products you have haha. Don’t buy SunButter- I will email you later today! 😉

      Soft and chewy cookies are the best….even half raw. 😛

  10. Why do you always write about so many things that I want to comment on!? Okay, here goes. I’ve never heard of Lamingtons before, but they look kind of like mini donuts, which automatically makes them brilliant. Us Canadians have Nanaimo bars up here, and I was actually just in Nanaimo a couple of months ago… Too bad we were just driving through and couldn’t stop for dessert 🙁 For cookies, I like mine soft and chewy, and those Sunbutter cookies sound absolutely amazing.

    Happy Friday, mister! Have an awesome time at your blogger meet up!

    1. Have you had angel food cake before? Or a sponge cake? Thats the closest thing I can compare a lamington to- Lucky your on the coconut flour appreciation bandwagon again- the pancake recipe takes advantage of that 😉

      Soft and chewy trumps all- especially if they are from Subway! 😛

  11. Isn’t that William and Kate thing so crazy!? So weird. I am glad you cleared up what Lamingtons are because I remember you mentioned it not long ago and I was like wtf is that! But that makes more sense now. My mom used to never let me eat Oreos because of the chocolate that would get stuck in my teeth. I obviously ate them anyway, any chance I could get.

  12. Made quite a few awesome food discoveries when I lived in Australia for a few years but must admit I’d forgotten about Lamingtons until I read this post! But you’ve reminded me how yummy they are – might have to make some one of these days. I tend to prefer biscuits to be crunchy, and preferably coated in chocolate…(still dream of double chocolate tim tams even though I left Australia years ago…). Have a good weekend! 🙂

  13. Ok, you could have said apple pie or chocolate chip cookies or even brownies, but to name Oreos are the quintessential American dessert…compared to homemade treats like these delicious looking Lamingtons or Nanaimo Bars?! I’m sorry friend, but for that I must take you out back and beat you with blackstraps…molasses jars that is!! Take it back, take it back NOW!

    The only crunchy cookie I will allow to cross my lips is a buttery almond shortbread! Cookies are meant to be chewy…best served warm out of the oven with a glass of (almond) milk! And I know these are no bake, but I bet they would be damn good heated in the microwave for a couple of seconds! I’ll let you know once my jar of heaven arrives in the mail! 😉

    Hope you have a good time at your brunches! Can’t wait to hear what strangebutgood concoction you come up with to take! Oh and ps, even though I’ve seen that royal wedding pic comparison before, it still gets me every time…oh my god, the hats! Lol

    1. I will NOT take it back….because I want to blackstrapped… 😉

      YES! I heated them up in the microwave before- It was extra soft I needed to spoon it….up with a spoon.

      I think your just jealous of those hats. Okay, Well I am jealous.

  14. Arman – so glad that tody I was finally able to subscribe to your blog thru email – was not receiving your posts in my inbox for the longest time.
    I used to be a Nutella hog -so much so that I used to buy the hooge jar at Costco (and there are only 2 of us in my home)! But, then I was introduced to Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter and now,Nutella just doesn’t stack up! Maybe its just my taste buds, but Justin’s C+H is so so good! Have you feasted, er I meant tried it yet?

    I have not heard of a Lamington before – but it looks like trouble! 🙂 A dessert associated with Sri Lanka that I love is “Watalappan” – but I also adore Pumpkin Pie AND sweet potato souffle from here in the US!
    I love cookies in all forms – so long as they are homemade, for some weird reason, I am just not crazy bout packged cookies. These Sunbutter ones sound awesome, I hope you don’t mindif I were to try them without the milk but with more sunbutter or nutbutter.

    While I managed to escape the crowds of Black Friday, my mom wants me to take her shopping tomorrow – fingers crossed there are no stampedes! So looking forward to Spill it Sunday!

    1. I’m so glad its working for you- thanks for letting me know, Shashi!

      I am yet to try Justins products but you have me VERY tempted! I LOVE Sri Lankan food- my ‘Lankan friends here take me to this one place which has this chilli crab dish- BEST.

      Hope you scored some bargains!!

  15. Well you know I love simple recipes… thanks for sharing with us! Kinda funny you mentioned molasses because I have been thinking the same thing and was debating buying some yesterday… but didn’t. I’m loving the sound of these Lamington pancakes. But really, you had me at pancakes. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, brunchin and munchin

  16. These Lamingtons things sound crazy good! I don’t have any sunbutter, but I’d totally make a peanut butter version of those cookies. I love chewy cookies the best. When I make chocolate chip cookies I take them out 1-2 minutes before they say to so I’ll have crunch on the outside and soft and gooey in the middle.

    Have an awesome weekend!

    1. I made them with peanut butter the first time- So good- Microwave it if you want it more chewy 😀

      Mmm..I’ve tried that with baked cookies before (trying to copy Subway) but it never worked! Luckily Subway make the best cookies I’ve ever tasted!

  17. Never heard of the Lamingtons! This cookie lover likes them thicker & chewy/soft.. not the biggest fan of the thin & crunchy ones… I was clueless about molasses kick too although I have liked the flavor forever! Hope you are having a wonderful one!

  18. i’ve never seen anything quite like those lovely looking lamingtons! ohmygoodness! in Ottawa, we love Beavertails (fried dough pastry) topped with things like nutella, cinnamon & brown sugar, oreos, etc. they are sooooo good!

    i can’t wait for my jar of sweetgoodness to arrive .. then i can let you know what i think of your sunbutter cookies 😛

  19. Lamingtons – alright that’s a totally new one for me. Sounds really good.
    Oh and Oreo’s are gross. Apple pie: now that’s something I can get down with. Then again, any excuse to get down. Take it to the house.

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