Paleo Double Chocolate Cookie Dough


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Just one bowl and FIVE minutes is needed to whip up these delicious, no bake double chocolate cookie dough bites! Paleo, Vegan, gluten free, dairy free AND refined sugar free, snacking never tasted so good (or healthy!) 

Healthy {Protein Packed!} No Bake Double Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites- Just one bowl and FIVE minutes is needed to whip up these delicious, no bake double chocolate cookie dough bites! Paleo, Vegan, gluten free, dairy free AND refined sugar free, snacking never tasted so good (or healthy!) @thebigmansworld -

Paleo Double Chocolate Cookie Dough

Notice a trend? Recently there has been a couple of recipes which are paleo friendly. (And also subconsciously a number of other dietary groups too- Grain free, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly!)

No, I am not going Paleo- Ironic after yesterday’s post. There is good (and humerous) reasoning behind it- but you’ll have to wait until Thursday for that!



I swear I must internally be American. Not only am I obsessed with New York City but I’m obsessed with cookie dough. Although I was very late on the bandwagon, I’m in full fledged ’embrace it ALL’ mode.

What started out at as the Nut Butter Breakfast Cookie dough (as an excuse to eat cookie dough for breakfast) and then the Paleo Breakfast Cookie dough I trialled in honour of a blend. I mentioned in that post how I had a double chocolate variation I needed to share- and today is the day.

Paleo friendly chocolate is pretty darn easy. Coconut oil, cocoa powder and honey to preferred sweetness. I’m a huge fan of the dark chocolate (i.e. 85%+ variety) so I tend to use minimal amounts of the honey. I once omitted it completely and it was…..let’s end the story there.



Chocolate for breakfast is nice but double chocolate is even better. No, this recipe isn’t false advertising. You use chocolate in it twice and it tastes like cookie dough. Hell, if you add more coconut milk, it can actually be exactly like crumbly cookie dough…just don’t eat it in public.

Paleo Double Chocolate Cookie Dough (Based off my Paleo Cookie Dough)



  • Paleo Double Chocolate Cookie Dough

    5 from 1 vote
    Cookie dough for breakfast which is paleo friendly, vegan friendly and gluten free- double the chocolate to boot!
    Servings: 1



    • 4 tablespoon coconut flour
    • 1 tablespoon nut butter of choice
    • Paleo chocolate broken up into pieces
    • 1 teaspoon coconut sugar/1 T norbu natural sweetener/2 tsp native natural sweetener
    • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
    • 1/4- 1/2 cup almond or coconut milk depending on brand of coconut flour used
    • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder

    Paleo Chocolate


    • In a large mixing bowl, sift the coconut flour to avoid clumps. Add the sea salt and sweetener of choice and mix until well combined. Mix in the paleo chocolate and the nut butter of choice.
    • Add the milk, 1 tablespoon at a time until a 'dough' consistency is formed. Shape into bite sized balls and set aside.
    • Spread a plate with the cocoa powder and and roll the balls to cover completely. Eat immediately or refrigerate for 30 minutes.


    Like the original Paleo Breakfast cookie dough, these are great to store in the freezer and simply remove 30 minutes before consumption. If making in batches, it’s best tasting coming out of the fridge but can be kept at room temperature for up to 5 days.
    Author: Arman
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This week will be final week of the Flashback edition of Spill it, Sundays- next week, we will do a Flashback edition of OTHER blogger posts- a great idea by the cheese hater Meg. Don’t forget if you highlight a recipe, add that to the link up too- they will be added to the Pinterest board!

The Big Man's World

Have you ever made your own chocolate before?

Have you ever incorporated chocolate in your breakfast?

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  1. If someone hasn’t incorporated chocolate into their breakfast I don’t think I can trust them as a person… like who hasn’t had chocolate chip pancakes? Currently eating chocolate in my breakfast in the form of cacao mixed in my yogurt in my overnight oats!

  2. I went through a loooooong phase where I was adding a few spoonfuls of chocolate pudding on top of my oats, so yes — chocolate for breakfast is perfectly acceptable around these parts 😉 You need to stop coming out with delicious recipes that I have no time to make 😛

  3. Excuse me, are you on a mission to make everyone fall in love with you? You might have found the magic wand here 😉
    Chocolate for breakast is a perfect way to start the day. Unfortunately this always makes my huge sweet tooth the most powerful force of myself for the rest of the day. So I allow me some chocolate in the morning from time to time. This is surely a perfect breakfast recipe. Can’t wait to try it! Paleo chocolat making is on the to-do list now 😀

    1. I wish I had a magic wand…Expelliarmus!

      YES- I have add the sea salt always to balance it- otherwise it’s a long term lust!

  4. YUMyumyum. Who would argue with cookie dough for breakfast? I love the taste of coconut flour in about any possible way, so I bet these are delicious!
    xoxo Sarah Grace, Fresh Fit N Healthy.

  5. LMFAO – these look like deer poop. But you know what? I would totally eat this deer poop… And if these were sitting in the grass and someone said, I dare you to eat them – they could be poop or they could be cookie dough balls… I would RISK IT!

    1. LOLOLOLOL. Trust you to proclaim it as such. Then again, it’s true.

      I wonder how much protein there is within it!

  6. Guess what? I just bought more coconut flour the other day so I can finally try out some of these cookie dough recipes!

    Chocolate in breakfast is awesome if we’re talking chocolate chip pancakes. But I tried adding cocoa powder to oatmeal before and it was full of lies.

    1. FINALLY. I bought kale just for you!

      Omg. The adding cocoa to oatmeal and calling it a chocolate pudding- YOU are lies. It clearly is pudding. Punishment pudding.

  7. Mmmm I want these. Some of my favorite girls nights were spent eating plain cookie dough and drinking wine. I almost prefer the dough to a cooked cookie sometimes!

    And chocolate for breakfast is totally acceptable.

  8. Ok, you had my attention at DOUBLE chocolate! These look so addicting and I am sure I would love them!

  9. Top Chef Arman! You’d blow the other contestants out of the water!
    When I was in high school the business club sold cookies. they had a little oven and baked them during the lunch period. Every single day my best friend’s lunch consisted of curly fries, a regular soda, one baked cookie, and one lump of cookie dough. The funny thing is now she is one of those granola types; vegetarian, all organic, doesn’t own a television, belongs to a co-op. Who’da thunk?
    Anyway, yes, chocolate can happen at breakfast. I don’t go for overly sweet things early in the morning but lately I have been sprinkling raw cacao powder on my yogurt and I really like its assertive taste.

    1. You are always too kind, Sarah!

      Omg. Stop the cookie dough CURLY FRIES. One of life’ greatest inventions…purely for the shape.

  10. Doing a happy dance over here! Those last paleo cookie dough balls were fantastic – looking forward to trying these. 😀

  11. Oh hell no. Did you call me a cheese hater? Blasphemous. I will hit you with a brick of cheese all the way from Cleveland. You better duck because it’s coming in 3.5 hours, and I buy my extra sharp cheddar by the 2 lb block. Yes, two lbs of total deliciousness.

    1. Please do- I’m running low on dairy supplies (hello, baked goods for breakfast).

      2 lb blocks- Ha, 1kg blocks. boom. snap. crackle. pop. Australian metrics > US metrics.

  12. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate (I’ve already been ridiculed for it, don’t worry), these have nut butter and coconut oil and honey in them, so I wanna eat them. They also remind me of dense, chewy brownies. MMMM.
    You’re basically not an Aussie. Just come move to NY and move on.

  13. Yum! I made my own chocolate once but that was because my friend has the most obnoxiously expensive double broiler and it was amazing.

    Dark chocolate ftw. I can’t go back ever since I had my first bite.