Protein Pancake three ways

Happy Friday friends! This week has been quite the draining one for me. Its peak assessment time and for all my subjects- I had mid semesters, essays and presentations. Fortunately, next week lends itself to being more stable so hope to tackle a couple of essays early on and relax! So lets get the weekend started with another round of Off the Cuff Fridays ending with an awesome pancake recipe!

I have several pet peeves at the gym. Most of them I can handle and eventually get over. ONE of them drives me absolutely insane. If you are guilty of curling in the squat rack….you’re off my christmas card list for the next 2 years AND I hope all the grocery stores in your vicinity run out of nut butter for an extended period of time.


There has been recent controvery here in Australia regarding the ever popular cold treat that is Frozen Yogurt. Several chains here have been making false claims to its consumers regarding the ‘healthy nature’ of this product. Frozen yogurt being considered a health food is simply too good to be true…


I’ve often been told and read in various magazines that between sets, its beneficial for you to do ‘active’ rests in the form of some quick jumps/push ups/ab work instead of counting down for the next set. Taking a cheeky selfy counts as active rest. Right?


Just something juvenile and immature that made me laugh like a hoon. #immaturehumour


Four recipes I will be attempting-

Amy’s Fig Pizza (Figs pending on availability…)

Khushboo’s Quin-Oha 

Chelsea’s Balsamic Baked tofu 

Amy’s Apple Cinnamon pancakes 

After eating my way this past week through many pancake recipes, I decided to have an attempt of making my own version, without the use of protein powder. While I am a huge fan of this supplement, having it multiple times a day when I could be having solid foods was perhaps not the best idea. I thought of adding egg whites to boost the protein content, coupled with higher protein flour alternatives. In this instance, I used peanut flour, which boasts a generous 16 grams protein per 1/4 cup serving. The first time I attempted this, the pancakes resembled hockey pucks in texture. After dabbling with the liquid to flour ratios, I’ve come up with what I think works out to be a winning combination! I have a base recipe which can have various mix ins added in for different tastes/flavours/etc. These pancakes are thick, dense and filling. A plus? They are portable to boot, which was easy for me to whip up a double batch and bring a serve for lunch at university. Yes, pancakes for lunch.

My favourite combination so far has been what I dub the S Cubed- Sweet, salty, spicy and sneaky! Definitely some #strangebutgood action going on there. Hit up Laura’s home on the net to see other unique and inspiring combinations!


Basic peanut butter protein pancake (Photos are the #strangebutgood variation)

Serves- 1

  • 35 grams (5 T) coconut flour
  • 15 grams (2 T) peanut flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • Pinch of salt
  • Sweetener of choice
  • 2/3 cup egg whites (approximately 5 egg whites)
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice

IMG_4189 IMG_4193IMG_4195IMG_4197

  1. Sift the coconut flour, peanut flour and baking powder in a mixing bowl. Add in the cinnamon, salt and choice of sweetener (I added 1/2 teaspoon of natvia, but I prefer a less sweet pancake as I find coconut flour to have a natural sweetness to it)
  2. Add in the egg whites and mix VERY well until fully incorporated. Batter will be very thick.
  3. Slowly add in the liquid of choice, tablespoon at a time until a batter is formed (Should be up to 1/2 cup used)
  4. Spray a pan and heat on the stovetop on low setting. When extremely hot, pour 1/4 cup of the batter to make one pancake. The batter makes 4 pancakes. Ensure the heat is on low.
  5. When pancake starts to form bubbles, flip and cook the other side.
  6. Plate up, top with desired toppings (these taste great with melted peanut butter and some berries).


Variation 1- Chocolate walnut protein pancakes- To the batter, add 1 tablespoon of dark cocoa powder and handful of chopped walnuts. Top with added walnuts and chocolate syrup.

#Strangebutgood variation- S CUBED- Sweet | Spicy | Salty | Sneaky– To the batter, add 1 Tablespoon of dark cocoa powder, a handful of chopped walnuts, 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and half a cup of shredded zucchini.

So that caps off another round of Off the cuff fridays! Hope you all have a great weekend, and send some brain cells my way- I have a hot date (double, actually) planned again.

What is your biggest pet peeve at the gym?

Frozen yogurt- Are you a fan of this ‘health food’? 

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57 thoughts on “Protein Pancake three ways

  1. Ah I hope you enjoy the quin-oha :)! I couldn’t help but laugh about your comment about curling at the squat rack. A huge pet peeve of mine is gym hoggers- i.e. using a particular machine for extended amounts when clearly other people are waiting. There’s a “30 minute per machine” limit for a reason!!! As for fro yo, I am a huge fan…but I don’t consider it a health food by any means.

  2. These pancakes sound delicious! If I only could get some Peanut Flour here!
    Oh yes, the people at the gym. I can not stand it when someone sits on the bench or a machine, texting. I mean seriously, if you don’t want to workout, then leave.
    Have a great Weekend, Arman!

  3. Great idea to use peanut flour! I can only find it online so thinking it is time to order some. Ugh frozen yogurt is so annoying. It is delicious but I hate that shops claim it’s “healthy”. Sure it’s probably a better option than some other desserts but it is a dessert… especially when you pile on brownie pieces, cookie dough and other crazy toppings! Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with all the recipe making 🙂

  4. “I hope all the grocery stores in your vicinity run out of nut butter for an extended period of time.” <– That may just be one of the worst things you can wish upon a person. Remind me to never get on your bad side by curling in the squat rack…

    My gym membership expired a couple years back, but I do remember certain characters that would drive me insane… People who don't wipe down machines. People who hog equipment. People who try to strike up a conversation with me while I can barely breathe. And the creepers… ohhhh the creepers 😯

  5. Ugh, I wrote an entire post a few weeks ago on annoying gym habits. I can’t even decide what the worst one is…but most frustrating to me is when people try to strike up a conversation even when I’m wearing headphones and therefore clearly don’t want to be talked to. Just grrr.
    And I love froyo, but I make no claims that it’s healthy – when I eat it, it’s definitely a dessert. Although I suppose I could make it healthier if I didn’t do a 40/60 yogurt-to-chocolately-toppings ratio, but that’s ok.

    And note to self: find peanut flour so I can recreate.

    1. Sometimes the toppings are worth it! 😉 and so true about the conversation thing- worst especially when your mid circuit or about to repeat a set! You guys in Canada have no excuse not to have peanut flour on hand 😉 iherb is God sent for it!

  6. Ohhh I’m intrigued by this peanut flour! I will have to be on the lookout for it in our stores here. My worst gym pet peeve is probably people who steal my machine when my weights are clearly on it and then get surprised when I tell them I was using it!

  7. Yeah, definitely don’t believe that froyo is “healthy” but it’s good and it’s probably healthier than regular full fat ice cream (also delicious).

    Can we talk about how amazing ALL of Amy’s recipes are? I want to try the fig pizza too.

  8. I haven’t curled in the squat rack and will banish any thought of ever doing so cos I am not sure my life would be the same without my daily dose of Peanut butter!
    My one and only pet peeve is getting on another persons sweaty machine 🙁
    I know fro yo isn’t as healthy as it’s made out to be – but it is healthy for me and all those who are around me while and after I eat it – cos I am severly lactose intolerant !!!! TMI eh?
    Your chocolate walnut pancakes sound great – thanks for sharing – hoping you have a restful weekend after all that studying and essay writing.

  9. hahahaha “AND I hope all the grocery stores in your vicinity run out of nut butter for an extended period of time.” i certainly never want to get on your bad side 🙂 and i cant stop laughing over the “talking mushroom” thing hahahaha AND pancakes!! omg this post just made me all sorts of happy.

  10. I agree w/ Charlotte, I eat Froyo when I want to pat myself on the back or pig out, not because I think it’s helping me save a few cals or has vital nutrients that I need. It is a desert and only that!

    PS: I LOVE that mushroom kid!! I want to see the actual Youtube video now. 🙂

  11. You’re totally onto something with adding cayenne to your pancakes…crazy recipe wheels are currently turning in my head…

    Good luck with all the recipe making! Amy has such awesome recipes. Hoping to get something delicious out of her when I see her on Saturday 😉

  12. I add cayenne to everything. Literally. I’m definitely going to be trying the zucchini version… it actually reminds me of my microwave cake. This could be dinner tonight! Totally excited you got the peanut flour too. Keep bringing the #strangebutgood!!! 🙂

    P.S. You could throw the hockey puck pancakes at the dude curling in the squat rack…

    1. My mum tried to convince me that I was burning away my insides by the amount of Cayenne/red pepper flakes I consumed. The final straw is when she found a shaker in my car… Oops.

      Wish I thought of that- although since they’ve been in my bin they probably got harder… Smart (alcohol infused) cookie!

  13. Yummy pancakes! I love all the different versions! I’ve actually never cooked with peanut flour before and come to think of it, I’ve never seen it in the store. I guess they must sell it. I’ll have to check it out. So, I don’t go to the gym for all those ridiculously annoying reasons that make your gym experience more of a frustrating one than anything else. I either workout at home or do group fitness classes, which has annoyances in and of itself.

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