Single Serving Gluten Free Breakfast Cookies

As much as I love recipe experimentation and have gracious friends who are happy for me to offload leftovers from my kitchen results, my freezer can only take up so much space. Saying that, it is NOTHING like Meghan’s freezer which I’ve already told her that, should a worldwide food shortage occur, I will be inviting myself over and permanently residing there.


Confession- I randomly crave something for breakfast which after satisfying it- it will be quite some time before it strikes again. This happened 2 weeks ago when I was craving cookies for breakfast. It may have been a result of eating these No Bake S’mores Protein cookies for a week straight but the thing is- I didn’t want it to have any protein powder.

I wanted cookies- healthy but still tasting like a damn cookie. No protein powder, no subbing applesauce or pumpkin for fats and definitely no artificial sweeteners. I also didn’t want to whip up a batch to feed an army- Enough for one breakfast. Is that too much to ask?

Nope. Because I did it.


I’ve been obsessed with using Davida’s gluten free flour blend as my flour of choice lately and with her hitting her 25thmilestone, I decided to satisfy my craving while fitting several other criteria.

It had to be single serving.

It had to be healthy but not sacrifice on taste.

It had to be Davida friendly.

It has to satisfy my cookie craving or else I was going to eat oreos and be miserable.


Mission accomplished. These gluten free breakfast cookies turned out amazing…..after three trials. Trial one turned into breakfast rocks. Trial two turned into breakfast pudding. Finally, perfection. Crispy, dense and with the perfect amount of sweetness. Because I need to a balance of macros to feel satisfied, I ate them with a protein shake one morning, a hunk of cheddar the next and with boiled eggs on the third. The fourth was cheese again.

Yes, you read that correctly. I made it as a single serving recipe then after satisfying my craving, made a triple batch for three more days.


Defeating the single serving purpose? Yep. That’s okay- It’s Davs birthday and I’ll do what (she) I want to.

Single Serving Gluten Free Breakfast Cookies

A single serving cookie recipe which is healthy enough to eat for breakfast- gluten friendly too!
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Servings: 1
Author: Arman @ thebigmansworld



  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and grease a small baking tray with oil or butter.
  • In a small bowl, combine the oat flour, gluten free flour blend, baking powder and coconut sugar and mix to combine. Add the shredded coconut, raisins and pumpkin seeds and ensure it is fully incorporated.
  • In a microwave safe bowl, combine the coconut oil and brown rice syrup until incorporated. Add to the dry mixture and mix until fully combined.
  • Using your hands, form into small balls and using a fork, press firmly on the greased baking tray.
  • Bake for 10-15 minutes, until golden brown on top


I usually triple or quadruple the batch and enjoy during the week.
These cookies can be stored at room temperature for up to a week or frozen for later consumption
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Do you like single serving recipes or bulk recipes?

Do you get random odd cravings that need to be satisfied? 

Ever had cookies for breakfast? 

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82 thoughts on “Single Serving Gluten Free Breakfast Cookies

  1. Orlando? No Hamburg?? 🙁 I cannot be too sad about it though because I was attending a super interesting class about Orlando and am curious to hear about your experiences!
    These cookies….sound really great. And single serving recipes for cookie may be more appropriate for me, especially when there’s no one else to help me eat them because nearly the whole batch would be gone in a wink!
    I have a craving for muesli, cereal and granola worth cold milk lately and may or may not have overdone it with satisfying it 😀
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Single-serving recipes are best. Especially because I don’t have the freezer space to store the remainers of a huge batch. Like you, I envy Meghan and everybody else having bottomless freezers. Hello, shoe box-sized one freezer compartment of my fridge,
    And with you mentioning one of those fails turning into pudding [cookies]: I’m still waiting for that Bounty Oatmeal Pudding. Here’s the thing: I’ll be without internet until – hopefully just – the end of next week. When I return to the blog world I want to see that recipe. Demanding much?? Pretty please. Can’t let me eat the same breakfast for weeks on end.
    Minus the raisins these cookies sound pretty good. Coconut everything is always a win.

  3. Arman these look awesome – so many of my favourite ingredients!! Can I request a welcome batch of these cookies for my arrival 😉 20 days and counting…
    Loving the photos to boy!

  4. So as much as I love cookies, it’s weird to me that I never want one for breakfast. These cookies you came up with look delicious though! I love how perfectly formed they are and that they aren’t thin or flat. Hate thin cookies.

  5. Have I ever had a cookie for breakfast? What kinda question is that?! 😉 Hehehe… I do like single serve recipes or I end up eating an entire batch of Nutella-filled cookies in one sitting. Not that that’s bad or anything, my stomach just doesn’t tend to like that, ha! These look delish! And I figure if I want more than a couple cookies, single serve recipes are very easy to double or triple 🙂

  6. I think that my life is a weird craving that needs to be satisfied, haha. I’m not usually a breakfast cookie person. They are often rather lacking, or too much like hockey pucks.I would try this one, however but I would probably add pumpkin to it.

  7. These look faaaaabulous, except I would probably eat 5 at every meal. My one “sweet” craving is either ice cream or mug cakes… mug cakes are single serving which I love but ice cream….. I sometimes go overboard 😉 OOPS not mad.

  8. Ooooh man these look good!!!! Cant say I often have cookies for breakfast, but my tummy would not be very happy on my run if I did. However, the sweet tooth rears its ugly head as soon as I am done…so my second breakfast could definitey feature these. I love what you said about it being real. Applesauce cookies, or protein pancakes (well, the ones that contain protein powder, water, and zucchini) just do not taste like a real sweet! They NEED the fats in there to bind them, and make them good. You have succeeded here. Great idea!

  9. Do you like single serving recipes or bulk recipes?
    Both. If it’s bulk, I’m going to eat the entire batch. If it’s single, I gotta make more and I don’t have patience for that!

    Do you get random odd cravings that need to be satisfied?
    Never off; just the usual pizzas and cookies.

    Ever had cookies for breakfast?
    YAUS. Hasn’t every kid?

  10. Would have been convenient to have seen these 10 minutes ago because I ate gluten-free oreos for breakfast. Granted I threw them in a smoothie (yes oreos in a smoothie) with spinach and banana so I’m not the worst HLB ever!

    I still will never forget when I thought you were eating my GF flour blend on it’s own. And then I pictured you covered in xanthan gum and truthfully got a little turned on…

  11. Love these! And I would never turn down a cookie for breakfast, especially when they’re a healthy cookie! They look delicious! I like single serve recipes. Justin isn’t always a fan of some of the healthy recipes I make, so since it’s just me eating them, single serve is perfect.

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