Skinny Blue Cheese Burgers

Lean burgers get a delicious flavour punch with a small portion of blue cheese in the patties! These skinny blue cheese burgers are the delicious, healthy meal to grill, barbecue or bring to picnics- Naturally gluten free and low carb! 

Skinny Blue Cheese Burgers-Easy, healthy and delicious burgers perfect for pan grilling! @thebigmansworld -

When it comes to ground meat, I don’t have a favourite. 

Lean, standard, extra lean- I feel like they all have their place in certain recipes. 

From a past cooking experience, I’ve come to know which percentage of fat works for which kinds of recipes. Standard works best for well, any recipe and lean tends to do well when mixed in sloppy joes or stir fries with a delicious sauce

Extra lean? That is a tough one (pun not intended).

My experience with extra lean ground meat is that is really lacks flavour and when even slightly overcooked can resemble rubber. When made for food prep, I find it dries out much faster regardless of how much oil you cook it in. However, I’ve found it to be a suitable balance when mixed with certain ingredients containing fat, especially cheese

Skinny Blue Cheese Burgers-Easy, healthy and delicious burgers perfect for pan grilling! @thebigmansworld -

I’ve found that when using a full flavoured, non reduced fat cheese, it balances the extra lean ground meat really well and still produces a juicy, flavourful burger without the greasy aftertaste often found when using standard ground beef. I’m a huge fan of TOPPING my burgers with blue cheese but never thought to add it to the burger mixture.

Castello generously sent me their Danish Blue Cheese which was a new one for me. I’ve grown up enjoying Castello cheeses but never had I tried this particular style of blue cheese. It was slightly more salty and indulgent and a small portion went a very long way! I’ve always loved Blue Cheese Burgers but they always left me feeling lethargic or as though I’d just had eaten Christmas lunch in burger form, especially with the mound of blue cheese on top.

How was I to combat this? Add a small portion of blue cheese IN the lean ground meat to create the ultimate skinny Blue Cheese Burgers leaving you feeling good, not greasy. 

Skinny Blue Cheese Burgers-Easy, healthy and delicious burgers perfect for pan grilling! @thebigmansworld -

These Skinny Blue Cheese burgers need to be on your weekly meal prep yesterday- They are that good. Using lean ground beef, crumbled traditional Danish Blue cheese and a combination of spices make this delicious, juicy burger. Because of the saltier nature of this particular cheese, I cut back a tad on the salt. For those not fans of ground beef, this works so well with chicken or turkey but I would recommend you DO add some salt to those ones. Because there are no flours or breadcrumbs within it, these are gluten and grain free and pretty much free of carbs- All the excuses to go crazy on the toppings. 

Want to know the key to the perfect, juicy and well rounded burger? Blending all the ingredients together to ensure it’s fully incorporated. While this step isn’t necessary, they take these burgers from amazing to “I’ll sell my sister for these.”

Skinny Blue Cheese Burgers-Easy, healthy and delicious burgers perfect for pan grilling! @thebigmansworld -

Make these delicious Skinny Blue Cheese Burgers and be prepped for a flavour sensation with a dash of fancy. 

Skinny Blue Cheese Burgers
Serves 4
Lean burgers get a delicious flavour punch with a small portion of blue cheese in the patties! These skinny blue cheese burgers are the delicious, healthy meal to grill, barbecue or bring to picnics- Naturally gluten free and low carb!
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  1. 500 grams ground meat of choice (just over 1 lb)
  2. 1/2 large onion, chopped
  3. 1 clove garlic, minced
  4. 1 T black peppercorns (can substitute for ground pepper)
  5. 1 tsp basil
  6. 1 tsp chives
  7. 1 tsp red pepper flakes (adjust to taste- I tend to go heavy on it)
  8. 1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese (I used Blue Danish)
  9. Swiss cheese for topping (optional)
  10. Salad ingredients for topping
  1. In a food processor or blender, add all the ingredients and blend very well for mixture to be incorporated. Form into 4 palm sized patties.
  2. Coat a grill or frying pan with oil on medium heat. Once hot, add the patties and cook 3-5 minutes, until the edges are browned and the cheese isn't oozing out. Flip and repeat until the sides are charred.
  3. Remove from pan and wrap in aluminium foil and allow to sit for 5 minutes before serving.
  1. Burgers can be cooled then frozen for up to two months.
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Skinny Blue Cheese Burgers-Easy, healthy and delicious burgers perfect for pan grilling! @thebigmansworld -

I am partnering with Castello for a Summer of Blue. Cheers, hugs and handshakes for supporting companies and brands which help in making The Big Man’s World continue to grow.

What is your favourite cheese (Dairy or non dairy) to pair with burgers?

Carnivores, can you tell the difference between different cuts of ground meat? 

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57 thoughts on “Skinny Blue Cheese Burgers

  1. Though the concept of stuffing my burger and meatball with cheese is not new to me I have never thought of using blue cheese. That’s very creative and sounds pretty yummy. But you know you had me at burger anyways 😉 My favorite cheese is gouda – I use it for everything.
    I can’t tell the difference between different cuts of meat as in Germany there’s only one 😛

  2. Ahh I totally want a burger now! I love blue cheese burgers. Every time Riley’s mixed the cheese right in I’ve loved it. I also approve of the extra slice of cheese on top.
    I usually can’t tell the difference in the fat content of ground beef unless they’re side by side.

  3. My mom loves blue cheese (something I remember from growing up) but Alex and I are fair weather fans–I like it in particular applications. I think it goes very well with beef and steak, though. I also had it in a coleslaw the other week and it was spot on!

  4. Yes! I love cheese of all kinds. I’ve been a cheddar fan since before I was born, but blue cheese is a relatively new favorite (within past couple of years). I am totally digging this idea of stuffing blue cheese inside of a burger! This sounds like the perfect meal for a summer BBQ. Sorry you had to sell your sister for these burgers, but I’d say it was a fair trade. 🙂

  5. BUT ACTUALLY.. WHY DIDNT I MEAL PREP THESE YESTERDAY! it makes me so excited when there’s a burger recipe with no eggs to bind it and no bread crumbs! i usually end up mixing ground turkey with garlic & buffalo sauce and call it a day, but these are a whole nother double cheese level of yes. (I’m weirdly obsessed with black peppercorns too) so this is entering the list of next week’s round up! I bet this would be delicious with chicken & mozzarella as a parm burger or even turkey, feta and cranberries like those thanksgiving meatballs 😉

  6. Even though I don’t eat red meat I’m allll about the blue cheese. I used to be “that person” who tried to get everyone to spell it like “bleu” because I used to take french — then I realized I was being a jerk 😉 I actually used to hate blue cheese growing up but now that I’m a smart, free-thinking adult I’m all about it!

  7. You’re teaching me something new! I never realized a certain type of fatty percentage could affect the recipe. Whoa. Seriously, I need to rethink all of the recipes my family uses with ground meat! We tend to just buy whatever is on sale.

    Anyway, this recipe sounds positively delicious! I love burgers + I imagine the addition of blue cheese to be a nice little kick at the end of it. Yes. My family does not like blue cheese, but I am still going to try and see if I can swing this into a dinner because I think we’d all enjoy it. Thank you for the great recipe (as usual) Arman!

  8. I will take pretty much anything with blue cheese in or on them. I’d have to modify this so the blue cheese just went in mine though…my whole family is lacking in their blue cheese taste buds. I don’t get it. Honestly, to me its so delicious!

  9. I make a great cashew cheese that is great as a sandwich spread alternative to hummus or avocado. My favorite packaged cheese is Daiya cheddar. It tastes good with everything!

  10. YAAASS blue cheese! I ♥ stinky cheeses so much.
    I’m not refined enough to tell the differences between good and bad cuts of meat (I don’t think…), but give me all the peanut butter and I’ll make a freaking wine-tasting evening out of it.

  11. Is that the basil you got instead of majoram? 🙂
    And I see our favorite hashtag. Love it.
    I am a fan of blue cheese and I think blending the mixture is genius. Now Switzerland only needs to find out about extra lean ground beef. Fail Whale.

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