Spill it, Sundays #38- Travel Tips and Recap- Barcelona

What I would do for a pitcher of Sangria and some cocktail prawns right now. Seriously. After the week I’ve had, Friday night Sangria may have changed to Tuesday night Sangria…Wednesday night Sangria…Thursday off…double serving on Friday.

Anyway- Back to the homeland of this bevvy. I went to Barcelona with no expectations– none whatsoever. It ended up being my absolute favourite city in all of Europe! From the culture, the food, the beauty of it all- this ticked the boxes.

Friends- Just go with that mindset with all your travels and you won’t be disappointed!

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1. Plaza Catalunya– This beautiful square in the heart of Barcelona is the central location to everything- from tours, shopping, restaurants, nightlife…it has it all. It also provides an epic leap posing photo opportunity…


2. National Museum– This amazing museum was like a palace and the hike to the top provided the most beautiful views of Barcelona- although the hike down was a killer. Lucky for the ice cream vendors!


3. Sagrada Familia– Stereotypical Barcelona monument.

I went in 2009 and it was being fixed.

I had mates who went in 2011 and it was being fixed.

If I go back to Barcelona in 2020, it will probably still be getting fixed. At least it’s pretty….in some angles.



1. Sangria- Stereotypical Spanish beverage! I despise wine but mixed with fruit and berries- you may convert me (but only in Spain). I was fortunate to sample a berry sangria, a pineapple sangria and a heinous tomato style sangria. Don’t try the latter.


2. Paella- Another stereotypical Spanish Dish but so damn worthy of being mentioned. I literally found the place which served paella with actual crab claws sticking out because I am greedy and love seafood. Out of the 5 days there, I had paella 7 times. You do the math.

3. Candy- The best part of downtown Plaza Catalunya was perhaps this epic stand…..I was like living my childhood dreams over and over again. I may or may not have spent a good 20 euro. In my defence, it was good fuel for trekking the hills to the Olympic stadium.



1. Hotel FrontAir Congress Barcelona– This hotel, although a slight distance from the centre of Barcelona, is a mere bus ride away and well worth it. Situated next to a Shopping mall and closeby the airport- this hotel was like living in a modern art museum. The showers, beds and kitchenette area were incredible- not to mention extremely well priced!


1. Barbie museum– Seriously. WHAT THE HELL SPAIN?


2. Pickpockets/Dishonest vendors– Beware! There were many people wandering around who were asking us to sign petitions to save children or world peace or something- and after you sign it, they ask you to pay them! Just keep your wallet close to you and wear filthy clothes. Don’t do the latter.

Seeing as it’s Monday tomorrow, I think a Sunday night Sangria can be and should be warranted.

Have you ever gone somewhere with no expectations and been happily surprised?

Are you a fan of Sangria or Paella?

Have you ever heard of a ‘Barbie’ museum? 

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43 thoughts on “Spill it, Sundays #38- Travel Tips and Recap- Barcelona

  1. Wow!! Your trip looks amazing!! You got some great shots too! (love the in air one!)

    Have you ever gone somewhere with no expectations and been happily surprised? YES!! New Orleans. I had a complete different picture/vision of it. I loved it there so much!

    Are you a fan of Sangria or Paella?

    I love sangria, and never had paella! However, I think i would love it because I love seafood and mixing things up!

    Have you ever heard of a ‘Barbie’ museum?

    NO!! Did you go??! Im curious!

  2. SANGRIA runs in my veins! At the last concert I went to, they were serving beer and wine there…but I walked to my favorite Mexican restaurant for a Sangria to go instead. #addiction

  3. I’ve been to Barcelona in 2010 and Sagrada Familia was being fixed; -) I loved that city so much,it has everything! Art,culture, modern lifestyle…I’ve never had paella though and am not a fan of sangria. Good wine doesn’t need the addition of fruit;-)
    That barbie museum is not a Spain thing! I think it is an exhibition that moves from country to country, from city to city. It was in Berlin once to.but I haven’t visited (why should I…Too much pink! )

  4. You don’t like wine?! And we’re friends?! Mysteries of the universe. :-p But you did like sangria so…you saved yourself with that one.
    I’ve never been to Barcelona, but it’s on the bucket list. Did you check out the barbie museum? :-p

  5. OMG I want to go there just for the Barbie museum. When I was a kid I was seriously obsessed with Barbies. My sister and I set up an entire Barbie town in our basement with all of our Barbie house/store/airplane/ranch sets haha.

  6. I’m sorry if this is long but i have to get it out there

    1) La Boqueria Market in Barcelona is literally the foodies’ superbowl (minus people hitting each other.. unless there’s an epic sale on king prawns or candy lollipops)
    2) Going to an Ice Bar in Barcelona when you already suffer from hypothermia = better in theory
    3) Getting pickpocketed while at a club = check.
    4) That leap is actually epic. How many people were staring? How many shots did that take? have you signed up for high school musical 18?
    5) Barbie museum -> Yes, my house. From the ages of about 5-10 i collected Barbies (among everything else like Pogs and Pokemon) and stored them in a room painted pink.. and now my dad sleeps there =l

    Glad we got that covered and your next travel post better be on the U.S.!

      1. UMMM YES PLEASE!?! Where in the continental United States are you arriving? Like do I need to hire car services, airplace services, marathon train.. what’s the DEAAAAAAL?

  7. Tomato sangria? Argh now that just sounds like blasphemy! I love sangria, but I’m also perfectly content with wine 😛 And here’s a random fact for you — I’ve never actually owned a Barbie. I didn’t really play with dolls when I was younger, and would always choose teddies, Lego, Hot Wheels, and anything to do with animals over them. I did, however, have a Barbie horse at some point…

  8. Barcelona is officially being added to my must go to list! As long as I get a chance to visit that candy stand and have some Paella, I think I’ll be happy. 😉 Ummmmm barbie museum????? In Spain?! I admit that I loved them as a kid, but I don’t recall any of them ever having a sombrero. Anyway I won’t hold it against Spain for too long…. And I had no idea of your crazy high jumping abilities. 😉

  9. I think it’s wonderful you have done so much traveling. When I first went to San Diego I was dreading it. I was of the mindset that all of Southern California was superficial and desert-like. In actuality San Diego is beautiful and I am grateful to have lived there for about 12 years.
    Never tried sangria. Paella, yes. Once I went to a Spanish restaurant and split an order of paella with a couple of friends. The problem was the dish contained sausage and, although I did not eat any of the sausage, the entire dish tasted sausage-y. i kept eating, hoping to find a bite unscathed by the offending sausage but, alas, to no avail. I would definitely try it again IF no sausage was involved.
    I am proud to declare I have not heard of a Barbie museum. (Until today.)

  10. My dad just went to Spain this past spring and his drink of choice was sangria. Hence the reason we drank it at the beach this summer. He said he wanted to continue his Spanish vacation. I would love, love, love to go to Spain. It’s on my bucket list. In the meantime, I shall live vicariously through you.

  11. I loved those candy stands/markets in Barcelona!! I took more pictures of food in that city than I ever did. Sagrada Familia was under construction when I was there too haha and I didn’t go inside. I kinda regret that but hey the outside was beautiful too 🙂 And paella is amazing. It’s the perfect balance of all different types of foods and flavors. Great pics!

  12. Ahhhhh I love Barcelona SO MUCH as you know. We had the hardest time picking a honeymoon destination and it ended up being so so perfect. We just loved wandering the streets and we did some hiking a little ways outside the city that was breathtaking. But seriously, the pickpocketers? We saw SO many people get jewelry and bags yanked right away from them, it was nuts. We got into a big conversation about it with our waitress one night. I’d still go back though, and I can’t wait until I do. Until then, sangria!

  13. I went to Paris with some classmates and teachers in 8th grade and there were so many pickpocketers on the subway. Our school video camera got stolen and one subway ride this old guy tried to pick pocket me. I had to literally hold his hand in my pocket. I had nothing in my pocket and wore a small purse under my coat that he luckily couldn’t get to but still remember how the guy kept eyeing methe whole train ride and how I had to hold his creepy hand. I was only 13 years old! As far as Barbie goes, I haven’t heard of a Barbie museum but since my mom started to collect Barbie’s when I was 3 years old and got my first one…well you probably wouldn’t want to see my house (parent’s house since I finally moved out) with over 1000 Barbies and that is no joke. Cabinets and boxes of them! I am so happy to have my own apartment now and hang pictures on the walls instead of having cabinets of barbies covering the walls.

  14. You look so graceful in those jumping pics! You’re like a paleo swan! When I was in spain all I ate was paella and sangria. That’s cause everything else sucked. This was remarkable to me considering it is sandwiched between two of the best food countries in zee world. I cringe when anyone mentions croquettes…ew.

  15. I have to agree with you, Barcelona is my favorite city in Europe too! Nightlife, culture, history, beaches, weather = amazing! And you can never get sick of paella and sangria.

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