Spill it, Sundays #39- Travel recap and Tips- San Francisco

Happy Sunday folks!

You may have noticed the link up tool hasn’t been open during the travel recaps- I opted to keep it as a general travel recap but do not fear- Next week brings back the blogger hosted for a few weeks before moving back into themes!

This week I dabble into one of my favourite American cities- San Francisco

Confession- Should I ever move to San Francisco (on my ‘wishlist’ of places to live) – I will never join a gym. I will just walk….up one hill. See Below. 

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Fisherman’s Wharf- No, I didn’t love this area because it had Fish in it’s name. Not only was it full of amazing restaurants, food stalls and eateries, it also had some of the most quirky shops too. You had views of Alcacatraz and randomly, there is an area to view seals. Or where they walrus? They were some animal.


Union Square- The HUB of everything- want to go to China town? 2 seconds away. Want to go to a mall? 2 seconds away. Want to go ice skating (in Winter)- 2 seconds away. Literally, if you have no idea what you want to do or say- go to Union Square.

I was there during Christmas and there was a really ugly Christmas tree in the centre. It didn’t help that there were palm trees around it.

Also, one of my best friends Andria was there during my cross over before I flew to New York- that in itself, was a Union Square highlight!


Lombard Street- My mum and grandma loved the movie, The Princess Diaries, and demanded me walk up and down the hills it was filmed on. I didn’t specifically find ‘the’ hill but I did walk up many many hills. I went to check out Lombard street, and had just eaten clam chowder (see below). The winding maze did me no favours but I’m sure the flowers were nice.



Seafood- Fisherman’s wharf was any seafood fans Havana- every restaurant smelt amazing and it was a tough choice to pick one! My favourite was a joint which gave you a seafood sampler- the best way to eat it all!


Ghiradelli Café- Here in Australia we have the Lindt café and this was San Francisco’s answer to it. While it was overcrowded, it was so worth it! After sampling the various dark chocolate squares they had, I settled on ice cream…as you do. I stupidly forgot to ask for the chocolate sauce, so got it on the side and may or may not have faceplanted it. I felt like Augustus Glomp from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Picture Source
Picture Source

Clam Chowder- I’ve never had clam chowder in my life so didn’t know what to expect but….wow. A creamy, thick soup with random clams but the best part? Eating the bowl it was served in which was of the sourdough variety. Even though it could easily have fed a family of four, I had no shame in polishing it off.

Picture Source
Picture Source


Hilton Chinatown- Never in a million years woulf I have associated ‘Hilton hotel’ with myself. However, for some reason, room prices were slashed by up 75% when I was there and I scored a few nights at the same price as a budget hotel in the outskirts of the city! Even though it wasn’t in the most visually aesthetic or thriving areas, it was 10 minutes from…union square. See above.


Shoes- If I had one big tip to anyone travelling here- wear comfortable and durable shoes- Thanks to the hilly environment, you spend a good quality of time walking….up s a hill. I stupidly wore Toms my first two days and they then resided in a bin. 


Golden Gate Bridge- If possible, try and check this out on a calm(er) day- I went when it was ‘moderate’ winds and nearly Mary Poppins’d back to Australia.


Have you ever walked so much you wore out your footwear?

Have you tried Ghiradelli chocolate before or a Chowder bread bowl?

Who wants to go to Union Square? It’s 2 seconds away. 

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41 thoughts on “Spill it, Sundays #39- Travel recap and Tips- San Francisco

  1. Wow! San Fran sure has the food! Never ever have I ever heard of a soup being served INSIDE a bun! That’s so creative and I’m so happy you tried clam chowder for the first time. It’s more or less seafood broth plus a creamy base. You can make it at home!

    You found a Hilton hotel for 75% off?? What website? How? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think San Fran is one of the cooler states?

  2. Chris and I went to San Francisco for a weekend (after we had been dating about 3 weeks) – so much fun. We tried to cram everything into 2.5 days – wine tour in Napa, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s wharf, trolley tour….We need to go back and spend longer!!!

  3. Ughhh I love San Francisco!! Lombard St…I think we just drove…down the street.
    We ate burritos at this place called Papalote because they were featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay, and I think they won. Food Network is a great source, ya know. Oh, and then my dad and uncle did the pho bowl challenge at a place called Pho Garden. The bowl is the size of Australia.
    Oh and we had seafood!

  4. San Francisco!! I’m going to be there in October for a few days I guess, nothing planned yet. I think I’ll be going to union square first;-) and move on from there. Definitely have to eat sea food! My boyfriend will hate it but there must be steak as well somewhere.
    Never have had clam chowder and never have heard of that chocolate place. Does it beat Lindt?

      1. I’m going to be in SanFran from next Thursday on until Monday!! We’re staying very close to the Union square, couldn’t have asked for a better location I guess (via Air bnb so it’s affordable). I have read your post again and added to my list Ghiradelli Café and Fisherman’s wharf!

  5. I love reading all about your travels. The travel we do know is just not the same…at all. I wanted to go ziplining and tubing down a river in Lake Placid and Big A refused to leave the row boats and canoes. So, I got to watch Mirror Lake for 5 days to make sure Big A didn’t try to make his way to China in a row boat via the lake 🙂

  6. We. love. San. Fran. We took our honeymoon there four years after we got married and had the time of our lives. It was our first “big” vacation and our first time in California and our first time in a different time zone… so many firsts! That pier you have pictured, I totally ran on that one morning! I created the best San Fran itinerary and actually give it to people who are traveling there. Just with some little inside tips about the right time to go places, etc. HIghlights from our trip: tour of Alcatraz, Muir Woods visit, Stinson Beach (north), Route 1 drive, bike across the GGB to Sausalito, RUNNING!!!!

  7. HAHAHA literally laughing outloud at Mary Poppins.. (i randomly reference this movie all the time) and are you as much of a Julie Andrews fan as me!? cause i’m sensing a theme here between that and the Princess Diaries. Although the Sound of Music (and my venture to austria just to witness it) will forever be the best of all timeee <333

    I kid you not that plate of seafood is the best looking dinner i have ever seen in my entire life. i'm obsessed with seafood and everything is friggen grilled to perfection. okay drooling.

    I've wanted to visit san francisco (just spelled that wrong like 8 times) foreverrr and now you may have convinced me! 😀

    1. Casual I’m replying to myself BUT I ALMOST FORGOT. how have you never had clam chowder!? i remember my favorite thing in the world was outback restaurant’s spicy clam chowder. and aren’t you like from DOWN UNDER or did america completely (yet successfully) fake australian food..

  8. Haven’t had a chowder bread bowl, BUT I have had a chill bread bowl! And everyone goes absolutely nuts for it. I wish it was sourdough though, cause that bread is gooo.o.o.od.
    Looks like SF was awesome! Minus the footwear issues 🙁

  9. I want to go to San Francisco so bad! Actually I just want to go anywhere in California.

    I didn’t wear out my footwear when I went to England, but I seriously wore out my feet. I think they’re still sore from all the walking we did!

  10. One of my brothers lives in San Francisco so I have visited on a couple of occasions. My brother is about a foot taller than me, does not own a car, and walks VERY quickly. Now, I can hold my own when it comes to walking but he wore me out. I think we saw just about every square inch of the city. I loved it! It is a great city to visit.

    While I was there we didn’t have any chocolate or clam chowder but we did eat well. It is definitely a foodie town.

  11. I love San Fran! It’s been years and years since I’ve been, but I’d love to go back someday. Ugh. So many places to visit, so little time. And you better believe I’ve worn out shoes before! I have a favourite pair of Sketchers that I’m currently on my third pair of because I keep putting holes in the toes. No idea how it happens, but I love the shoes too much to switch over to something else.

  12. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. I went there with my boyfriend last year on our way home from Korea (because it’s totally a stop on the way to New York…) and we loved every second of it. We did a couple day trips, too- one to Sausalito and one to Napa. Probably one of my favorite vacations ever!

  13. Good thing you didn’t go there this week what with the big earthquake that hit! SF is one of my faves, especially when it comes to food. One of my favorite areas is north beach because of all the italian restaurants. You walk down the street and the smell of garlic is heavenly. And yes I’ve had clam chowder in a bread bowl. Also very good. The downside of that city? It’s freaking cold in the summer! Oh and more expensive than LA.

  14. Anything that can be eaten out of bread automatically takes it to another level of awesome. The only problem with a bread bowl is if the soup soaks all the way through and you look like you peed yourself…still delicious though 🙂

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