Spill it, Sundays #40- Travel recap and tips- Orlando

G’day champs!

Depending on when you’re reading this, I may be either-

a) on a plane

b) en route home

c) home

d) in jail

Okay not the latter. But- I made a whirlwind 24 hour trip to surprise mum! It was a success- in those 24 hours I hung out with the family, saw three mates and ate like a prince. Let’s jump straight into today’s travel recap and tips for Orlando- which in my eyes will always be Harry Potter World

Spill it, Sunday option 2


The Mall at Millenia- Iggy Azalea probably wrote that fancy song about this mall. I legitimately got lost in it and probably only ended up seeing ¼ of it? Literally had every store there and then outside of that, there was more stores…and the blogger’s mecca which is Target. 

Picture Source
Picture Source

Universal- This was a Harry Potter Fan’s dream. Confession- I only booked this trip during my exchange in New York purely to go to Harry Potter world. I was like a kid in a candy store (literally- I hung out at  candy shop and ate bertie botts beans).


Factory outlets- Besides the theme parks and the mall, the only other thing I’d recommend for a short trip to Orlando is…SHOPPING. Wow. I think one high end item of clothing in Australia would equate to a multitude of items from here. I think I ticked the boxes of Converse, Nike, Adidas and even Ralph Lauren- all under $150! Pretty sure a single Ralph Lauren shirt here retails for $200. On special.


Butterbeer- Even non Harry Potter fans need to go to Universal purely to try this beverage. Pretty sure it was pure sugar but damn certain it was delicious.


Seafood- I tried to eat seafood for dinner every night here because it was so cheap and so fresh! I enjoyed prawns, scallops and maybe the best fish I have eaten to date! The best part was this place which gave unlimited peanuts…


Chick-fil-A- After they get Chipotle in Australia I will be campaigning for Chick-Fil-A. not only are their burgers delicious but their condiements….pickles and crack sauce.

picture source
picture source


Comfort Suites Universal Studios- Knowing that we had passes to the theme parks, we sought out hotels which included transporation to the theme parks and to the airport and were fortunate to score one which did just that. This hotel had free cocktail hour (but only beer….fail) and also free breakfast every morning- their coffee, however, made instant taste like liquid gold.



Wear a Disney costume in Disneyland- Every child, pet and some adults were dressed in costume…and these were the actual visitors to the theme park. I should have worn my Mc Hammer pants and gone shirtless and found my Aladdin doppelganger.


Universal- Even if you didn’t get a pass to the theme parks, this was a pretty epic hub- there were multiple restaurants, cafes, stores and tourists! Okay ignore the latter- but come here at night and you could do well….anything!


What is the largest mall you have ever been to?

Favourite condiment from a restaurant/fast food joint?

Who is your disney doppelganger? 

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39 thoughts on “Spill it, Sundays #40- Travel recap and tips- Orlando

  1. Favourite ci foment at this point would either be the chili sauce or mustard! Sorry to hear that coffee was bad at that hotel. I came back from a trip to niagra falls and I have to say I’m less run pleased with my experience as well. It wasn’t horrible, but it could’ve been a lot better!

  2. Ok you haven’t mentioned anything that I’ve learnt about Orlando in that class. Besides the sea food. I want to go there just for the sea food! And then I’d visit the Harry Potter Park!!
    The biggest malls I’ve ever been to are in mall Mekka Singapore! They’re incomparable.
    Cinderella is a pretty close copy of me 😉 😀

  3. Florida is the BESSSSTTTTT place to shop. Ever.

    I’ve never really been to any crazy big malls. I mean we have a few here in Toronto but I’d say they’re relatively normal-sized.

    P.S. you 100% look like Aladdin. I’d probably be closest to…Belle from Beauty and the Beast??

  4. One of my favorite parts of those tourist areas are the fact that there is a large amount of factory outlets. I always end up struggling to pack clothing back into my suitcase since I end up buying a ton. I’m glad you enjoyed Florida. I love Universal and just Florida is general. It is such a fun state!

  5. I always wanted to go to the Mall of America in Minnesota since it is the largest in the country. The second largest (at least it once was, not sure if still is) is my local mall here, Roosevelt Field. I am there at least once a week since I am a kid….#shoppingismycardio in case you didn’t know. I am looking to go back to Orlando this December but I think to go the Disney route vs. Universal. We did Universal a few years ago and although I loved the hotel (Portofino on Universal property), I missed MIckey and all that fun.

  6. I am not a mall person. I had to go on Friday and it was a scary situation. I don’t mind the outlets stores by me which are kind of like an outdoor mall. Disney character doppelganger…I will have to think about this one. I have never been to disney and fairly certain we wont go either. Too many other places we rather go. I think The As rather go zip lining through Costa Rica 🙂

  7. I think I was 8 when I went to Disney, so Harry Potter world wasn’t a thing yet. But Disney World itself was pretty fabulous. Favourite condiment…probably sriracha or ketchup. As for a Disney Doppelganger…I’d love to say Belle because she’s my favourite, but I’m not brunette so that won’t work. Maybe Cinderella?

  8. I’m not a fan of disney so Orlando gives me the hives. 🙂 I don’t know why either….people think I’m un-American or something. Biggest mall? Hmm, when I was growing up Fairlane mall in Dearborn was supposed to be the biggest, and favorite condiment is mustard.

  9. Ew HP land. Why didn’t you come see me in Orlando? My parents have a timeshare there. The only reason we visit disney is for the crab shack at some restaurant there…And my favourite condiment is a mixture of sriracha, mustard and you.

  10. Ahhhh I’ve been to Orlando but that was way back in the day before Harry Potter World existed. Instead, we went to Universal, Disney World, and Sea World, and I was in little-kid heaven. My disney dopplegangers are Pocahontas and Jasmine… I’ve dressed up as both for Halloween and they’re such fun costumes. Haha I can definitely see the Aladdin in you!

  11. You are such a good son! I hope there is some saffron chicken in it for you. 🙂
    The biggest mall I have been to is in San Diego. I like the Disney Doppelgänger character question but I cannot think of anyone (thing?) that looks like me. Will research because this stuff is important!

  12. Would love to see you dressed as Aladdin!! 🙂

    I have been to the Dubai mall – woah best mall ever! it has an aquarium in it with the biggest single piece of glass in the world to display the animals!

    Best condiment? Does guac from chipotle count!!!???

  13. I’m dyinnnnnng to go to Harry Potter World! And I think half of the reason I want to go is just so I can try butterbeer. I hope it tastes like I’ve always imagined it tasting…

    The biggest mall I’ve been to is maybe the Eaton Centre in Toronto. But I don’t really care so much about the size (that’s not what she said?), as I care about the quality. I prefer Yorkdale Mall in north Toronto because it’s less crowded but still has all the stores I like. Plus it has Chipotle!!

    1. I can’t believe you were in the UK and you didn’t go on the damn tour.

      Butterbeer tasted like sugar and sugar and …. sugar? I went to the Eaton Centre too! I bought a jacket from American Apparel there because the sales lady conned me!

  14. If you think the prices in Orlando are cheap, you should come to Cleveland. Same product, way cheaper. It’s one of the beauties of my city. That and it also rocks…literally, there’s a song and everything.

    So I hate malls. All those tortured souls buying a bunch stuff, crammed into small spaces. Yep, it’s not for me. Sorry buddy.

  15. Oh hey a recap from a pseudo home of mine, that’s exciting! John grew up in Orlando, and we lived in Tampa for a few years which included many Orlando visits. The mall at Millenia is NO JOKE, and the outlet shopping is amazing. As you experienced, everything is super cheap in Florida. Sadly, I’ve never been to the park part of Universal but it’s on our list next time we are there, and I’m obviously dragging John to Harry Potter World whether he likes it or not.

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