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Before I went to America, I was perplexed to read how people enjoyed going to Target or would leave with a million and one items- with intentions of simply browsing. Here in Australia, unless there was an imminent need for a specific product or appliance- you would never correlate enjoyment with Target. 

Here are five reasons why…out loud. 

Picture Source
Picture Source

 1. The Book section –

American Target- Instead of going to the library to spend a day browsing and borrowing books, hit up Target instead! Their range is comprehensive and it suits everyone’s tastes. No plans for the weekend? Take the kids to target and let them choose a book….to read then put back before leaving. Cost saving and effective!

Australian Target- Australian Target makes American Target’s book section look like Barne’s and Noble. 

Picture Source
Picture Source

2. The Supermarket section-

American Target- you would never need to go to a supermarket again- whether it be for milk, meat or even fresh fruit and vegetables- this. Was. Amazing (and genius).

Australian Target- You’d be satisfied if your diet consisted of chewing gum and generic home brand chocolate. (I tried the latter once and it’s taste made the notion of cocoa powder mixed with water sounded devine)

Picture Source
Picture Source

3. The coffee shop inside

American Target- Even more reason to extend your stay- relax after an epic shopping trip with some caffeine, a scone and smiling like a cheshire cat over your purchases. 

Australian Target- what’s a coffee shop?

Picture Source
Picture Source

4. The quality and brands

American Target- I bought my mum a top from Target (Mossimo) and she wears it to this day.

Australian Target- My sister bought a top from Target (name omitted) and after two wears, it’s now a washing cloth (a pretty decent one at that).

Picture Source
Picture Source

5. The television advertisements- Sounds pretty stupid, right? Think again. This makes a big difference to consumers.

American target- The voice over is on a level similar to Morgan Freeman.

Australian target- the voice over makes Fran Drescher from the Nanny sound like Andrea Bocelli singing ‘Time to Say Goodbye’. 

Picture Source
Picture Source

Oh Australia. Why. 

(Questions asked in Morgan Freeman’s voice)-

Are you cursed by Target’s powers?

What is one store you go to and leave with everything you DIDN’T need?

What department store is your city/country famous for? 

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  1. We don’t have Target over here so I can’t compare. But we have TJ – it’s called TK, though – Maxx over here and the store is so bad I don’t understand how people in the US find the cutest clothes there..
    The only answer to your last question is: IKEA.

  2. That is so weird you just posted about Target. I was JUST on their website looking at stuff we need to buy for our house when we move in on Sunday. So weird. Anyway – I wondered what all the fuss was about when I went in there as everyone in the US raves about it. But if they are different then now I see 🙂

  3. AHahhhah love it!! Those are so true for the American end, and you know what, you just solved a mystery that had been going around in my head since I was 12. When I was in Australia, I remember coming back to England with a cup of pick and mix sweets to keep me going on the plane from Target. I had always known in my gut that those sweets were from Target, but I just couldn’t believe it (until now) as I thought I must have been imagining that Target was in Australia. Thank you! Although, by the sounds of it, they don’t have sweets/not good anymore!

    Great read 🙂

  4. LOLOLOL. Back when I worked for Target Corporate, I remember talking about the Australian “Target”. It sounds like more of a drug store than anything by the way you describe it! Looks like the good ol’ American Target needs to expand to Australia next 😉

  5. I read the title of this post and I was thinking, this is going to be good. I remember when I went to Australia and I saw a Target in the mall. At first I was excited and then I walked into Target and well it was disappointing haha. I then emailed my friend who works at Target at home and I was like “did you know they have Target in Australia?” She said it was run by another company though and American Target has no relation to Australia Target. Just an interesting note. America Target is definitely the best. I have to drive about 10 miles for the nearest Target but it’s totally worth it and using the Target card saves you 5% each visit.

  6. All questions at the end of your posts should be asked in the Morgan Freeman voice haha
    I just commented on Lee’s post yesterday about how I wanted those mugs she used and went to Target to look for them but they didn’t have them. Canada’s Target isn’t as good as the ones in the US, but glad to know Australia’s is worse LOL

  7. Oh man you guys are deprived, although I’ve never seen this bookstore thing in any Targets I’ve been too. That being said, I’m weak in the presence of that bullseye. There is something they pump into that store that makes you buy crap you don’t need. 🙂

  8. Any place that has a Starbucks inside it is good with me. We need to get a Target over here in the UK.

    1. You guys have Costa and those epic cheap grocery stores. Don’t be greedy haha 😉 (I loved those sandwiches at M&S)

  9. 1) I now have Morgan Freeman’s voice stuck in my head.
    b) Sounds like Australian Target needs an overhaul!
    lastly) Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s gets me every time. I go in for strawberries. I come out with 271285719639 bags.

  10. I have a target problem, I’ll run in for a candle and come out with a new sweatshirt and cutting board. But as bad as Target can be I am 10x worse in Trader Joes… I go in for something simple like cinnamon and come out with 2 bags full of things I didn’t even know I needed 😉

      1. Haha true, but it’s only cheap if you buy things you actually need and not just every kind of tea because you love the tin it’s in!

  11. Canadian Targets are just plain sad. I had been so excited when I found out they were opening one where I live because everyone on IG raves about it. I was SO let down when I finally went. The shelves were basically empty and there were no fun or exciting foods. Now I just avoid it completely.

  12. What’s Target?
    Haha. Why, Switzerland. We have IKEA. And Globus. Globus is a section of Whole Foods. LIke 1/8 of a Whole Foods store. Fun, right?
    Only a few months and I am emptying the shelves of Target and Whole Foods and whatever paradise will soak me in over there in Cali.

  13. Hahaha this post was awesome. I have to say I have never been a huge Target fan… even though there are some pretty awesome Targets near me, but the chaos of the store and the lighting (I know, I’m weird) kind of deter me from going very often. I am more of a Bed Bath & Beyond (and grocery store addict!!!) kind of gal. I could get lost in those for hours!

    1. Hahahaha the lighting..dude that is epic. I loved Bed Bath and Beyond in NYC….because they sold granola bars there!

  14. Envious of all those living in the US…Target sounds like a dream ha! I’ve never but next time I’m in the US, I’m setting out time (read: hours) to get lost in Target :)!

  15. Haha this is so fun! When I first started reading blogs and saw everyone gushing about Target, I was so baffled. The book section is dire!!! And it doesn’t help that one book is minimum $20… even a crappy Mills & Boon.