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Before I went to America, I was perplexed to read how people enjoyed going to Target or would leave with a million and one items- with intentions of simply browsing. Here in Australia, unless there was an imminent need for a specific product or appliance- you would never correlate enjoyment with Target. 

Here are five reasons why…out loud. 

Picture Source
Picture Source

 1. The Book section –

American Target- Instead of going to the library to spend a day browsing and borrowing books, hit up Target instead! Their range is comprehensive and it suits everyone’s tastes. No plans for the weekend? Take the kids to target and let them choose a book….to read then put back before leaving. Cost saving and effective!

Australian Target- Australian Target makes American Target’s book section look like Barne’s and Noble. 

Picture Source
Picture Source

2. The Supermarket section-

American Target- you would never need to go to a supermarket again- whether it be for milk, meat or even fresh fruit and vegetables- this. Was. Amazing (and genius).

Australian Target- You’d be satisfied if your diet consisted of chewing gum and generic home brand chocolate. (I tried the latter once and it’s taste made the notion of cocoa powder mixed with water sounded devine)

Picture Source
Picture Source

3. The coffee shop inside

American Target- Even more reason to extend your stay- relax after an epic shopping trip with some caffeine, a scone and smiling like a cheshire cat over your purchases. 

Australian Target- what’s a coffee shop?

Picture Source
Picture Source

4. The quality and brands

American Target- I bought my mum a top from Target (Mossimo) and she wears it to this day.

Australian Target- My sister bought a top from Target (name omitted) and after two wears, it’s now a washing cloth (a pretty decent one at that).

Picture Source
Picture Source

5. The television advertisements- Sounds pretty stupid, right? Think again. This makes a big difference to consumers.

American target- The voice over is on a level similar to Morgan Freeman.

Australian target- the voice over makes Fran Drescher from the Nanny sound like Andrea Bocelli singing ‘Time to Say Goodbye’. 

Picture Source
Picture Source

Oh Australia. Why. 

(Questions asked in Morgan Freeman’s voice)-

Are you cursed by Target’s powers?

What is one store you go to and leave with everything you DIDN’T need?

What department store is your city/country famous for? 

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  1. No Target in the UK – boo… And our supermarkets are dire. Seriously!
    Is it bad to want to go back to the states for 2 reasons – trader joes and target!??? haha!

  2. HA! This is a really amusing post and thank you for sharing. I often wonder the differences of stores in general to each country. We lived in Japan for a couple of years and American “small meals” were considered Japanese larges!

    1. Don’t even get me started on that- I remember eating dinners with my friend’s family and feeling like a pig!

  3. ha, this had me laughing 🙂 In the city where I am living now we do not have one. Have to drive about 45 minutes to the nearest one. Whole Foods is great as well. I go in with a short list and then at least $100 later I am leaving!

  4. Looks like you’ll be spending a looooot of time in Target when you come to America! you rightfully should. Target might be my favorite store… mostly because they literally have EVERYTHING I could ever want/need and their kitchen section always lures me in. Damn you, Target.

  5. I do love Target, but I don’t normally fall prey like most Americans. I am more of a “buy all the food from Costco” kind of gal. World Market gets me sometimes too, thankfully I still live at home otherwise I’d be buying decorations all the time.

    1. LOL. Come to Australia’s Costco. They are such twats. ‘Try this sample, it’s gluten free and vegan!’……Lady, it’s a bloody strawberry. Of course it’s gluten free and vegan.

  6. how come New Zealand doesn’t have target? we’d move back there if it did. LOL! okay that and the cheese. Mossimo is my go to target brand, so your mum and i are twins. YAY!

  7. Hahaha “whats a coffee shop” – that one got me. I have to admit I’ve popped into Target specifically FOR the starbucks. Living in boston, I’m not around targets much, but when I visit my fam in Ohio, oh the Target 🙂 I once went in for a bathmat and came out with an entire new bathroom AND new bed sheets. Sorcery.

    1. See, we don’t even have that luxury- you’d have to buy the actual coffee maker, the granules and the cup to drink it from!

      You have family in Ohio!? Geebuz. You’re all over the States!

  8. Altough I do tend to do this at target (and gosh so sorry about your version of target I would cry!) TJMaxx may be just a tad bit worse! Their clearance section is great! Not to mention their coffee section can not be beat prices and flavors.

  9. This makes me feel to sad for you and your lack of fabulous Target shopping. I can spend hours in Target. No matter how small my bag is, though, I still spend at least $50 every time.
    Fun fact- I’ve actually seen Andrea Bocelli sing “Time to say goodbye” live!

    1. Well, you’ll be glad to know our voice over sounds nothing like that.

      PS – That is amazing. My mum would be so jealous.

  10. Lol! Canadian Targets really aren’t all that impressive. When I walked in to one for the first time (when they opened in Canada about 2 years ago) and didn’t see 20 flavours of Oreos in the cookie aisle, I immediately walked out. 😛

    One of the best known Canadian department stores is The Bay, which ranges from really bad to really awesome depending on the city it’s in. The one in Toronto is great!!

    1. That would be the executive decision needed to leave. I like your style!

      Off topic but I went into a store in Toronto at the Eaton centre and there was a big poster of J (The fashion person from America’s next top model). I quickly high tailed out of there.

  11. Yes, Target and Target!

    I started buying one off things from Amazon because I know if I go to Target I will leave at least $50 poorer! The struggle is real, my friend!

  12. oooooh target. I get sucked in all the time! Go for one thing.. leave with something else and forget what I really needed 🙂

  13. Hahaha I’m laughing so hard. I have to say the Target commercials here really are brilliant! And now they’re coming out with a service where they’ll send you a monthly box of all your “necessities” (razors, toothpaste, makeup, ya know). you don’t even have to go anymore!! But if you do, they’re ALSO coming up with a way to have everything ready for you when you get there. It’s because we Americans are so freaking lazy. So don’t be too jealous. it’s why we need a COFFEE SHOP in a STORE. Ridiculous (…..but I love it)

    1. As if they are doing that…..what will they come up with next?

      You only need a coffee shop because they provide 50% of your meals 😉 Oh snap!

  14. Oh, you’re making me miss the superstores in the States! In Oregon, where I’m from, I’ve never seen a Target like the one you described. They’re big, and good, but not that good! There are lots of other superstore chains (Fred Meyer, my fav) that are similar to that though.

    Living in Asia makes me really miss that convenience! It’s so nice to be able to grab everything you need at one place.

    1. I actually sympathise with you, Michelle- those malls in KL are a nightmare- I literally got lost at the pyramid one or whatever it’s called. Never again.

  15. I love Target so much. The US ones are definitely better, but the Canadian ones make me happy. I actually need to go there soon. Because I own approximately 4 pairs of long pants and apparently it’ll get cold up here…