The ‘Arman in New York’ on a couch Meme is the only Meme you need this Summer

So I totally had a serious post planned for today. I’ve been receiving a fair few emails and questions regarding blog growth, monetisation etc and was intending on tackling that today.

However, over the weekend my friend linked me to this gem of a BuzzFeed piece titled ‘The “New York” On A Bed Meme Is The Only Meme You Need This Summer.’ 


After giggling like a two year old, sharing it all over Facebook and giggling like a two year old again, I realised so many other situations which deserved that meme- Especially in my personal life and recent events in New York City. 

So friends, let’s rephrase that.

The ‘Arman in New York’ on a couch Meme is the only Meme you need this Summer.


1. When you open that one extra window in Google Chrome and it freezes everything.

Arman On a Couch Meme

2. When you are at the Bagel shop and the person in front of you asks for their bagel to be scooped out.

Arman On a Couch Meme

3. When you write a heartfelt blog post and use a photo of oatmeal as a (very minor) visual aid and get comments for said post proclaiming their love for oatmeal. 

Arman On a Couch Meme

4. When your ‘Gluten Free’ friend douses their food liberally in soy sauce.

Arman On a Couch Meme

5. When your in a group of people and somehow the ‘chicken or the egg’ discussion comes into play. 

Arman On a Couch Meme

6. When the ‘chicken or the egg’ discussion turns to a slew of ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ jokes. 

Arman On a Couch Meme

7. When a brand wanting to collaborate with you starts their email off with ‘Hello BIG BOY’ 

Arman On a Couch Meme

8. When a there is a terrible tragedy overseas yet ‘Breaking News’ involves a Kardashian in some form or another. 

Arman On a Couch Meme

9. When someone sneezes at the Whole Foods hot bar and it’s one of their ‘good’ food days.

Arman On a Couch Meme 10. “Omg, I love Australia! Big Ben and Oxford Street are two of the best places I’ve ever been.”

Arman On a Couch Meme 11. When you ask your sister what to name your upcoming e-cookbook and she suggests ‘Vogue’ 

Arman On a Couch Meme

12. When your friends back in Australia send you invites to their Engagement events next month. 

Arman On a Couch Meme

13. When someone comments on your Instagram photo before you add in the hashtags associated with it. 

Arman On a Couch Meme

14. When you try to take a ‘back shot’ to track gym progress and end up taking a photo of your hair.

Arman On a Couch Meme

15. When Tofu promises to be extra firm yet it wiggles like jello. 

Arman On a Couch Meme

16. When your friend orders the same meal as you at the restaurant which in turn, prevents you from stealing off their plate. 

Arman On a Couch Meme

17. When an evident Vegan person on Instagram leaves comments on my animal protein recipe photos saying ‘can’t wait to make’ 

Arman On a Couch Meme

18. When you buy a packaged snack and the serving size says ‘about 1.4’ 

Arman On a Couch Meme

19. When someone on Instagram posts a photo of a Quest bar with the hashtag ‘cheat’ 

Arman On a Couch Meme

20. When you buy a snack bar, only to read closely later that it’s a ‘nutrition bar for women’  

Arman On a Couch Meme

21. When Alexis sends you pictures of sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts proclaiming them as ‘food prep’

Arman On a Couch Meme

22. When your roommate says they had an ‘early night’ last night. (It was 2am)

Arman On a Couch Meme

23. When Niki says she’s going to try going Paleo again. 

Arman On a Couch Meme

24. When Niki says she’s going to try going vegan.

Arman On a Couch Meme

25. When Niki says she ate vegan for a day and lived off omelettes. 

Arman On a Couch Meme

26. When you find out your mum was clearly a closet Super Mario Fan and probably had an obsession with ‘Toad’ (The mushroom head)


Your turn. 

Anything. Agree. Disagree. Add soy sauce to your gluten free cheesecake. 

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    79 thoughts on “The ‘Arman in New York’ on a couch Meme is the only Meme you need this Summer

    1. Oh yes, #3. This is one of the most ridiculous / leave-me-speechless/loose faith in humanity parts of the blog world. What do those commenters think? That nobody will notice they didn’t read the post? Actually, I wrote a whole post about commenting some time ago because it’s an important but apparently not self-explanatory part of blogging.
      And re: #20: Hey, [Ar]man up and consider it a glimpse into what life as a woman is like . Not.

    2. I am crying! Like really literally spilling tears of laughter!

      #17! Yes, so damn weird! And I thought of you and your Instagems the other day when I saw someone referring to his fruit only ‘birthday cake’ as low carb!

      Additions from my life: When you buy a snack bar and after the first bite think it’s actually a dog biscuit!
      When you buy a train ticket only to realize there’s no service on your line!
      When you wait to the last minute to print something important and the printer just decides to decline the service!

    3. Well illustrated argument. #3….#bloggerproblems. The Kardashian thing and the lack of geographical awareness… well, we do have a show called “are you smarter than a 5th grader” for a reason.

    4. OMG yes, to ALL! and love the VOGUE ebook. haha. The soy sauce cracks me. Same with spelt bread, right?
      p.s i’ve had brands call me cooter crunch, so it could be worse. LOL!

    5. LOL Yesssss. Hey BIG BOY! This was too funny. I would add when you get emails from companies asking for partnerships that have NOTHING to do with your blog. Someone wanted me to collaborate on a post on prom dresses. Yeah, I’m 30 years old…

    6. BIG BOY YOU ARE SO FUNNY. I’m still LOLing.. actually ROFLing.. Arman meme for too many abbreves that 99% of i dont understand (tbh imo smh idk).

      AND I LOVE COUCHES.. i didn’t read any of the text but dang i need new sunglasses. 😉

    7. This is perfect! That face is spot on for all these situations. I especially like the nod to quest bars and the #cheat hashtag…yeah, NO. Not a cheat. Thanks for making me laugh this morning!

    8. Hahaha…I’m totally cracking up at this post this morning, Arman! But did you seriously get an email from a brand that addressed you as “Big Boy”? That’s more than a little creepy. I hope you decided to work with them!

    9. If I had a nickel for every time someone posts a pic of Greek yogurt with berries as #CheatClean, I would be one rich lady. And I’d invite you to hang out on my yacht and take selfies. Just sayin’. I feel you on the Quest Bar thing. ahhaha And I’ve never even tried a Quest Bar. Hilarious post.

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