The Ultimate Healthy Recipes to kickstart the New Year

There are two things I despise most about the new year-


The television advertisements promoting some quick-fix weight loss product or life changing method of losing weight in the new year.


Magazines with pictures of Kim Kardashian, circa 2012, touting a regime which makes you look like her in 2 hours! 

While I make a conscious effort to ignore these silly antics, it’s often difficult to do so when your friends or family start echoing these thoughts or consider going on one of those plans. In an ideal world, I’d love for those closest to me (or everyone, rather!) endorse a balanced approach to nutrition and lifestyle but alas- It is easier said than done. 

I thought it would be neat to share a collation of recipes which would be perfect to kickstart the new year but not just that- Recipes which can easily be part of your diet or lifestyle irrespective of what time of the year it is. I’ve broken it down into healthy breakfast recipes to kickstart the new year- Followed by healthy sweet vegan recipes, healthy sweet paleo recipes, healthy sweet low carb recipes and healthy sweet high protein recipes

Why sweet? Because sweet foods are often most associated with ‘poor health’, and these will prove otherwise. 


The Ultimate Healthy Breakfast Recipes which taste anything but- Quick, easy and delicious! {vegan, gluten free, paleo and sugar free options}

1. Cake Batter Dip For One 2. Chocolate Cake Oatmeal

3. Banana Bread English Muffin 4. No Bake Giant Cookie for ONE 

5. Tiramisu Rice Pudding 6. No Bake Triple Almond Breakfast Cookies 

7. Copycat Subway Spinach and Feta Wrap 8. Vanilla Cake Batter Breakfast Cookies

9. Sugar Cookie Batter Oatmeal 10. 1 Minute Blueberry Muffin


The Ultimate HEALTHY Vegan recipes which taste anything but- Quick, easy and perfect to cure the sweet tooth! {gluten free, paleo, sugar free options}

1. 3 Ingredient Flourless Chocolate Muffins 2. Carrot Cake Protein Bars

3. Cake Batter Protein Rice Crispy Treats 4. 4 Ingredient Flourless Protein Brownies

5. 4 Ingredient Flourless Apple Pie Blondies 6. 4 Ingredient Flourless Sweet Potato Brownies

7. Cookies and Cream Dip for one 8. Banana Bread Batter for one 

9. No Bake SunButter Bars 10. No Bake Thumbprint Cookies


The Ultimate Healthy Paleo Recipes which taste anything but- Quick, easy and delicious! {vegan, gluten free, vegan and sugar free options}

1. 3 Ingredient No Bake Applesauce ‘Brownies’ 2. Edible Classic Cookie Dough For One

3. Brownie Batter Dip For one 4. No Bake Apple Pie Protein Bars

5. 4 Ingredient Banana Cake Cookies 6. 3 Ingredient 1 minute chocolate cake

7. 1 minute chocolate chip muffin 8. 4 Ingredient Flourless Apple Pie Blondies

9. 1 minute Vanilla cake 10. 1 Minute Blueberry Muffin


The Ultimate Healthy Low Carb Recipes which taste anything but- Quick, easy and delicious! {vegan, gluten free, paleo and sugar free options

1. 3 Ingredient Paleo Pizza Bases 2. No Bake Double Chocolate Protein Fudge

3. Low Carb Cake Batter Spread 4. No Bake S’mores Protein Bars

5. No Bake White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies 6. 3 Ingredient No Bake Fudge

7. Pumpkin Cookie Dough for One 8. No Bake Gingerbread Bites

9. No Bake Tiramisu Cookies 10. 1 minute Vanilla Cake


The Ultimate Healthy High Protein Recipes which taste anything but- Quick, easy and delicious! {vegan, gluten free, paleo and sugar free options}

1. No Bake White chocolate raspberry cookies 2. Cake Batter Rice Crispy Treats

3. No Bake Banana bread protein bars 4. 4 ingredient Flourless Protein Brownies

5. No Bake Dark chocolate raspberry cookies 6. Flourless Sticky Cinnamon Bun Muffins

7. No Bake Chocolate Vanilla Bites 8. No Bake Extra Chewy granola bars

9. No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter breakfast cookies 10. No Bake Cashew Coconut Protein Bars

Do you find the media (print/TV) oversaturated with diet related antics, come the new year?

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    18 thoughts on “The Ultimate Healthy Recipes to kickstart the New Year

    1. If it weren’t Christmas Eve, AND if I weren’t already in my jammies, AND if the stores weren’t already closed, I’d go get bananas and make the banana muffins! Can’t wait to try them and some other of the recipes I just read.
      I have 3 little grandsons who are pretty much bottomless pits, so I’m going to share your recipes and blog with their mom.

    2. Sooooo…when do you start shipping? Cause I just want all of these. In a box. On my front door. With a red bow. And a cat.

    3. I’m with you, a fan of eating balanced all year round. The whole kick the new year off with a new diet or fresh start approach, which is everywhere right now, puts a knot in my knickers.

    4. I’ve tried a few of your recipes now and absolutely love them all! You’ve proven that eating well certainly doesn’t mean sacrificing yumminess! Love this blog so much!

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