Save money, time, and patience with our FREE weekly meal plans! Each one includes five dinner recipes fit for families of 4, plus bonus recipes, a concise grocery list, and tips for making meal planning even easier. 

Whether you’re looking to save time, save money, lose weight, or just try new delicious recipes, meal planning is a must. Rather than stare blankly at an empty fridge or make multiple trips to the grocery store, grab one of our free meal plans.

Why we love meal planning

  • No more decision fatigue. If you agonize over what to make for dinner, save yourself the headache and let us devise the perfect meal plan for you.
  • Saves money. Rather than buy a bunch of produce that goes bad or spices that gather dust, a meal plan can help simplify your grocery list and save you money. 
  • Healthier. When you have easy recipes on hand and a fridge full of groceries, you’re going to spend less time aimlessly munching or, worse, getting takeout!
  • It’s fun. Meal planning encourages trying new recipes and breaking out of your comfort zone. But don’t worry; each recipe includes plenty of tips and tricks so you can customize them to your taste buds.
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What the weekly meal plan includes

  • 5 dinner recipes 
  • 1 breakfast, 1 snack, and 1 dessert recipe
  • Recipe tips + optional side dishes
  • A printable grocery list
salmon bowl recipe.


Each meal plan includes a breakdown of all the recipes we handpick based on what’s most popular and the ones we are most excited to share with you. There will also be a free printable grocery list with everything you need to make the five meals.  

The grocery list

Each recipe is designed to feed a family of 4, and the grocery list reflects that. To limit the cost, we try to include as many repeat ingredients as possible. We also organize the groceries by aisle to make for easy shopping.

Frequently asked questions

How can I sign up to receive the weekly meal plans?

Click here to sign up to receive my Weekly Meal Plans straight to your email inbox every Friday.

What if I have a dietary restriction?

If you have a dietary preference or allergy, make sure to click on the recipe you’re concerned about and read the full post. We always include a lengthy section on tips and substitutions.  

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