Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Legends, welcome to the annual Holiday Gift Guide on The Big Man’s World ®. For the last several years, I’ve had thousands of messages and emails asking for gift ideas so I thought it best to collate a master guide with something for EVERYONE.

holiday gift guide

I tend to do things a little differently, and am featuring my favorite things- Kitchen gadgets, technology, travel, stocking stuffers, cookbooks, stuff I would personally want to receive, and of course…asked my female friends for what is trending right now!

I’ve broken up this post into the following sections so you can go directly to whichever and all areas and have ALL your holiday shopping done by the end of this post! With Black Friday and Cyber Monday mere hours away, time to get shopping! 

Unlike other gift guides, I’ve included a NEW bonus section- Gifts for the entrepreneur! I know many of us have been dealt with uncertain blows, especially during 2020. With the new year offering a second chance, there’s no better time than putting your entrepreneurial hat on and living out your dream! 

Here are the five main sections-

  • Kitchen must-haves
  • All things technology
  • For the traveler
  • Cookbooks 
  • Entrepreneur

2020 Holiday Gift Guide


  • Vitamix Blender– This is my go-to blender which has lasted me over 6 years! I can easily see another 2-3 years from it and their warranty keeps you at ease! 
  • Kitchenaid Mixer– The ultimate kitchen necessity- Perfect for all the baking! 
  • Nutribullet– Make a smoothie in seconds, and it’s super compact and portable!
  • Instant Pot– Slow cooking minus the slow part- The ultimate time hack kitchen gadget without sacrificing on flavor. 
  • Air Fryer– Have all the crispy and crunchy texture, minus the need for any added oils or fats.
  • Silpat Cookie Sheet– I use this for all my cookie baking for perfect cookies each time. 
  • Food Processor– One of my most-used utensils. 
  • Cookie Scoop– For perfect sized cookies and no bake energy balls. 
  • Kitchen Scale– Perfect measurements every single time. 


  • Canon 6D DSLR Camera Body-  This is my go-to camera body. Every picture you see on this website has been taken with this camera (since 2014) and to this day, it works like a dream!
  • Canon 100mm Macro lens– Get those crisp and sharp images, with perfect focus. 
  • Apple Macbook Pro– My laptop I’ve been using the last 8 years- Won’t be turning back.
  • Apple iPad– Portable and perfect to have technology at your fingertips.
  • Go Pro– Get those stunning travel photos and create videos easily
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones– Ignore the outside world and be lost in your musical thoughts. 
  • Fit Bit– For the stat lover, have your exercise goals in check with steps, calories and more. 
  • Alexa Echo– Have all your technology on-demand with a few easy words.
  • Bose Speakers– My favorite speakers!



Clean Snacks by Arman Liew


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gift guide 2020


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