Healthy Tiramisu Oatmeal

Healthy Tiramisu Oatmeal 

I love coffee. To me, this is liquid gold. I also love Italian desserts. If you want proof- Check out my recap of the Great Gelato Challenge. How does one marry two of their favourite things, coffee and Italian desserts? Have tiramisu.

Healthy High Protein Tiramisu Overnight Oats- Smooth, creamy and the perfect recipe to keep you satisfied for hours! NO Sugar or nasties at all! {vegan, gluten free, sugar free recipe}-

Growing up, I was never allowed to order Tiramisu at an Italian restaurant. Why? Because it contained coffee. In my mum’s eyes- Coffee under the age of 18 was illegal. The same goes to watching M15+ rated movies and talking to the opposite gender. As with anything banned or taboo, you fight against it- and I did. When I was out, I’d order cappuccinos and when my ice cream flavour of choice would often be coffee flavoured.


These days, I am a coffee snob and I will judge a cafe based on their espresso…except in America. I am a tacky tourist and I dance around with a starbucks cup in my hand like Paris Hilton and her silly pooch.

Tiramisu, for those of you unfamiliar with it, is a mousse like cake with flavours of coffee, chocolate and cream on top of a sweetened biscuit like base. My favourite part of it is everything BUT the base- seriously, it’s a waste of cake.

Healthy High Protein Tiramisu Overnight Oats- Smooth, creamy and the perfect recipe to keep you satisfied for hours! NO Sugar or nasties at all! {vegan, gluten free, sugar free recipe}-


This healthy tiramisu oatmeal pudding incorporates the flavours of tiramisu, but also it’s light, fluffy, texture. Made with my standard method (the day before), it is worth waking up to. High in protein, no added sugar and a gluten free option– this will be the ideal start to your day. Let’s not forget the topping- Don’t bother hunting down marscapone for it- you can use greek yogurt, cream cheese or even ricotta.

The best thing? You can omit your morning coffee. It’s a two in one. BOOM.

Healthy Tiramisu Oatmeal 


Healthy Tiramisu Oatmeal

A delicious breakfast choice which tastes exactly like the infamous Tiramisu dessert- with a healthy punch to boot!
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Servings: 1
Author: Arman @ thebigmansworld


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 tsp of salt
  • 3/4 cup milk of choice
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 egg whites
  • 2 tsp of instant coffee
  • 1 tsp of cocoa powder
  • 2 tsp Natvia natural sweetener/1 Tablespoon Norbu sweetener

For the topping

  • 2 T cream cheese can sub for 2% greek yogurt or ricotta
  • 1 T cocoa powder
  • Milk to thin
  • 1 tsp native natural sweetener/norbu sweetener


  • In a small mixing bowl, whisk together the egg whites and whole egg and set aside.
  • In a saucepan, combine the rolled oats, salt and milk of choice and heat until all the liquid is absorbed. Add the egg mixture and whisk well into the oats. Continue stirring for approximately 2-3 minutes, until fully cooked and fluffy. Remove from the heat.
  • Add the instant coffee, cocoa powder and sweetener and mix until fully incorporated. Refrigerate mixture overnight.
  • Before eating, combine the cream cheese, cocoa and sweetener in a small bowl. Slowly add in milk until a thick sauce is formed. Top on oatmeal pudding and dig in!


This oatmeal can be eaten warm, but it's best to make overnight for the true tiramisu flavour. Feel free to adjust amount of coffee based on preference- I like it really strong so opt for 2 teaspoons.
 Healthy High Protein Tiramisu Overnight Oats- Smooth, creamy and the perfect recipe to keep you satisfied for hours! NO Sugar or nasties at all! {vegan, gluten free, sugar free recipe}-

The filtered water pairs with the sea salt which brings out the natural sweetness of the oats- something which is important when subbing filtered water for milk. 

EDITED TO ADD– In honour of this month’s Recipe Redux- I retried this recipe to mesh with this week’s theme- Adding some liquor or spirit to a recipe. What better way to do so than in a Tiramisu!Healthy High Protein Tiramisu Overnight Oats- Smooth, creamy and the perfect recipe to keep you satisfied for hours! NO Sugar or nasties at all! {vegan, gluten free, sugar free recipe}-

To make take this delicious breakfast into one more adult centric- Add 1 shot of Kahlua (or Bailey’s Irish Creme) to take it to that next level. It pairs perfectly with the milky texture and coffee flavour!

Be sure to stop by the other Redux member’s recipes…but maybe limit yourself to one or two recipes to try out a day. We want to stay sober here! 😉

Hope to see you all on Sunday for some Spill it, Sundays action- don’t forget to dig through your archives to highlight some of your classic posts and recipes worth pinning!

Are you a fan of coffee or coffee flavoured foods?

At what age did you start drinking coffee?

What is your favourite Italian dessert? 

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109 thoughts on “Healthy Tiramisu Oatmeal

  1. Ok I’m in agreement about the cake part of tiramisu – UNLESS it’s my ma’s version (lady fingers soaked in rum. A lot of rum). May be I soak the oats in rum here… That would be an interesting start to the day 😉

  2. As a coffee lover and avid tiramisu maker (the real deal and variations) I am super stoked about this recipe 😀 Wednesday morning – this is happening my friend! My favorite variation is gingerbread tiramisu. Lovely! The secret lies in really soaking up the base with coffee. It needs to be a little mushy because if not it’s just a boring tasteless bisquit!
    I started drinking coffee at the age of 15. My gateway drug was also cappucchino 🙂 My mum always was okay with that as I had a really low blood pressure and my doctor recommended to have a coffee every now and then. This was clearly opening pandora’s box 😉

  3. I am a coffee lover too, i too sometimes can be snobbish about it, but its my THING and I love coffee, all different types, so when its not good I get upset. ALSO, tiramisu is one of my alll tie favs, SO win win!!! YUMM

  4. As a coffee & oatmeal lover, I NEED a bowl of this STAT…come make some for me? The idea of making tiramisu scares me but I think I can handle making this recipe..looks divine, Arman…and it’s a good thing your recipes are legit i.e. no false advertising! Have you ever tried coffee chip ice cream? It’s heavenly! As for favorite Italian desserts, gelato gets my vote without a doubt!

  5. Bravo Arman! Loving the sound of this. I refer to coffee as my hug in a mug.. liquid gold has a classier ring to it though hah! Aahh tiramisu <3; I don't have it enough.. at least now I've got easy access to a form of it though 😀 . I recall attending a party where homemade tiramisu ice cream was served..jumping jiminy crickets – it was heavenly!
    My Dad is(!) totally the same way with speaking to the opposite gender. Its like, by conversing I'll presumely end up married and gone any minute 😆 .
    I need to thank you from the depths of my oatmeal loving soul for the ruling of sticking oatmeal in the fridge overnight for your recipes. I don't know what transpires, but I'm contemplating a visit from fairies that amps up the fluff and taste 😀 .

  6. Oh my YES! I resdiscovered a love for tiramisu at the end of my time in Arg (bloody Italian influence!) SO GOOD. And now I’m back in the UK I actually have these ingredients to try it out! Happy happy days 🙂

    I was a late starter on the coffee front, only when I discovered I could have it with soy/almond milk and without horrible cow’s milk a couple of years ago! Thankfully I discovered it before my final year of uni or else I definitely would have failed 😉

  7. I LOVE coffee, but unfortunately I am so sensitive to caffeine so I avoid it for the most part. Mainly because I think it is unfair for people if I hyper chat their ears off after that caffiene hit. Tea does me nicely now and a bit of cacao – that is about as stimulant as I can go haha.
    My Gran’s favourite pudding was Tiramisu – she would have loved this brekky 🙂

  8. Oh coffee, I love you! my new favourite drink is coconut milk with espresso – yum! And I love dark chocolate with espresso coffee through it!

    Don’t tend to go for coffee flavoured things as I find they don’t actually taste of coffee! But like the idea of adding coffee to oats!

  9. i am not an oatmeal fan (I enjoy solid food…though oatmeal isn’t bad I’m just enjoying other things more currently) but I found when I used unsweetened cocoa, I needed to add about 10 million cups of sweetener. LOL, it’s probably worse than the just buying sweetened cocoa at that point. Anyways, you know I enjoy my coffee so yeah…that’s that.


    I have to admit and apologize that I’m sorry for scrolling immediately to the recipe 🙂 I think it may have been the first time i didn’t OCD read your post in order (but don’t worry i scrolled back to drool over your description) i was just way too excited to find out what was goin ooooonnn all up in that bowl!

    That topping is perfect.. i think it would pair nicely alongside some nut butter (perhaps some mocha almond or chocolate coconut since everything is better with toppings duhh) And I’m allergic to eggs but I’m thinking i can recreate this fluff factor with some chia of some sort!!

    I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. Love this and you and this is perfect and i already need to concoct it and can’t wait for the next one bahhhh <33333

    1. How rude, Meredith. I write the commentary at the stop for you. Just for you.

      YES- I didn’t put nut butter because the standard ones would wreck the taste, but a mocha almond or dark chocolate spiked one would be great- or plain chopped nuts! Hm… definitely try with chia seeds!

  11. At what age did you start drinking coffee? – Not yet. I know, I know… I’m actually trying to get onto the matcha train to have a kind-of replacement with similar wake-up characteristics. Oddly enough, I -do- like coffee-flavoured foods [hello, ice cream] and even chocolate-covered coffee beans occasionally. If I was still eating eggs I’d be all up for tiramisu, too. Only I agree that too strongly coffee-soaked lady fingers weren’t a favourite of mine. But the mascarpone part made up for that… mmmmhh-ascarpone.

  12. Holy yum!! I only recently started enjoying tiramisu (unlike you, I was never a fan of coffee-flavoured foods, especially not coffee ice cream!) and this looks incredible.

  13. I’m so happy you posted this!!!! You’ve taunted us with it for long enough! Can’t wait to try it out.
    I am a coffee freak! I started drinking coffee when I was about 13, but enjoyed coffee flavored treats much younger than that. I had an obsession with Arby’s jamocha milkshakes when I was a kid.
    My sister actually makes tiramisu from scratch. It is amazing…. And not healthy at all….but it’s tiramisu so it doesn’t even matter!!

  14. So we all know how I feel about coffee, but I LOVE coffee flavoured desserts. Tiramisu, coffee ice cream…it’s all good. Apparently, I just like my coffee evened out with fat and sugar…so I’d probably be ok with the whipped-cream fancy Starbucks coffees.
    Although favourite Italian dessert: Tartufo. I’ve only had it a few times, but it is incredible.

  15. Favorite Italian dessert is gelato, hands down. BUT I also greatly enjoyed tiramisu so I definitely need to try this! I was actually going to make your cake batter pudding the other morning, until I realized it had to be prepared the night before. And I haven’t remembered to do it yet! Now I’ve got to decide which version to try first…
    I’ve always enjoyed the smell of coffee, but I could never understand actually drinking it because I thought it tasted nasty lol. I’m just now beginning to experiment with decaf versions of it though… the flavored ones aren’t too bad. 😉

  16. Um Arman where’s the rum.
    I’m going to make this but also cook rum into the oatmeal because why not? The alcohol will cook off anyway 😉
    I think I started drinking… coffee, that is… in college. I was never a fan of just the stuff with some kind of creamer in it until then. Before that it was nasty ass fraps all the time. Then I graduated to lattes. Then to coffee. And now I can even drink it black (if I have to)!

  17. Guess who’s probably (like 98% sure) going to make these after her long run this weekend? As long as I’m not too tired. But I’m hopeful! These look super yum!
    Anything coffee flavored is right up my alley! LOL I have a coffee flavored recipe today too! 😀
    I started drinking coffee in 10th grade…so I believe i I was 15? It started out as sugar and cream coffee…then I went to all black. Never going back!

  18. New to your blog.
    I never knew men could be so into cooking healthy:)
    Happy to discover your blog.

    I never liked coffee ever..makes ne one of a kind.
    I used to have a lot of tea though once upon a time.

  19. Um, we are twins today with the egg white oats recipes. Yours is, admittedly and respectfully, far superior to mine in sophistication! I actually didn’t like tiramisu itself (though I love coffee) until a year or two ago when I had an extraordinary version of it. I started drinking coffee (mostly decaf) in 9th grade. I literally remember the cup that taught me to like it.

  20. I second coffee as liquid gold. It is the nectar of the gods!!!! My mom makes a super delicious tiramisu from an italian espresso maker we have (still trying to figure out how to steal that from them) and it’s basically the best thing ever. Coffeeee <3.

    And in breakfast form?! Sign me up!

  21. I wanted nothing to do with coffee until I was probably like 22. Even then, I drank a small cup, if that. Then my son was born and I realized how helpful a pot of coffee would be each morning lol. I live for my few cups a day but will not accept coffee flavored ice creams or foods into my world. Although who knows, maybe if I tried it again, I would like it.

  22. Yep, I prefer the cream on top of the Tiramisu base too!! Who needs those soaked biscuits anyway. The oatmeal sounds really yummy and I like that you make it the night before and don’t call it “over-night oatmeal” 😀

    1. Btw, I like coffee a lot, especially cappuccino with foamy milk! That’s the best part. And don’t mess it up by sprinkling cocoa powder on top of it… Our even chocolate syrup. That’s a total NO GO! I dislike coffee flavoured things though like candy or ice cream. Just doesn’t taste good to me. Tiramisu is the exception haha 🙂

  23. Haha this totally goes with what you posted the other day about deceptive advertising…you clearly say this is HEALTHY and not a tiramisu twin. This reminds me of so many other foods you didn’t think you were allowed to eat/drink growing up that now is totally normal…coffee, vodka pasta sauce, wine….all the good things in life 🙂

  24. Yay! I have been looking forward to this recipe ever since you teased us with it.
    I am not a coffee drinker nor do I usually like coffee-flavored desserts. However, I have had a couple of bites of a friend’s tiramisu and was pleasantly surprised. I have yet to order my own slice so this oatmeal will be my gateway. As an Italian I am ashamed to admit I don’t know much about Italian desserts. Aside from tiramisu and gelato the only thing I could think of is cannoli. So, I guess my favorite would be gelato.
    I hope your next selfie captures you mid Paris Hilton dance.:)

  25. I love both coffee and coffee flavored things. When I used to make ice cream I had to make a Tiramisu flavor. Lady fingers soaked in Marsala wine and chocolate chunks. It was so strong but so delicious!

  26. I am a total coffee whore, and while this breakfast looks DELICIOUS, you will not see me skipping my coffee for it. I would pair them together. I am ALL ABOUT the coffee pairings. To be honest, I ADORE Starbucks and it’s not just because I work there, I have learned so much about their beans and the process/love that goes into each bag of coffee. I also love local shops, but have been skunked on the local brews that last two times I’ve deviated from Starbucks..the local stuff tasted like garbage water. I love my brew BOLD and black, and Starbucks ALWAYS delivers for my strong taste buds. Total tangent here…You should totally come to Seattle to see the first Starbucks..just sayin.

  27. I LOVE coffee ice cream! It is one of my favorite flavors! At coldstone I used to always get coffee ice cream with raspberries and oreos mixed in!! SO GOOD!
    I started drinking coffee in high school…. not exactly sure how old I was… my rents were pretty laid back though and they didn’t care that I started drinking coffee!

    Favorite Italian dessert…… GELATO 🙂

  28. Whyyyyy do you have to taunt me with tiramisu oatmeal when I legit have no way of making it?!? I brought instant oat packets with me to Vegas, but there are no in-room coffee makers, and the people in the shops look at you funny if you ask for a cup of hot water. Ugh. At least I’ll be home soon 😉

    And coffee became liquid gold for me somewhere around the age of 21… It was tar prior to that.

  29. Funny you should mention coffee… I just got off work (yes on a Saturday) and I was debating between taking a nap or drinking coffee. I opted for the cup of coffee, which I’m currently sipping on, and knowing me, I might end up taking that nap anyway. 🙂

  30. I absolutely adore coffee, although living in Asia means managing expectations when it comes to a really great cup. Sometimes I treat myself to the bazillion-ringgit Indonesian super special coffee blend at the grocery store but mostly my budget wins out. Luckily I will drink (or eat) it in any way, shape or form.

  31. Good sir, you come up with the most awesome oatmeal recipes! Tiramisu is definitely one of my favorite desserts, so I’m gonna have to make this happen shortly!

  32. Ha – my mom was strict like that too and guess what my favorite ice cream flavor was growing up?? yup – coffee! I’m a total sucker for anything tiramisu and love the idea of using the flavors in oatmeal!

  33. soooooooooooo I tried it this morning and ………FABULOUS!! Chocolaty, not too sweet, fluffy, absolutely PERFECT . I like mine warm so i heat it up a big, with the cold “icing” its amazing!!

    Thanks arman!! <3 ANother hit!! Can not wait for the black forest one!!

      1. buttttttttt what if you live in Canada…where it can get a *little* cold? Could you mix up all the ingredients and then simply warm it in the pan in the morning? I’d personally really love the pudding effect – but my mother claims that eating something cold in the morning is sacreligious almost!

  34. So I made this one last night for my snack this morning. Pretty good! It was a bit too salty for me last night when I made it so I added a bit of honey. As previously discussed I know you are a fan of salt 🙂 I didn’t add the coffee as when I went to add it the stuff I had was so old that it was an immediate pass! I thought that a Starbucks Via packet would be good. I did end up using some coffee coconut water in place of the milk in the cream cheese topping. Which in turn got me thinking that would be a great sub in place of the milk in the overall recipe. I really liked this one. Will have to try it again with the coffee in it to get the whole effect.

  35. I’m totally confused by the need for eggs in this. It sound like you’re just adding them tight into the hot oatmeal which would scramble them and that’s just gross. Are you supposed to add them slowly to temper them and just use them as a thickener?

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