Chocolate Protein Oatmeal

Chocolate for breakfast is perfectly acceptable with this bowl of oatmeal which tastes like dessert! Chock full of protein (without protein powder!) gluten free and a vegan option- Start your mornings off in a sinfully nutritious way! 

Chock full of protein (without protein powder!) gluten free and a vegan option- Start your mornings off in a sinfully nutritious way! @thebigmansworld

Hey Everyone and Happy Sunday! Hope your weekend is going well….mines been head deep in curves. BELL shaped curves. Ahh statistics.

Early in the week, I received a heartwarming message from Jessie telling me she’d love to ask me some questions and kind do a role reversal of the International Blogger Spotlight- I took her up on that offer so instead of spotlighting a blogger, the spotlight will be on God. Sorry, me.


1. If you had to choose anywhere in the world to live, where would it be & why?
I think I may have mentioned it before, but without a doubt, it would be New York City. I know people can find it overwhelming at times, but I find nothing more exhilarating than walking with no plans and stumbling somewhere amazing. Not only that, but the culture, the food, the constant bustle- i thrive on that! If that couldn’t work out, I’d say London or Toronto after. Yep, I need a bustling city!
2. Name three things you’d bring if you were to be stranded on an deserted island. There is a catch though:
a. One must be a food
b. One must be some type of kitchen appliance OR electronic device
c. One must be a person
Food- I would bring a chicken. A chicken can lay eggs for me and I’ll try and be creative with what I can do with it!
Chock full of protein (without protein powder!) gluten free and a vegan option- Start your mornings off in a sinfully nutritious way! @thebigmansworld
A kitchen appliance- It probably doesn’t count as an appliance but bite me. I’d say Tupperware so I can eat the eggs out of it and amuse myself.

Eggs and cookies!

A person- Oprah. She can bring her entourage and I wouldn’t have to worry about the stupid chicken or this magical kitchen appliance. And besides, when I’m bored, she can just be like…. let’s welcome ARRRRRRRRMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN.
3. What is one of the biggest obstacles or struggles you’ve had to overcome?
Self believe. It’s something I have always struggled with, and something I am working intently at to overcome. Definitely a work in progress!
Chock full of protein (without protein powder!) gluten free and a vegan option- Start your mornings off in a sinfully nutritious way! @thebigmansworld
4. Favorite movie ?
Favourite movie is Lost in Translation, but I think I’m alone in that camp (my sister uses it as a natural sleeping pill…fail whale).

Bill Murray=amazing.

5. No matter how lovely life is, everyone finds themselves emotional or stressed – how do you handle the situation?
Whenever I’m stressed I don’t handle it particularly well. I get angry at everyone around me and I whip my hair back n forth worse than Willow Smith. However, this is something I am working on- something I’ve implemented is stepping back and counting to 10 before responding… but I usually get to 5 then go gaga.
6. 1-2-3…. Eggs or Sardines?
As much I as I love the can of perfection (like so many of you guys), I’d have to say I actually could not live without eggs. A dozen eggs in my possession- the norm. 8- dangerously low. 4- Borderline emergency situation. And how’s this, another egg picture.
7. Share your favorite recipe. It can be one you’ve come up with or one you’ve tried
Everyone has their classic ‘Go To’ oatmeal recipe so why not chuck mine in the mix? Mine takes abit of prep the night before, but the morning of, its as easy as taking it out of the refrigerator, topping it with nut butter and digging it!

Chocolate Protein Oatmeal

Chocolate for breakfast is perfectly acceptable with this bowl of oatmeal which tastes like dessert! Chock full of protein (without protein powder!) gluten free and a vegan option- Start your mornings off in a sinfully nutritious way!
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Servings: 1
Author: Arman @ thebigmansworld


  • 1/2-1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup liquid of choice I used unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 T cocoa powder
  • 1-2 T sweetener of choice
  • sea salt
  • 1/2 cup liquid egg whites or 4 large egg whites or even 1 egg + 3 whites!*
  • Toppings of choice I used peanut butter and crushed peanuts


The night before

  • Cook the oats stovetop in liquid of choice (I use almond milk) and sea salt until most of the liquid is absorbed.
  • Stir in 1/2 cup egg whites (4 large) and continue stirring to avoid any clumps and to ensure its fully cooked through.
  • Remove from the heat and stir in cocoa powder and sweetener of choice. Refrigerate (I often leave it in the saucepan).

The next morning

  • Remove from the fridge and transfer to a bowl. Top with sea salt and nut butter/toppings of choice. Dig in!


* For a vegan option, use 1 scoop of vegan friendly protein powder of choice (I've used growing naturals chocolate protein powder)
I sometimes eat it warm but often enjoy it cold as it is- try it if you haven't done it this way before!
Thank you Jessie for the idea to spotlight that sounds so self absorbed. Oh well, as Miley says, Its my blog and I’ll do what I want to. Its my song and I’ll sing if I want to.
 Healthy Peanut Butter Cup Oatmeal PACKED with protein but with NO Protein powder! Filling and just like dessert! {vegan, gluten free, sugar free recipe}-
Tomorrow I’ll be giving details for the {selfie +} Spill it, Sundays! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!
Spill it, Sunday option 2
Do you have a specific oatmeal method which you stick to? 
How hot does Oprah look with a ‘tash? 
What movie would you use as a natural sleeping pill? 
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43 thoughts on “Chocolate Protein Oatmeal

  1. I love Lost in Translation too. When I lived in Hong Kong I watched that movie a million times because I could relate to it so well given the situation I was in where I was the only white female for literally miles around.

    I need to try out your cocoa oats they sound delicious.

    I’d love to visit New York one day but Melbourne will always be home to me. I could work overseas for a year but I’d always come back home for sure….especially since no one has brunch like we have here!

    Happy Sunday and I hope statistics study isn’t getting you down.

    1. YES! When I was travelling europe and stuck in a mind F!$k for quite some time- I watched it over and over for that very same reason (minus the white female bit ;). I can imagine how tough that would have been in Hong Kong- the hustle and bustle would have been so similar to Tokyo!

      In NYC- Brunch was an excuse to have alcohol on Sundays…I swear everywhere instead of advertising eggs and omelettes would advertise bloody marys!

  2. Well I love this twist and I especially like the idea that Toronto is top 3 on your city list. However… London is my favorite city so let’s just move there together, get this wedding registry up and running, and play with our Vitamix. Mmmmkay?

  3. Loving the twist. Naming Oprah as your island companion makes you my new hero 😛
    There is a an awesome video on youtube that is nothing more than a compilation of her shouting celebrity names. I watch it when I’ve had a bad day lol

    I love that your overnight oats are cooked – but I can’t say I’d be able to control myself from not eating them when they are finished 😛

    1. Haha, ONLY if she brings her entourage…otherwise she is useless to me. Or maybe she could be a protein option 😛

      LOL..I actually have to make them while making dinner or I’d do the same. Try it this way- so good!

  4. Arman, I am with you on the eggs. They are so easy to make and have infinite possibilities. I always feel a tad guilty because I sometimes hear the old school propaganda in my head about egg yolk and cholesterol. Then I snap out of it! I get pretty worked up when stressed out too. My brain gets stuck on a loop. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I used to handle stressful situations similarly…it’s been a work in progress over the course of my 20s, and I feel like I’m finally getting a grip on things. It’s not easy changing innate details of your personality, and definitely takes time and patience (and introspection).
    On another note, Op is looking pretty good there. She must have been growing it out since last Movember!?

  6. I’m slightly miffed by the fact that you chose Oprah over me as your island companion, but your reasoning behind it is good, so I guess I can forgive you. I can’t say I’m with you on her stash, though — I prefer her clean shaven 😛

    And you better believe I have a specific oat method! I don’t even like anyone else to cook my breakfasts for me because they can never get the oats just right. Yup… I’m someone who would prefer to drag my butt out of bed to cook breakfast than to be served breakfast in bed. Priorities 😉

    1. If I brought you, you would chuck the eggs at me over not picking a computer as my electronic choice (with a cheeky WoW game hidden inside… ;))

      I like your priorities- I would rather do that too! My sister offered to make me oatmeal with egg whites once. She microwaved a packet of instant oats and gave me an omelette on the side. Fail. Whale.

  7. I’m inclined to agree with your sister. Lost in Translation left me lost.

    I loved this bit though: “Whenever I’m stressed I don’t handle it particularly well. I get angry at everyone around me and I whip my hair back n forth worse than Willow Smith.” If I had any hair, I might do the same. Ha. When I get stressed, I get grumpy and moody and all freaked out. Ya know what calms me down…exercise and making a list because I love them.

      1. It’s all good. It’s really the simple act of calming, and actually my lists are really guidelines. Or big run on lists which I know will last for days. Gotta be realistic with your expectations right. Otherwise you just set yourself up for failure.

  8. You crack me up!! Are you like this in person or does your wit just come out when you’re writing? I love New York and have lived there for 2 separate summer internships, but at the end of 3 months I was kind of ready to get out … it’s SO amazing to be there, but if you don’t escape every once in a while it’s overwhelming, at least for me!

    1. In high school my friends thought I was one of the most random people- saying something serious then going into something completely out of nowhere…Aussie Charm? :p Ohh I did an Internship there over your ‘Summer’ period and must admit it was quite tiring..but I still loved it. Then again, I was coming home to a 360 kind of city so maybe thats why. PS I’ve finished exams now which means I am keen to read your Aussie travel recaps! Do you mind linking me up to them again?

      1. Of course! I do think Sydney is a ton different than NYC because Sydney is SO green. Of course, NYC has Central Park, which is comletely amazing, but you can really walk around the bottom half of the city for days without seeing an inch of green. I’ll let you decide for yourself which you like – they’re both amazing! Here’s the old blog: … remember to filter on the right side for “Australia”!

  9. I’m so with you on loving New York City and loving a hustle and bustle type city! I would love to live there or San Francisco.
    My sleeping pill movie last night was The Zodiac… beginning was good, but fell asleep at the end. I’ve still never seen Lost in Translation.

  10. I am with your sis Arman – Lost In Translation could very easily be my sleeping pill too!
    I so enjoyed visiting NYC too, my sis used to live there and my cousin lives there now – but if I lived there I would be so broke after paying rent!

    Love your reasoning behind the chicken/eggs! Your smarts will have you A-cing your statistics class dude! Oprah with ‘stash should change her name to Orman!

    Oats for me usually involves almond milk, salt, cinnamon and chocolate chips and peanut butter tossed in towards the end to melt – ahhh – this is my bowl of comfort – sometimes I have eaten this for dessert instead of fro yo!
    Hope your weekend was lovely – Jessie had a wonderful idea – was great to get to know you a little more 🙂

    1. LOl. No melatonin for either of you guys then! Ohhhhhh that is probably why I’d NEVER ever be able to live there..that and the green card factor. Donald trump, just adopt me already.

      LOL. Orman. Can you imagine that as the talk show? LOOK UNDER YOUR CHAAAAAIR. a NEWWWWWWW car.

      I’ve always had this thing with oats- either cinnamon OR cocoa…I don’t know why! They are both amazing! Hope your Monday is off to a great start 🙂

    1. I DID NOT DEFACE HER. Is it wrong that she grows hair there?

      San Fran is definitely up there- I LOVE it there- we can walk up a hill and call it our HIIT workout for the day! sounds grand, Davida’s Delights can fund it.

  11. I love the twist! So good to learn more about you, Arman! Bravo to Jessie for turning the tables on ya! 😉

    I usually keep my oats pretty simple…just oats and water in the microwave…but recently, I’ve been playing around with a new recipe using eggs. If I get everything together, I MIGHT just be able to post it this week! I’m with you, love adding them to my oats for more of a richer flavor and I’m starting to realize that cooking them in almond milk versus water makes a HUGE difference (one thing I’ve learned since giving up my calorie counting days). 😀

    Sleeping pill movie: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon…I rarely ever fall asleep during movies, but this one has knocked me out BOTH times I tried to watch it! Lol

    1. Thanks Heather 🙂 I love that I accidentally cracked the full egg in when I made it like that- never going back to just whites… okay sometimes but still.

      Crouching tiger hidden dragon…talk about false advertising in the name. They should rename it Melatonin.

  12. Bahaha, Oprah looks sooo scary yet very cute. I might invite her to Zurich and show here where to find affordable handbags (haha….)
    I LOVE the spotlight on you Mr. Twerk!!
    I am with you on the eggs. I freak out when there’s only one pack left, seriously, I eat so MANY!
    I love them as an omelette, but even better combine them with oats – and cook eggy oats. Store them overnight and warm up in the morning – EGGY OAT BAKE here you are and I love you. Throw in a few pieces of kabocha and I am doing a happy dance (not that anyone wants to see that :-))

    1. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I nearly fell of my chair. and speaking of chairs. as Oprah would say- LOOK UNDER YOUR CHAAAAAAAAAAAAIRRRR. A NEWWWWW CARRR.

      I can’t wait to meet you, Lucie. All we need are eggs, kabocha and we’d be set!

  13. I usually cook oats with water, often add shredded carrot, sometimes shredded zucchini, cinnamon, sometimes cocoa powder and cook until thickened. Usually I put all ingredients in there just right at the beginning and cook until done (except eggs, I stir that in last). I eat it hot! I only eat uncooked overnight oats cold.
    I don’t think anyone does not like peanut butter, like everyone is claiming to be the biggest pb addict in the world!

    1. and I just realised that this is a very old post 😀 I thought it’s a new one that I have missed, lol. Your welcome for my oatmeal cooking directions! hahahaha

  14. HA! we would be a pair if we were in NYC together… my favorite place too, but if we were both stressed at the same time? nope, it would not be pretty. I whip my hair and freak out too.

    chocolate oatmeal might help.

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