Paleo No Bake SunButter Bars

These No Bake SunButter Bars take just 10 minutes to whip up and can easily be adapted for those with allergies! Completely gluten free, vegan and paleo! 



I know in Australia, new rules and regulations have come into place amongst many primary and high schools regarding foods which should be omitted from lunch boxes. Predominantly, it’s bars or snacks which include peanuts or other forms of nuts! The number of allergy outbreaks and severe illnesses had been on the rise and since it’s omission- things have settled down abit!

One of my favourite snacks to bring to work are my No Bake Kettle Corn Granola Bars or my Cashew Coconut Protein bars– true story! This week, I’ve eaten two of these bars each morning for breakfast with a hunk of cheddar cheese because I’m lazy awesome. Saying that, nut butters are a key ingredient in them which is a big ‘No No’ for many schools here. 


A nut free alternative I am mildly obsessed with is SunButter- and with it’s consistency, can be subbed easily in the above recipes. Not only that, but they are perhaps my favourite healthy fat spread to use in the below recipe. 

Even though Niki isn’t doing Paleo anymore, I still had a couple of Paleo friendly recipes to share. She loves Caramel slice. This is…not caramel slice. However, it looks like it and it is delicious. Topped with homemade paleo chocolate and a delicious, textured base- it looks similar but tastes better.

Healthy No Bake SunButter Bars which are a quick and easy dessert or snack which takes no time and can be completely allergen friendly! {vegan, gluten free, paleo recipe}-

Naturally Gluten free, Grain Free and Vegan– you can feel confident to jazz up your lunch box with this treat. 

Or be the popular one. 


If you love no bake bars, you’ll LOVE these healthy 4 Ingredient No Bake Protein fudge Bars– Check out just how easy they are below!

[Paleo] No Bake SunButter Bars

A super simple no bake snack bar recipe which is Paleo friendly- also naturally suits a grain free, gluten free or vegan diet!
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Author: Arman


  • 1 cup SunButter can sub for almond butter or tahini- I've tried both!
  • 1 cup coconut flour sifted
  • 1 cup almond flour NOTE- For a completely allergy free bar, substitute for oat flour
  • 1/2 cup coconut sugar*
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4-1/2 cup almond milk (NOTE- For a completely allergy free bar, substitute for non dairy non nut milk**
  • Paleo Chocolate melted


  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the coconut flour, almond flour, coconut sugar, sea salt and cinnamon. Mix until combined.
  • Stir through the SunButter until fully incorporated. Batter should be quite crumbly.
  • Add the almond milk, one tablespoon at a time, until a very dense batter is formed.
  • Press into a lined 9 x 9 inch baking dish and press firmly.
  • Add the melted Paleo chocolate over it and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Remove from pan and cut into bars.


* For sweeter bars, feel free to add some extra coconut sugar or honey/agave
** Depending on the brand of coconut flour you use, you may need more or less milk- Some brands are so absorbent, you may need a full cup.
I've tried these bars with tahini and almond butter and work really well. These don't need refrigeration and can be kept in a covered container for up to 1 week. You can use standard sugar and melted chocolate if you don't follow a paleo diet.


Healthy No Bake SunButter Bars which are a quick and easy dessert or snack which takes no time and can be completely allergen friendly! {vegan, gluten free, paleo recipe}-


Did you have a ‘nut ban’ in your school growing up?

What was a typical lunchbox snack for you? 

Have you tried SunButter before?

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170 thoughts on “Paleo No Bake SunButter Bars

  1. Arman these look insanely good! I love that you have your bars with cheese, cheese and sweet stuff goes so well right?
    I have not had sun butter before but I really want to try it! Tahini is amazing though so I can try it with that 🙂

  2. YUM! I’m still yet to try Sunbutter- every time I see a jar, I always end up opting with my trusted favourites (almond/peanut)! School days feel like SO long ago but a few favourites from back then include Nutrigrain bars, Oreos, Chips Ahoy & Pringles–> HLB in the house ;)!

  3. I have an excuse to use tahini in something other than on my spoon! No the nutban was after my school time – thank god otherwise I don’t know what my lunches between the ages 11-15 would have been!

  4. Growing up-my school had no bans on any foods – dang, even roaches were allowed in “samosas”!!! 🙂
    Schools here in Georgia are currently going through a food reform of sorts – while nut based products have been absent for awhile, now my daughter said that they are cutting back on quantities as well as processed stuff….am hoping next, they will start sneaking veggies into treats 😉
    These sunbutter bars look amazing! I haven’t tried sunbutter yet – but if this isn’t a reason – no sure what is!

      1. Have not see Sunbutter yet, tried them using almond butter. However, you need to change your recipe reflecting it needs more milk. I believe you told me it needed up to 1-1/2 cups of milk as mine came out crumbly and not looking like the picture.

  5. Arman, these look like your best yet! Can’t wait to make them – will use tahini as we can’t get sunbutter.
    No nut rules in schools here, yet…. Think it would be a shame for children to miss out on the heathy fats of nuts.
    I hate thinking back on what I had in my school lunch boxes! Ha! But I do remember a favourite was a baby bell cheese – they were my favourite treat!

  6. It’s perfect that you can make these with tahini -because that’s the only nut /seed butter I have atm. I would have to sub the coconut flour though (I know, I know. You told me to buy some. But I’m too mean! ) or do I HAVE to use it for texture maybe?
    I’m going to post one of my lunchbox staples tomorrow or on Sunday 😀 it has nothing to do with nuts though!

    1. I’ve already made them!! With a few modifications, but they are sooo good! Especially with that chocolate layer. I’m a fan!! Will probably post them tomorrow 🙂

  7. These look delicious! I’ve never tried sunbutter before cause I never see it anywhere, but I bet Trader Joe’s would have it. I don’t know what paleo chocolate is, but I can use regular chocolate I guess?

    Best lunchbox snack = string cheese!

  8. It’s really unfortunate that I can’t find raw, organic sunflower butter here. These look really great!

  9. Oh my goshhhh these look so good! My mom actually made bars juuuust like this when I was growing up, only she used PB–I’m loving the sunbutter. My typical lunch box snack would be some sort of sugary treat… such as those bars or any type of cookie. I always saved it for last!

    1. Hi Jody! You most definitely can- I’m terrible at overdoing it with no baked goods and can attest that all my no bake recipes freeze really well-I’ve been lazy lately and breakfasts this week have been two no bake bars straight from the freezer with a protein shake or cheese!

  10. We didn’t have a nut ban in my entire school, but every year of elementary school I managed to get at least one kid in my class with peanut allergies, so I always had a classroom ban. I actually didn’t eat peanut butter for years, because I was used to always going without it – I think my obsession started once I got to university and started eating peanut butter toast daily. Also – I still haven’t tried Sunbutter. One day.

  11. Sunflower seed butter is my absolute favorite. I love the earth balance coconut blend as well as the cashew butter that I have, but sunflower seed butter will forever be my fave. And, well, you can’t go wrong with chocolate or crispy bars.

  12. Delish! My daughter is severely allergic to peanuts…so SunButter is well-stocked in our house. It’s a perfect substitution in a recipe. But, I actually like it better than peanut butter.

  13. These look delicious and you know I’m a big fan of no bake! I actually really like the idea of using tahini and I just so happen to have an brand new jar at home. 🙂 Now I need to restock my supply of almond flour, then I’m good to go!

  14. I first tried sun butter about a year ago, because one of the girls on my team is allergic to nuts (ALL nuts!!). I was 100% convinced that I was going to kill her by accidentally having peanut butter on my hands and by shaking her hand or using the same doorknob or something, but so far that hasn’t happened thankfully. I’ve found SunButter to be pretty good with bananas and crackers, but have yet to try it in a recipe.

  15. There used to be a peanut-free table at my elementary school, and even though that was before my peanut butter obsession, I never sat there. I never wanted to risk sending someone to the hospital.
    I’ve never had SunButter brand, but I’ve had Trader Joe’s sunflower seed butter and ohhhhh goodness gracious it is the epitome of nutty, salty deliciousness. Must make these (minus the chocolate…sorrynotsorry). Would it defeat the purpose if I melted peanut butter chips instead?

  16. And I guess to cater to my almond allergy, we would need to make some substitutions lol although these look terrific! My son’s school doesn’t allow nuts either at snack time but you can bring in at lunch just sit at a separate table (which he never wants to do). It’s so limiting that it’s a shame but I understand with the rise in allergies why it is such a concern. Never had so many allergies going on when I was a kid in school!

  17. I -wish- we had a nut ban when I was growing up! But there definitely wasn’t the same kind of allergy awareness back then like there is now, so I had the pleasure of being surrounded by PBJs and ants on a log. Still alive and kicking, though! Thankfully… And one of my favourite lunchbox snacks as a kid was gummy bears… or dinos, or whatever the animal of the week was. To this day I still sometimes prefer gummies over chocolate. Shhh. Don’t tell.

  18. Never had Sunbutter but I have had Maranatha sunflower seed butter and it is yummy. I am glad to see its deliciousness utilized in a recipe.
    I am old so there was no such thing as nut bans when i was in school. My school lunch goodies were usually homemade cookies. I pined over other kids twinkles and store bought cookies. Now, I’d MUCH rather have a home-baked treat. Silly kid!

  19. These look like Buckeye Bars which are one of my most favorite desserts. They are epic, google them.

    Also I have yet to make your krispy squares and I have concerns…that I might not have enough ingredients left to make them since I’ve been eating them all week long. Oops.

  20. My CHURCH has a nut ban! Can you believe that?! Next we’re going to need gluten-free bread for communion…
    My favorite bar when I was in school were the Nature Valley peanut butter granola bars. The ones you need a gallon of milk to drink with. Pure delicious 🙂

  21. A few summers ago I became so obsessed with sunflower seed butter that I overdid it and burned myself out. I haven’t had it since!! I think these bars are a perfect excuse for me to rekindle that long lost love affair. I am legit drooling and want to smash these all over my face.

  22. this is perfect for all those nut-free schools! we are lucky enough in my son’s current school not to be totally nut-free… but seems like most are these days. either way, i’d be happy to consume that whole plate!

  23. Let’s talk nuts. Obvi I love them but in Canada it’s a big no-no to eat them in public and they’re definitely banned in schools. America is a different story. At my camp if you had any sort of allergy you were banished to the allergy table. It was horrible (not that I experienced it) but their argument was that most kids will only eat pb sammies so what were they supposed to do. Still no response….in other news, will you be my brown paper bag? p.s. I’m on glass 3.

  24. I have not tried sunbutter yet but it looks delicious! One of the things I’m looking forward to most about starting work is having more money to spend on food! John and I have been on such a tight budget that I haven’t been able to branch out and try as many things as I would like.

  25. These look TO DIE FOR. I just recently tried sunbutter for the first time and loved it! I’m a part of the “21st posting” RR group so I typically don’t see the recipes from the other group, but I’m glad I decided to look at this link up as well!

    xoxo Sarah Grace, Fresh Fit N Healthy.

  26. these sound delish! I have most of the ingredients and I don’t even do Paleo. Except…. I have no idea WHAT Paleo Chocolate is or WHERE to find it. Please help. Thanks

  27. I just started making my own sunbutter a few months ago, after buying it the last few years. Toast the seeds in the oven (about 4 cups on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees F, for about 10-15 min, stirring once). After they have cooled, grind up in a food processor(several minutes) or a high powered blender like a Vitamix (just a few minutes)until the right consistency. Add salt and a sweetener while grinding, if desired.
    My kids have nut allergies, could I replace the almond flour for oat flour?

  28. Hey Arman,

    These look delish! I’m crazy for making my own nut and seed butters so I’ll be strutting into the kitsch to get busy! What’s the go with paleo chocolate, is it the cocoa and coconut oil thang?

    Many thanks for the rad recipe!

      1. Hi, I just wanted to give you a heads up that oat flour is not necessarily ‘allergy free’ if someone is coeliac or following a strict gluten/wheat free diet they will need the oats to be ‘certified’ gluten free, meaning that the crop has been grown separately, and processed in a mill that doesn’t also do wheat. Some coeliacs can’t even tolerate GF oats ( 🙁 ) Easy to whizz up oats in a coffee grinder if you can use them though to make your own flour, as GF oat flour is hard to find here. Great recipe though, all your blog looks super yummy <3 I'm GF and doing the Atkins diet!

  29. Oh my these look incredible! I love your recipes. I had no idea that nuts had been banned in Australian schools…but it seems from what you say that it is potentially helping control allergies. That is really interesting. I have to make these…especially since my husband hates coconut so won’t want to eat any 😉

  30. You’ve claimed to make a safe alternative for nut-free or peanut -free school zones but have left the almond flour in the recipe — these will make allergy kids very sick and likely induce a trip to the hospital. The recipe as it stands is NOT safe for nut-free or peanut free kids.

  31. How can we have the cheese (dairy)? and what is paleo chocolate?

    Thanks….I am a new Paleo life style person and since December 1st (with some cheating in there) I have lost 12 pounds……yea!!

  32. These look amazing, and I think I would love them with almond butter. It’s not surprising that they were the most popular entry at last week’s Gluten-Free Wednesday carnival!

  33. What a great recipe, Arman! I just saw it featured on Gluten-Free Wednesdays and had to come take a peek. These bars look absolutely delicious and I love all the ingredients — most especially the sunbutter. And I didn’t have a ban on nuts at my school growing up, but I did work in schools later that did. Seems like nut allergies really took a turn for the worst so rapidly!

  34. So yesterday I needed a dessert for the evening but had a roast slow cooking in the oven all afternoon, so I couldn’t bake. These bars came to my rescue! I used almond butter, and they were a real hit with my family and some guests. A couple people in my family would like them just a bit sweeter so I might try adding a little honey next time, but I thought they were perfect. Thanks, Arman!

  35. Hi, why is there some coconut oil shown in the background of your picture when there is none in the ingredients? Did you forget to add coconut oil to the ingredients? Thanks.

      1. Got it ! Thanks for the quick reply and keep up with your good work. PS: I just shared your recipe with my colleague who had a look at my snack and who felt jealous 😉

  36. I made these bars except something is wrong – they look way different. I used the whole 1/2 cup of almond milk, but instead of looking like the picture, they are really crumbly. Should I have used more of the milk? What do you mean by dense? I used coconut flour and oat flour.

    1. Hey Jean! I’m sorry that it didn’t turn out right- The one’s in the picture isn’t the oat flour version. As for the milk, my error- It should have read 1/4 to up to 1 1/2 cups milk- Depending on the brand of coconut flour, you may or may not need more.

      Regarding ‘dense’, I mean that it shouldn’t be crumbly but malleable enough to press into the pan comfortably 🙂

  37. I rarely make comments but these were really good. I added extra milk as I had two different types of Coconut powder in the recipe and I think it still could have used more to look more like this picture. The taste is soooooo yummy! Nice job and thanks for posting.

  38. Sorry, but these didn’t work for us. I made them for my brother who has as severe peanut allergy. I had a jar of sunbutter (which I had never tasted before) and was looking for an excuse to use it, so when I found your recipe I was very excited. The first bite was ok but after that it tasted like a chocolate-covered sunflower seed. IMO the sea salt was unnecessary–it made these too salty. My brother liked them but he hasn’t had peanut butter in several years and really missed it. He said these were the closest thing to peanut butter he’s had in a long time. So these bars worked for him but it was a swing and a miss for the rest of my family.

  39. Great recipe! I modified it based on ingredients (and quantities) on hand: 3/4 cup coconut flour, 3/4 cup peanut butter (natural cane sugar added), 3/4 cup almond flour, 1/3 cup coconut sugar, and 1/2 cup of coconut milk (both solid and liquid) and of course cinnamon, double what the recipe called for (cuz one can never have too much!). Topping was chocolate chips, cocoa powder, more coconut milk melted together poured on top. It was a hit! Thanks again, Arman, for your yummy and creative recipes!

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