Protein Lovers Trail Mix

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A quick, easy and delicious trail mix which is packed with protein and won’t get messy during the Summer! Perfect for those with a savory tooth, make this your staple snack! 

Easy DIY Protein Lover's Trail Mix- Customisable and perfect for any weather! One of the most popular pins!  {gluten free, low carb, simple + easy recipe}-


Firstly, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone on the feedback in yesterday’s post– The comments, messages and emails really meant a tonne and I’m extremely appreciative. I tried to respond to as many emails as possible but promise to have them all done by the end of the day today- Cheers!

In that post, I mentioned how important it was when working with brands which you use, believe in and ones which you’d recommend to your friends and as such- Blue Diamond is definitely one of them and today’s post will be how I flavor my adventure……in the most unconventional way.

Before we get into the adventure post, I’ve been asked to create a recipe using one of these outdoor utensils. I asked my sister on whatsapp two days ago and you know what she said? 

“Put a sandwich in the flask.”

Yep. She’s golden. If you have any ideas, shoot them over! 

Easy DIY Protein Lover's Trail Mix- Customisable and perfect for any weather!

When you hear the word adventure, I’m sure many of you envision hiking, going on a camping trip, going to the beach or dressing up as Harry Potter and circling your backyard pretending it’s the Forbidden Forest.

…Just me? Maybe. 

It’s not my fault I’m a filthy mudblood, minus the magic part. 

Since moving to New York, I’ve realised there’s another adventure. An adventure which you don’t think will be an adventure until you experience it.

Then you experience it again.

That, my friends, is the New York Subway.

The beauty of having this blog is actually having written evidence of all these scenarios happening. I still won’t forget the first time it happened and I had a joyous 4 mile walk home in peak heat. The icing on the (non existent) cake was during the 4th of July weekend which saw me miss my destined festivities. 

The biggest lesson I learnt from all of this? A supposed 25 minute Subway ride could in fact take over 4 hours. 

Scrap that. The BIGGEST lesson is to be prepped with snacks. 

Easy DIY Protein Lover's Trail Mix- Customisable and perfect for any weather!

Subways + Summer means certain foods are off limits. The chocolate chips I bought from Trader Joe’s turned into a solid single block and my quest bar moulded itself to fit the shape of my wallet. Anything cold would be lukewarm in minutes and anything too sweet would turn sticky. 

That left me with a few options for easy snacking using the delicious slightly salted roasted almonds. Trail Mix minus chocolate. Trail mix minus dried fruit. Trail mix minus seeds because I’m not a bird (I’m a wizard, remember?). 

Trail mix with a twist. A protein packed twist. 

Easy DIY Protein Lover's Trail Mix- Customisable and perfect for any weather!

This Trail mix has been dubbed the protein lovers trail mix because it’s well….full of protein in some unique ways. Besides the lightly salted almonds, I added two forms of animal protein in the form of chopped organic pepperoni sticks, organic beef jerky chunks and for something a little fun- Peanut Butter filled pretzels

(Not so) Fun Fact- I bought two packages of peanut butter filled pretzels from Trader Joe’s last year and when I returned to Australia, they became crumbs. They did NOT go to waste- They were one of the first crushed cookies I used in this recipe

Smart? Smart. 

Easy DIY Protein Lover's Trail Mix- Customisable and perfect for any weather!

Make this super simple, delicious protein lovers trail mix and start being excited to be stuck in a Subway with this.

Okay, excited may be pushing it. 

Protein Lover's Trail Mix

A quick, easy and delicious trail mix which is packed with protein and won't get messy during the Summer! Perfect for those with a savory tooth, make this your staple snack!
5 from 3 votes
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Author: Arman


  • 1 cup Blue Diamond slightly salted almonds
  • 2 x sticks organic sugar free nitrate free pepperoni sticks
  • 1 x stick sugar free nitrate free beef jerky
  • 1 cup peanut butter filled pretzels
  • 1 cup crackers or other dry snack of choice optional


  • Chop the pepperoni sticks and beef jerky into bite size pieces.
  • Mix all the ingredients and put in a baggie/jar for easy transportation!


The sexy hand pictured is optional
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Easy DIY Protein Lover's Trail Mix- Customisable and perfect for any weather!

This “Flavor Your Adventure” post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. Cheers, hugs and handshakes for supporting companies and brands which help in making The Big Man’s World continue to grow.

Got any epic adventures planned this Summer?

What is your favourite trail mix add in?

Do you like jerky? 

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    53 thoughts on “Protein Lovers Trail Mix

    1. Love the salty twist, I’m a salty person! And whether it’s subway problems or other traffic that is my biggest pet peeve of the city in general. Sucks when you can literally see your destination yet can’t physically get there for hours! Only NY!

    2. I love everything about this post – especially the fact that you, too, are a wizard. Ok, maybe i’m just a darned muggle, but a girl can have dreams!
      I also had an adventure that involved melting one of my treats – just imagine a bag full of what was supposed to be greek yogurt-covered raisins…. yup, i was super unhappy!
      Way to reinvent the trailmix-wheel!

    3. Peanut butter pretzels are life. I’m trying to reintroduce wheat into my diet and the sad thing is that I’d rather eat 100 peanut butter pretzels before my first slice of bread =l I also weirdly have a bunch of samples of jerky sticks (Fancy Food Show) and dried jerky for instagram. it’s almost like you KNEW i needed a way to combine all of these. and it’s almost like i want wallet molded quest bars all over me right now. preferably the ones without 2 cups of vitafiber.

    4. Yum! I normally need chocolate in my trail mix, but this a great option for summer commuting.

      I’ve got an adventure in D.C. coming up this weekend, but other than that I had all my big adventures in May when I was on vacation.

    5. I always carry snacks just because. The thing about NYC is, the subway in the summer might have AC but waiting for it is hotter than outside! So generally if it is going to be less than 4 stops (or less than, say, 3 miles or a 45 min walk) I just hoof it. You’ll get to know which train lines break down the most, which ones have the AC malfunction, and when it’s a better call to walk eventually… 🙂 Enjoy the camping trip meanwhile!

    6. So normally I turn my nose up at any trail mix that doesn’t have chocolate in it, but I have to say…well done with this one, good sir. I’ll have to remember it for my next epic cross-country car trip. Although maaaaaybe I could throw some M&Ms in there because, you know….chocolate.

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