Healthy White Chocolate and Macadamia Oatmeal Pudding

A healthy, filling and delicious breakfast option which is gluten free, refined sugar free and high protein and tastes exactly like pudding! Healthy white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie inspired! 

Healthy White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Overnight Oats- Packed with protein and tasting like dessert, you won't believe it's healthy! {vegan, gluten free, dairy free recipe}-


Healthy White Chocolate and Macadamia Oatmeal Pudding

I have weird quirks. I admit it. One in particular, is my preferred method of eating oatmeal.

Oatmeal (or porridge, as it is often referred to in Australia) is the ultimate comfort breakfast known to human kind. There is nothing more satisfying than digging into a big bowl of steaming hot oats topped with literally any mix ins possible. Some of my favourite kinds of oatmeal include a sweet and salty chocolate peanut butter oatmeal (with hidden veggies!), a blended tofu oat bran, chocolate protein oatmeal and even savoury oatbran with a hit of vegemite.


However, the way I eat oatmeal is a taste sensation like no other- I always prep the oatmeal the night before and eat it cold. Not overnight oatmeal style (there is no added yogurt in this), but eaten as it is. The texture resembles a pudding and that, my friends, epitomizes eating dessert for breakfast. Healthy style.

Long term readers know I’m a fan on converting desserts to breakfasts foods. I made Anzac biscuits into pancakes and then also turned the infamous lamington into these breakfast classics too. My new victim? My all time favourite cookie in oatmeal form.

Healthy White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Oatmeal- The flavours of the infamous cookie in a #healthy #oatmeal form- #glutenfree #vegan #sugarfree and #highprotein-

The amount of money I spent on Subway white chocolate and macadamia cookies would probably buy me a Vitamix had I saved all those dollars. However, those cookies were so damn worth it. I also probably just committed a foodie sin just then. C’est la vie. I’m not one to falsely advertise my recipes as tasting or emulating something they are not.

This, however, is like eating my all time favourite cookie… oatmeal pudding form. Before you ask, of course this can be eaten warm but please- remove the pudding from its title if you do. Oh snap.

Dig in…and know your eating something filling, healthy but most importantly- damn delicious.

Healthy White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Oatmeal- The flavours of the infamous cookie in a #healthy #oatmeal form- #glutenfree #vegan #sugarfree and #highprotein-

White chocolate and macadamia oatmeal pudding


Healthy White Chocolate and Macadamia Oatmeal Pudding

The infamous subway cookie which is converted to a healthy, delicious oatmeal breakfast!
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Servings: 1
Author: Arman @ thebigmansworld


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats use GF oats for gluten free option
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 cup dairy free milk of choice
  • 1 scoop of white chocolate or vanilla protein powder optional*
  • ½ tsp vanilla essence
  • 2-3 T dairy free white chocolate chips divided
  • 2-3 T chopped macadamia nuts divided
  • Sea salt


  • Combine raw oats with salt and milk and either cook over the stovetop or in a microwave until most of the liquid has been absorbed.
  • Stir in the protein powder, vanilla extract, half a serving of the white chocolate chips and half a serving of the chopped macadamia nuts. The white chocolate chips should melt. Once this is completed, refrigerate uncovered.
  • The next morning, stir around the oatmeal- it should be a pudding like consistency. Top with the remaining white chocolate chips and chopped macadamias and sprinkle with sea salt.
  • Dig in!


The protein powder is optional- If you do not have either of those flavours or not a fan of using protein powder, adjust the amount of chocolate chips to the higher end or to desired sweetness.
Healthy White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Oatmeal- The flavours of the infamous cookie in a #healthy #oatmeal form- #glutenfree #vegan #sugarfree and #highprotein-

Enjoy your weekend, guys! Hope to see you swing by for some Spilling Action!

Do me a favour and before you go to bed prep a batch of these….you won’t regret it!

Have you ever had cookies from Subway before?

What kind of texture do you prefer for oatmeal?

What is your ideal oatmeal mix in? 

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107 thoughts on “Healthy White Chocolate and Macadamia Oatmeal Pudding

  1. I can’t tell you how many white chocolate macadamia cookies I’ve had from Subway in my secondary school days…

    And, um, white chocolate protein powder exists?!?! Where can I get this? I’ve been missing out!

    1. How good are those cookies- we must have had similar secondary high school days!

      Yes- Designer whey does it, but I prefer it with Dymatize Vanilla Casein- email me for protein recommendations for mix ins etc- I went through a huge phase and probably tried every powder out there. #sueme.

      1. Hi, have you ever found a dairy-free protein that tastes good is low allergen and not stuffed with artificial sweeteners and fillers? A recommendation would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I think Subway oatmeal and raisin cookies were partly to blame for my first year of Uni podge. I could eat three of those badboys in a row… My poor body ha. This recipe sounds delightful and I am intrigued to eat cooked oats then made cold.. I love my oats thick and fluffy and my favourite mix ins are… any nut butter, honey, cinnamon, banana or coconut oil/manna – HEAVENLY. Happy Friday!!

  3. Haha love the idea of adding more chocolate if you don’t have he protein powder, think I will go for that option! 😉

    Love macadamia nuts so will add to anything, just wish they weren’t so expensive!

    I love thick porridge, one that your spoon can stand up in!

  4. Oh goodness what is it about Subway cookies that make them so addictive! I am always hesitant about oatmeal recipes that are described as being flavored like a certain cake or cookie, but you are a credible source! I am planning to order some vanilla protein powder and I think I know how i will be putting it to use first. I prefer my oatmeal thick and preferably cold. I made a batch of hot oats the other day and couldn’t do it.

    Gosh that’s a heck load of “I’s” for one comment 😉

    1. YES! Seriously, nothing grinds my gears more than a recipe which does NOT taste like what they claim! Let me know if you need protein powder recommendations- I hang my head in shame at the number of powders I’ve sampled…

  5. I love oatmeal cold. I think that is probably the reason I make a big pot for the week just so I have the cold bowls waiting in the refrigerator. Of course I like it warm too but I agree with you on the texture of cold oatmeal. Yum. I love adding blueberries, peanut butter and really like it mixed with yogurt when I eat it cold.

  6. SHUT YOUR PIE (OAT) HOLE. The fact that i have white chocolate protein powder is begging for me to make this right now. Going to the grocery store for white chocolate chips? yeah i think this is gonna call for its own trip.. CANT WAIT TO MAKE THIS!!

    And I always eat my morning oatmeal hot but many of nights i have “overnight oats” before bed.. twice in one day, yes.

  7. Clearly we are oatmeal soul mates: We call oatmeal porridge in Trinidad too! And I love cold oatmeal but not necessarily overnight oats. The coconut cookie dough oats I made this week is so damn awesome when it’s cold!
    Prepping this for breakfast one day this weekend 😀

  8. Yessssss to cold oatmeal! I mean, I never eat mine COLD, cold from the fridge, but I always let them sit for about 30 minutes before I eat them so they can cool down to room temperature and thicken up a bit more. Hot, soupy oatmeal makes me all sorts of ragey. Have you ever tried adding chias or egg whites? That makes for a pretty awesome texture as well!

  9. I like my oatmeal both hot and cold – it depends on my mood! I’ve never cooked it the night before though. If I’m having cold oatmeal, I’ll just combine the ingredients into a bowl and let it sit overnight in the fridge. I bet it’s the fact that you cook it at night that gives it such a pudding-y texture… I’m intrigued and definitely want to try this!

  10. I’m not particular about my oatmeal texture unless it’s chewy and rubbery like calamari which I hate….I don’t think that’s even possible?!

    I used to love subway until the whole yoga mat debacle. Do you guys get their new commercials where they talk about all of the toxic chemicals they’ve removed from their foods? I just imagine myself doing yoga on a sub and it makes me laugh.

    White chocolate totally negates any kind of healthy but i’ll let it slide this time cause I’m wearing my horrid yellow shirt today. BYE.

    1. Urgh, that calamari texture is the worst. Off topic, but you should work out the perfect way to make calamari- it’s so easy to hit that rubber spot.

      Yoga mat debacle? Here, we have a song that goes ‘I got it made. I got it made. I got it made at Subwayyyyy.’

  11. I’ve never actually been to Subway. Odd, I know because I think there about 15 of them within a four mile radius of my apartment.

    Although I enjoy oatmeal it has been ages since I had a bowl. It is just too, too filling. If I have it for breakfast I am not hungry for the rest of the day. I have had overnight oats which are, at best, mediocre but cold porridge, never. I am intrigued at your description of a pudding-esque consistency. I like pudding. I really like pudding. Tempted to try this ingenious concoction.

    Have a terrific weekend!

    1. LOL- I think that is standard to have that many in such a radius! I promise this is a pudding like texture, and if your not a fan of white chocolate- I have another up my sleeve which you may prefer! 😉

  12. Mmmm!! I love white chocolate macadamia cookies, so this oatmeal sounds to die for! I need to buy white chocolate chips and some macadamia nuts, then I’ll have all the ingredients to make this and I can’t wait!

  13. Ohhh my goodness, A. You had me at the word PUDDING. I am totally like you in the sense that oats are way better when in overnight, cold, pudding form. I mean, who can beat that texture? But add in some white chocolate chips and boom, you’ve just made this way better. Ugh, another oatmeal recipe to add to my repertoire of oatmeal obsessions… Thanks a lot. 😉

  14. So I have done there before but calling it pudding makes it ten times more genius. I am not a huge fan of yogurt in my overnight oats,, and when you leave it out there is just no volume, so cooking them and eating them cold is the perfect solution. Off to find white chocolate chips that aren’t ridden with stomach-hating dairy…

  15. The white chocolate and macadamia cookie from Subway will always be the absolute best one they have, and pretty much my main motive for eating at Subway when I was younger. So good.
    As for oatmeal, I like to cook it an extra few minutes to get it as thick as possible – no soupy oatmeal allowed.

  16. I love cold oatmeal too! Whether it be just cold or made into overnight oats, I think hot oatmeal makes me queasy sometimes (not sure why – I think it depends on what I put into it). If it’s hot oats my favorite add-ins are either chocolate chips OR peaches/walnuts/spices/brown sugar (so it tastes like peach cobbler). Cold – definitely pb and banana (plus chia seeds for texture). Oatmeal without texture is just BLECH

  17. It may have broken my heart that you don’t love overnight oats as much as I do. But this sounds equally as amazing!! I’ve gotta try this cold, pudding-style oatmeal.
    I don’t think I’ve ever had a Subway cookie, but I’d go for the oatmeal raisin…just because you don’t like that. No, just kidding, that’s actually my favorite.

  18. I’ve never had those cookies, white chocolate really isn’t my thing. Neither is cold oatmeal, even when it’s warm out though I do like the comparison to pudding 🙂

  19. It’s funny, after cross country races we would always go to Subway and get their cookies. They were so good.

    I like white chocolate (or regular chocolate) anything so I would like this a lot. HA.

  20. Have I ever told you that I love you? My favorite cookie style breakfast? If only I had white chocolate here I knew what to eat now! I am going to hunt some chocolate down tomorrow and then THIS IS HAPPENING 😀

  21. Cooking the oats then refrigerating overnight? Mind.Blown. I had this for breakfast today (perhaps the only good reason to wake up early on the weekend!) It was my favorite “overnight oatmeal” ever!

    Job well done on the recipe – TEN POINTS FOR GRYFFINDOR!!!

  22. You’re onto something with the white chocolate add-in and that’s to say something from me as somebody who’s not usually a fan of that. Actually, I just tried a version of this recipe. Version because a) I was too impatient to wait until tomorrow – honestly, who can resist a bowl of oatmeal sitting in the fridge staring at you every time you open it? I figure it works if you go to bed right away after preparing it and aren’t a sleep walker. And b) I had no macadamia nuts. Which I realize doesn’t make it anything like yours but chopped pistachios and [vegan for me] white chocolate aren’t a bad match, either. I had it as a snack and apparently I like cold oatmeal. Not for breakfast, though. I’ll have to give it a go with the queen of nuts again, though – especially because I used to work at Subway and was keen on ‘preparing’ [if you can placing frozen cookie dough on a sheet that] cookies because it meant you got to eat the white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts at the bottom of the bag. That alone made up for handling meat 😉 .

      1. Oat bran is superior to any other form of oats. Fact.
        And lucky duck? Well, if you eat meat I’m sure the employee discout is a winner but for me… not so much. At least I got to eat all the ‘lost’ 😉 chocolate chips and macadmias.

  23. White chocolate and macadamia nuts are a favorite flavor combo of mine, probably because I love anything with white chocolate, which is no surprise seeing as how it’s really made of cream, sugar and butter. Our favorite things. I love that you put the flavors into oatmeal pudding. Talk about stepping things up a notch.

  24. Those were my FAVE cookies from Subway. I feel like no one else has ever attempted this before… I have macadamia nuts (working on making macadamia nut butter… when I feel like standing over the food processor for 20 minutes) but no white chocolate chips… I should get on that.

  25. I really do love subway cookies!!! In high school i had a friend that worked there and he used to give me the cookie dough all the time! SO AMAZING!!!!
    As for oatmeal…. gotta be honest I’m a hot oatmeal kinda girl! There is just something about oatmeal and I feel it needs to be warm…. I’ll always try something once though so this is on my list of things to try 🙂 My favorite mix in for oatmeal is obviously CHOCOLATE!!!! Nothing like chocolate for breakfast!

  26. Oh goodness! This looks divine! Thanks so much for linking up with #recipeoftheweek. Sorry I was particularly slow getting over for this one. I’ve pinned it to my food board and a tweet will go out shortly 🙂

  27. Sounds delish but I would not call this healthy. Poor macro profile without the protein powder and too much carbs (oats + white choc). Good for pre/post work out tho!

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