Stovetop Protein Granola (For one)

A delicious vegan, dairy free and gluten free granola made over the stove which takes less than 10 minutes and is single serving! High in protein, low in added sugar and perfect on top of a dairy free yogurt or milk for a balanced meal. 


Who overrate this festive season?

I didn’t. 

As I mentioned in Sunday’s post, I wasn’t able to fly home for Christmas because tickets back to Sydney between the 26th December until the 3rd January was between $300-$450. Usually, you can score a flight for $80 if you pick your timing right. 

My Christmas day wasn’t spent on my lonesome though- The beauty of living in such a multicultural country is that there is always something open and usually thriving. Enter- Dumplings. I met up with some friends and we went and ate dumplings (unfortunately, nothing as fancy as these ones). We had prawn dumplings, chicken and chive dumplings and these garlic and scallop dumplings which came in chilli oil. One of my mates had the wise idea that whoever lost a bet (don’t ask what it was) had to skull (Australian term to ‘chug’ or drink something in a single attempt) the chilli oil the dumplings came in. 

Friends, I skulled a bowlful of chilli oil. It was awesome. 

Until the next day when it felt like my tongue was peeling.

Healthy Small Batch Stovetop Granola- A delicious vegan, dairy free and gluten free granola made over the stove which takes less than 10 minutes and is single serving! High in protein, low in added sugar and perfect on top of a dairy free yogurt or milk for a balanced meal @thebigmansworld -

 I’m not usually one that overdoes it on a particular food, until that fateful 35 hour flight to Toronto. As I mentioned in this post, I consumed an entire batch of hazelnut espresso granola in that time span. Included in that was two jars which was designated as gifts. I guess that tells me when it comes to granola, I have no limits. That, or the food I was served on the airlines was not the best. 

While I’m happy to turn on the oven to make a single batch of cookies like these Chocolate Chunk Breakfast Cookies or Caramel Pecan Breakfast Cookies, I couldn’t bring myself to do it for just a single serving of granola. How to rectify that? Dry fry it over the stove. Both Davs and Chelsea have posted stovetop or ‘fried’ granola recipes and I opted to try out that method to see how it would fare.


To make this granola more filling, I added protein in the form of protein powder because for me (and based on most of your feedback!), adding protein powder in goods is something I’m up for always experimenting with. In under 10 minutes, I had a batch of granola and one I could eat the full serving of and still be satisfied. As good as gingerbread granola, dark chocolate granola or even one with peanut butter and pretzels are- Eating the whole serving isn’t the wisest of choices. 

Warning- Unless you want chocolate chips stuck to your frying pan, add the chocolate chips once granola has cooled. I got an arm workout cleaning the silly frying pan. 

PS- In full disclosure– I keep chocolate chips in the freezer and eat my granola at room temperature. Hence the bizarre colour of the chocolate chips. I swear Australia doesn’t have jaded blue chocolate…yet. 

Stovetop Protein Granola

A vegan and gluten free granola made over the stove which takes less than 10 minutes and is single serving! High in protein, low in added sugar and perfect on top of yogurt or with milk for a balanced meal.
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Author: Arman @ thebigmansworld



  • Heat a small frying pan with the coconut oil on medium heat.
  • Once heated, add the rolled oats, oat bran and salt. Toast for 2 minutes before adding the shredded coconut, sweetener of choice and protein powder. Stir quickly before adding the peanut butter, and continue stirring until melted.
  • Remove from the heat and immediately transfer to a small bowl and allow to cool. Once cooled, add in chocolate chips or mix ins of choice and serve with yogurt, milk or as it is.


I used a sweetened protein powder so omitted the sweetener.
Don't add the chocolate chips or add ins during the cooking process.
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Happy first weekend of the new year guys! I’ll pop in on Sunday to fill you on some updates and changes on the blog happening soon.

What is a food that you tend to go overboard with?

Are you a fan of aeroplane food?

Did you overeat this festive season? 

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73 thoughts on “Stovetop Protein Granola (For one)

  1. Chilli Oil?? OMG, that would be my punishment. I am such a wimp when it comes to spicy stuff, so drinking chilli oil would make me faint.
    I clearly go overboard on chocolate, regularly. I guess cold turkey is the only solution. I love that this recipe contains oats and oatbran, my favorite breakfast carbs! And well, I don’t mind the chocolate chips either.

  2. Hahaha I would have said that Australia had badass blue chocolate chips and just not told anyone. It could have been the next big thing! To be honest, I have a tendency to go overboard on anything. If it is in front of me, I eat it. Often even if I don’t like it… It is terrible, and often a ticket to an upset stomach. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but I have absolutely NO willpower or self control. NONE

    Hope your tongue is fully recovered!

  3. Mmmm chili oil haha. That sounds awful. I didn’t really overdo it over the holidays, except for New Year’s. I stuffed my face, drank too much, then stuffed myself some more with our annual tradition of ordering pizza on January 1st. I’d say pizza is my weakness, for sure!

  4. ARMAN! This is so genius! You know I’m a sucker for single-serving recipes. Hence living alone and having so many options to try with so little time for repeats (unless it’s carrot cake bread ;)) But as i mentioned before we are on the same telepathic wavelength. I leave for San Francisco on Friday and have been trying to plan out my travel food! 1. Airplane food is disgusting. 2. Like they serve anything catered to allergies =l but you know who does? DING DING. YOU!! And i alwayyys add protein to my recipes because i feel like it’s the only way it fills me up.. but you’re already ahead of me on this one 🙂

    DEFINITELY going to try this! heck probably before i leave because that seems like too far away to wait for such deliciousness. can i skull this?

  5. Granola on the stovetop?? Can’t wait to try this – looks delicious!! I definitely ate my fair share of sweets and bread this holiday season…time to get back on track! Have a great weekend.

  6. LOL @ jaded blue chocolate. Not entirely sure why I find that so hilarious…but I do. Also, my love for granola knows no bounds so I totally get you. 2015 will be the year of stove top granola.

  7. Happy New Year! I hope you’ve recovered from the chili oil. Although you deserve to suffer a little bit after that “Love Actually” comment you left on my blog! 😉

      1. Haha! How can you even compare Love Actually to those movies? NYE and Valentine’s Day are both AWFUL!

  8. What a good idea! I also go overboard with granola… and nut butters. I’ll eat it all the granola in one sitting and the nut butter by the spoon full. Sometimes that’s good because then it’s out of the house, but my stomach gets pretty pissed off haha. Hope your tongue heals up from that chili oil!

  9. I love the idea of making granola on the stovetop! Makes the process even faster! I seriously make like 4 batches of granola per week, I’m pretty much addicted! Gonna try this next time i make it!

  10. Yikes about the chili oil aftermath!! That stuff is soooo good with dumplings though, so I don’t blame you for going hard on it.

    Stovetop granola is such a genius idea! Why has it taken me so long to realize that can be done?? So trying this one!

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