3 Ingredient Paleo Pizza Bases

Just three ingredients are needed for these Paleo pizza bases which require NO cauliflower! Just 5 minutes and a stovetop are needed to whip these up and are the perfect low carb, high protein alternative to traditional pizza bases-Gluten free and Whole30 friendly! 

3 Ingredient Paleo Pizza Bases which have NO cauliflower and are made stovetop- They are ready in no time and chock full of protein! Gluten free and Whole30 friendly! - thebigmansworld.com



When it comes to vegetables, cauliflower is king

One thing which I refuse to do with cauliflower is make a cauliflower crust pizza with it on a consistent basis. I’ve made it in the past before, and while delicious, it most definitely is NOT pizza. It’s more like a great way to pack in vegetables and…pack more vegetables, cheese and meats on top. 

Then have a fiber baby for the rest of the night. 

Another thing with the ‘cauliflower’ pizza bases is ricing the darn vegetable. I swear the several times I’d done it, it was like a minor snow storm had hit my kitchen, minus the cold air and paired with a less then stellar scent. In fact, one time some of the cauliflower rice made it into my hair and my sister thought it was dandruff and wanted to get the mosquito repellant.

….She wanted to get the MOSQUITO REPELLANT

3 Ingredient Paleo Pizza Bases which have NO cauliflower and are made stovetop- They are ready in no time and chock full of protein! Gluten free and Whole30 friendly!

Safe to say, when it comes to paleo pizza bases, I would not look at the white cruciferous vegetable as my first choice. That, my friends, is to be roasted Whole Foods style

One of my most popular recipes is also the most simple- My 3 ingredient Paleo flatbread. This recipe today is pretty much the exact same recipe but with different proportions. Several had asked if the original 3 Ingredient Paleo flatbread could be used as a pizza base and I’d often advised that it’s best not to, due to it’s fragility. 

As a wrap which you can stuff with whatever your heart desires? You bet.

As an open faced sandwich? Yes ma’am.

As a Versace ball gown? Ask Alexis. 

As a pizza base? Well, unless you plan on topping it with pretend cheese then go for it. 

Lucky, I have a solution and if your a fan of the 3 Ingredient paleo wrap, you’ll be all set. 3 Ingredient Paleo Pizza Bases which have NO cauliflower and are made stovetop- They are ready in no time and chock full of protein! Gluten free and Whole30 friendly!

These 3 Ingredient Paleo pizza bases are the perfect Paleo alternative to cauliflower crust pizza bases. They are firm, sturdy and can be comfortably topped with whatever toppings you desire without the fear of it collapsing. Although not like a classic pizza base, they are thin, crispy and delicious enough to eat on it’s own. They are perfect for those following a low carb or paleo lifestyle and take less than 5 minutes to whip up over the stove.

For those who don’t want to turn on an oven, you don’t even need to! Once made stovetop, they maintain crispiness. However, for the ultimate ‘pizza’ experience, crisp it for several minutes after or with the toppings over it.

Bonus- These are optimum to make in batches and freeze. All you need to do is thaw, reheat (either stovetop or oven!) and voila- Instant personal pizza ready to top to your hearts desire or eat as it is!

3 Ingredient Paleo Pizza Bases which have NO cauliflower and are made stovetop- They are ready in no time and chock full of protein! Gluten free and Whole30 friendly!

Make these 3 ingredient Paleo pizza bases and keep cauliflower as your side dish. 

Mosquito repellant NOT necessary. 

Three Ingredient Paleo Pizza Bases

Just three ingredients are needed for these Paleo pizza bases which require NO cauliflower! Just 5 minutes and a stovetop are needed to whip these up and are the perfect low carb, high protein alternative to traditional pizza bases-Gluten free and Whole30 friendly!
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Author: Arman @ thebigmansworld


  • For the whole egg version-
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 large egg white
  • 2 T coconut flour sifted
  • Optional spices- I used mixed herbs red pepper flakes and sea salt

For the egg white version

  • 4 large egg whites
  • 2 T coconut flour sifted
  • Optional spices- I used mixed herbs red pepper flakes and sea salt


  • Cover a frying pan with oil/butter and allow to heat up on low.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the eggs/egg whites and whisk until opaque. Sift in the coconut flour and whisk very well until clumps are removed. Add in the spices of choice and sea salt and whisk once more.
  • Once frying pan is hot, pour the "pizza" mixture in the pan and ensure it is fully coated. Cover the pan with a lid/tray for 3-4 minutes or until bubbles start to appear on top. Flip, cook for an extra 2 minutes and remove from pan.
  • Allow to cool slightly before topping and using as a pizza base or even eating on it's own.


The side which was facedown for the shorter amount of time is best to be used for topping.
These work well in batch cooking- It's best made in groupings of 4 and using 1/2 cup of coconut flour sifted.
For a thin and crispier base, go the full egg whites.
For a firmer, thicker base, go for the first version.
Adapted from 3 Ingredient Paleo Flatbread
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3 Ingredient Paleo Pizza Bases which have NO cauliflower and are made stovetop- They are ready in no time and chock full of protein! Gluten free and Whole30 friendly!

Are you a fan of cauliflower?

Have you ever made cauliflower rice and caused a snow storm? 

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169 thoughts on “3 Ingredient Paleo Pizza Bases

  1. This sounds great! I’ve made the flat bread once ages ago and I liked it. Don’t know why I didn’t make it again!?! I’m making this next week, promise!

      1. This pizza totally flopped when I made it 🙁 I made the 4 egg whites version. It didn’t came out either crispy nor doughy and was way too soft. Not sure what I may have done wrong. 🙁

        1. That’s disappointing to hear as I’ve had over 50 people email/tweet/message and tell me they had success with it. You probably didn’t cook it long enough on low heat and toast it afterwards. That, or the brand of coconut flour. Or even maybe egg whites. There are many factors.

  2. I always have drama with coconut flour. I’m probably doing something wrong? Do you think it would work to substitute garbanzo flour? I’m totally with you on the cauliflower snow. I made a cauliflower faux-caccia and it was good, but it was super involved! I may give the coconut flour version a go and see if I can actually get it work. I love the idea of a paleo crust that doesn’t involve cauliflower (even though I love it)!

  3. Awesome paleo alternative. Making this really soon. I go to a place in Westchester that makes this with veggies. My daughter and I love it for lunch. How’s the city treating you? Are you enjoying being here?

    1. Please do! Oh wow, you need to let me know the name, I’m hopefully going to visit a friend there next weekend!

      I’m loving it (I’m in Astoria) but moreso for having opportunities- In Australia, it would be impossible to blog full time but here it’s been a different story 🙂 How are you going? Thanks so much for asking! 🙂

  4. So – let me get this straight – mosquito repellent helps fight dandruff? Did you ever watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding? The dad in that sprayed Windex on just about every physical AND mental ailment! You know…your sis might be onto something after all…

    Yes, I love cauliflower – but I’ve never riced it – I just boil it and then mash it or blend it and I have managed to escape the whole rice/dandruff in the hair dealio!
    But – I love the sound of your protein coconut packed pizza base – specially since I wouldn’t have to nurse a fiber baby the rest of the night!

  5. Every time I’ve tried to make cauliflower pizza crust, it’s always fallen apart! I’d much rather make a pizza crust like this, I love that it’s made with coconut flour, that’s my absolute favorite flour! Pinning this baby! 🙂

  6. This looks great! It is just me, or does the pizza base also have flaxseeds? 😛 yummy!
    Anyways I definitely have to try the microwave English muffin and cinnamon raisin flatbread as well! And maybe I’d consider making a pizza base ballgown!

  7. If cauliflower is the king of vegetables, do you think coconut is the queen of fruit? or nuts, or whatever it is… between coconut oil, sugar and flour you can do just about anything 🙂

  8. The whole time I was reading in awe thinking, ‘C’mon Arman, just tell us the mystery recipe!’. This legit looks like the kind of ready to make crust you buy from a store. And while cauliflower is quite… ‘nice’, I am glad I won’t have to deal with anymore in my clothes for a whole week ;).

  9. I’ve had to be GF for the past 3 years, and I’ve been baking for more than 2 of them, but I shied away from coconut flour until I started blogging. Between your English muffin recipe, this flatbread and some of the recipes on Running with Spoons, I’ve been convinced of its powers of deliciousness!

  10. Hah! I love that you called out cauliflower. I mean, its a delicious veggie, but I’ve always been skeptical of it as a pizza dough. But this version? I can get behind this…and easy! I’ve got some coconut flour stashed away in the pantry, so I would love to give this one a shot. Plus, freezing them for instant personal pizzas is not short of genius! Well done!

  11. Have you tried using carton egg whites? Think they would work? And dicing cauliflower? Who has time for that? The riding doesn’t take long….it’s the cleaning up all those freaking cauliflower pieces that go EVERYWHERE!

  12. Oh I can’t wait to give this a try! I’ve been really reluctant to try any of the cauliflower bases because I can’t eat dairy and I doubt they would work well without, so this is just what I’ve been looking for! It looks absolutely divine!

  13. What a great idea 🙂 I actually love cauliflower pizza crust– but you are right! It’s such a freakin’ mess to make. It takes so much cauliflower, and to do right, at least an hour to prepare it.

    This looks super simple, and ingredients I always have on hand for when the craving strikes…

  14. Sorry but am I reading this right? 3 tablespoons coconut flour and a few eggwhites will give me a personal crust? Or is the T meant for another conversion?

  15. If you are using egg whites from a carton, would you suggest doing about 3/4th’s of a cup? Can’t wait to try this!

    1. For egg whites in a carton, it says on the pack that 3 tablespoons is 1 large egg white, so roughly 12 tablespoons would be 4 large egg whites. Hope it helps!

  16. What does T stand for? I don’t understand the measurement for the coconut flour? Is that tablespoons? Is the base then not really eggy? Not a huge fan of eggs that’s all!

  17. LOL. I found you via Pinterest and LOVE your cauliflower commentary. I adore mashed cauliflower, but my attempts to make “bread,” “pizza crust,” with it have never ended well. So thanks for this recipe! I look forward to trying it!

  18. Hey, guys!

    I should say that I tried this pizza but I baked the base at 350F instead of using the frying pan and it totally worked out! It’s perfect, crispy around the edges, a little bit crunchy but also soft and chewy in the middle. Just like the perfect pizza. And BTW, I used only 3 egg whites with 2T coconut flour for a mini-pizza version.

    THANK you so much, you are wonderful!


    1. I was wondering about this too! They came out great, but I would like them a bit “crispier/crunchier” How long did you bake them, and how/what did you put them on while they were liquid. Or did you fry them a bit first and then bake? I’d love to hear what you did! Thanks!

        1. Thank you Arman! I’m going to try this!
          I fried a bunch of them up yesterday for a family pizza party we are going to this weekend! I snuck a few bites and they were awesome! Trying not to eat them all before Saturday!
          I am curious how they will be a bit crispier, so I’m definitely going to stick a few in the oven first. Maybe the others I can roll into calzones 🙂

          Thank you so much for this recipe and this website! I’ve recently discovered it and have already queued up quite a few of your recipes! Can’t wait to try the others!

    1. In my opinion it’s not OK to sub the coconut flour because it’s high in fiber which contributes to the thicker consistency. However, of you really want to use some different type of flour you should probably use more tablespoons.

  19. This looks great! As far as the texture, what would you compare it to? Seeing as the main ingredient is eggs..I feel like it would be soft-ish?

  20. Hello, I tried this recipe with what I would say was “some” success, it was very good but more like a pancake than a crispy flatbread which is what I was looking for. I did toast it in the oven after cooking as well. Any tips on getting a nice thin crisp bread? or tips on using coconut flour in general, I know it’s tricky at first but I am hoping to be patient with it so I can use it more as although I’m not gf, I am diabetic and like the low carb options.

  21. Hi!

    This may have been answered already, but too many comments to go through! I was wondering two things- 1) What brand of coconut flour do you recommend? 2) What type of pan do you using when making the flat bread? A heavy pan like cast iron, or light stainless steel, non-stick, etc.?

  22. I made this flatbread to use as a pizza base today and it was FABULOUS!! It tasted so good by itself, I was almost tempted to skip the pizza toppings and just eat it plain haha
    I will definitely be making this again in the future 🙂

  23. hi just want to know if I can make a few and deep freeze it or if not can it keep in the fridge and for how long?

  24. Made this for lunch today. It was great! Super easy, but I also didn’t find it to be crispy. I used a smaller pan, so it was thicker than the picture. Next time I’ll go with a larger pan and see how the thinner crust comes out. I made the whole egg version. Since I’m trying to cut down significantly on sugar and grains, this is a great recipe to have when I’m craving bread or pizza!

  25. Hi there. Thanks for this recipe. Looks fantastic and easy. Much like many other recipes, I messed up my first attempt. Maybe the brand of flour. Maybe the Greenpan. Can you clear up some things please? What size pan do you use? How much oil (just to keep from sticking or more)? Is your recipe meant to make just 1 crust (not counting your note on batches)? Thank you so much for sharing!

  26. I don’t know how I managed to mess this recipe up but I think I had the measurements off. I did as directed and the ingredients were very dry – I tried to make it as is directed but it wouldn’t stick together, and then the second round I added liquids to make it pancake like to try and get the effect you described, it still wouldn’t hold together and even burned a lot.
    after a third and final try I gave up- could you perhaps help me with this? I was sorely disappointed that I wasn’t able to make the paleo pizza described.

    thanks, sam

  27. Dear Arman. It’s been lightyears since we last spoke. Which makes me quite sad. But I think of you often. And now I am going to drown my sorrows by eating lots and lots and lots of these paleo pizza bases. Maybe topping it with some SHAWARMA!?! 😉

  28. I am so happy with this recipe!! I made it using liquid egg whites (that’s all I had on hand) and after cooking on the skillet, I transferred it to a sheet pan, sprayed a little cooking spray on top, and broiled it for a minute or two to really crisp up. Took it out of the oven, topped it with homemade marinara, cheese and veggies, then back under the broiler for a couple more minutes. I honestly don’t even miss the yeasty pizza crust with this recipe – thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!!

  29. Found this and will try – and now I have created a board I have labeled “ARMAN’S AWESOMENESS” for the recipes I use that are yours! Easier to find them that way! Thanks for all your creations Arman!

  30. I am SO HAPPY to see this recipe as I have my own Big Man that needs more to eat than he is getting now. Kidney transplant (very blessed) instant diabetes. He will love this and so will I. I can’t stand to even cook cauliflower !

  31. Hi there! It looks amazing!
    I hope this doesn’t sound silly though but, does it taste “egg-y”? I’ve made cloud breads and they were a bit too egg-y for me. With the coconut flour and whole eggs, is that an issue?
    Thank you!

  32. This looks delish-I want to snag a slice right through the screen! Sadly, I can’t get coconut flour where I live though…is it possible to sub any other kind of flour? All-purpose, perhaps?

  33. Arman, thank you. Yes, i did caulifower rice ,ALL over the kitchen .i couldn’t figure how to “corral” it once i made the 1st slice and realized what was about to unfold. Of course it was in your hair! A friend stopped by in the middle of my cauliflower experiment, gave me THAT LOOK, and said honey, you need to rethink this….

  34. You mentioned making a batch, using 1/2 cup coconut flour. Can you please tell me how many eggs you used with that? Thanks!

      1. Okay, thanks! I imagine once I start using the recipe, I’ll get a better idea of just how thick I need the batter to be. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe! 😀

  35. Hello, How many small flatbread rounds does this recipe make? I’m planning to use it as a pita-like bread for a gyro and was wondering how much I would get out of this recipe. Thank you!

  36. Making this now with egg whites… It smells delicious, but the mixture was too thick to pour. Spreading was more like it. Should I have added more egg white?

  37. I’m slightly obsessed with all of your incredible recipes! Thanks so much for doing what you do. Made pizzas from this the other night with nutritional yeast (and a hint of mozzarella). Hi from Hawaii!!!

  38. Hi Arman! I just discovered your website after doing a search for “grain free pizza for two.” I really like the simplicity of your 3-ingredient grain-free pizza crust and am excited about trying this since our household misses having pizza after switching to a wheat-free lifestyle. I would like some guidance for which of my 2 pan options you recommend I use for making your Paleo Pizza Base crust. My choices are a 10-inch non-stick covered omelet pan or a 10-inch stainless steel covered skillet. Which do you think will work best? Am I correct that your recipe makes 1 pizza base? Thanks in advance for your help!

  39. I have a question… I made cloud bread last night (similar ingredients, main one being eggs) and while my husband loved it I felt it just tasted like eggs. Do this bread taste like eggs also?

  40. When you do anything with a Food Processor, you’re supposed to put the lid on… otherwise, I don’t understand how else it could’ve gone all over the kitchen…
    And this seems more like a tortilla to me than a crust, although it’s basically all three, but when I make a pizza I like there to be more coconut flour, so I use a different recipe for my Pizza Crust as well as Tortillas, although, I can’t really roll them up, but it doesn’t matter as the lunch meat slices and cheese slices always seem to not want to roll with it, I prefer to use my tortillas as flat bread anyway, even though I may want to fold them, but oh, well! I never really liked filling up on bread anyway, I’ve given up hot dog and hamburger buns, although I’m sure I could probably find a recipe with coconut or almond, but unless the buns can be thinner than the wheat ones, I don’t really want to eat any bun with hot dogs or hamburgers. Yes, I’m not fully Paleo, but 80 to 85 percent I am.

  41. I just put a dollop in my skillet. I used egg whites only and just for fun put in a pinch of xanthan gum. I bought a package of the xanthan gum for another recipe. The package says its a binder so Im playing around with it.

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