Copycat McDonalds Sausage McMuffin

A healthier take on McDonalds Sausage McMuffin, this version is paleo,  whole30 friendly, gluten free, sugar free and are lower in fat than the original without sacrificing on taste or flavour! Theytake less than 10 minutes to whip up and are perfect for food prep for easy grab and go breakfasts for the week- Bonus- You can even use my Paleo English Muffin recipe too! 

Copycat McDonald's Breakfast Sandwiches- The infamous McMuffin can be made at home- Healthy, delicious and even better- FREEZER FRIENDLY TOO! -


One of the biggest recipe requests for 2015 was quick and easy breakfast options and that’s something I’ve embraced with full force. Much of it is because I love breakfast foods for any meal but I also embrace the quick and easy…Especially in the morning. This is a recipe I was saving for my upcoming e-cookbook but decided to share it here and save the special version for that- Stay tuned. 

Although most times I tend to have breakfast at home or packed with me to go (usually in the form of breakfast cookie dough or oatmeal chocolate chip breakfast cookies), there are the other occasions I crave something from the golden arches- The infamous sausage McMuffin. It’s not the muffin or the scarily circular egg which bounces like rubber which makes me happy. It also is most definitely not the plastic cheese which makes me giddy- It’s the sausage patty. A flavour freak like myself is obsessed with the slightly spicy, salty, sweet texture of that patty. 

Copycat McDonalds Sausage McMuffin- These healthy breakfast sandwiches take 10 minutes to whip up and are perfect for a quick prep to set for #breakfast for a week- #paleo #glutenfree and #sugarfree- Dare I say better than the original?

For the longest of times, I avoided the sausage McMuffins because a school friend had told me it was the same patty as the cheeseburger patties. Those cheeseburger beef patties used to remind me of cardboard and I would rather have eaten a shoe with a rubber sole.

Just kidding. At that age, anything from McDonalds was considered golden (Pun NOT intended. Let’s not get excited here). 

My usual breakfast from McDonalds the rare occasions we went there was the hotcakes with pancake syrup and the butter which came in a neon colour I’m yet to see in highlighter form. The change in choice happened when I was around 8 years old and they didn’t have any hotcakes left (we were on the cusp of the 10.30am switch over from breakfast to lunch). I was sulking because I wanted hotcakes so my dad said it was something else or nothing. I thought that by saying ‘nothing’, McDonalds would magically come rushing to my aid with some hotcakes.

That was the wishful thinking of an 8 year old. I settled on a Sausage McMuffin because as mentioned, anything from McDonalds was better than nothing. I dug into the muffin and found the more I ate, the more I enjoyed it. Being the stubborn goat I was, I definitely did not let my dad know that and played the sulking act the rest of the day. However, from that day forward, it was (and is!) my standard order. 

Copycat McDonalds Sausage McMuffin- These healthy breakfast sandwiches take 10 minutes to whip up and are perfect for a quick prep to set for #breakfast for a week- #paleo #glutenfree and #sugarfree- Dare I say better than the original?

Being a huge fan of a fast food product generally considered ‘universal’, I made it a mission to sample one in every overseas country to ensure consistency. 

Malaysia. Singapore. France. Italy. England. Tried it all there. Tasted the same. 

The only exception? Canada and America. During my trip last year, I made to sure to try one in both countries (I had two in Canada!) and was surprised that the patty tasted different to what I was used to. It was somewhat slightly more spicy than what I was used to and had a more flavourful spice blend. Maybe it was my imagination but they tasted better. That, or it was my jet lagged, hungry brain telling me that. 

Anyway, as with many of the foodie things I enjoy, I love recreating my own and had to recreate the ones I had in the northern hemisphere. It started with the infamous Subway White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies which are, to this day, one of my go to cookie recipes. After the earlier mentioned American trip, I knew the Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Curried Cauliflower from the Whole Foods hot bar needed the same treatment. Let’s not forget Panda express and then  Lindt got a healthy makeover and now- McDonalds Sausage McMuffins. 

Taken directly from McDonalds Website- SAUSAGE PATTY: Beef, Seasoning [Salt, Dried Glucose Syrup (from wheat), Sucrose, Spices, Vegetable Powders (Garlic, Onion), Mineral Salt (341), Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (from soy), Antioxidant (306), Canola Oil, Spice Extracts].

No thank you. 

Copycat McDonalds Sausage McMuffin- These healthy breakfast sandwiches take 10 minutes to whip up and are perfect for a quick prep to set for #breakfast for a week- #paleo #glutenfree and #sugarfree- Dare I say better than the original?

My version is simple, delicious and does not contain all these unnecessary added extras. These copycat sausage patties are completely paleo, gluten free and sugar free. The spice mixture is a combination is slightly sweet and spicy reminiscent of the fast food breakfast favourite. The best thing about this is the fact that you can use extra lean ground beef and it still comes out incredibly flavourful- Something I struggle with when using leaner cuts of meat. 

Set 15 minutes on the weekend to prep 6 of these, wrap them, freeze them and BOOM- Grab and go breakfasts done for the week.

Copycat McDonalds Sausage McMuffin- These healthy breakfast sandwiches take 10 minutes to whip up and are perfect for a quick prep to set for #breakfast for a week- #paleo #glutenfree and #sugarfree- Dare I say better than the original? 

Copycat McDonalds Sausage McMuffins

A healthy version of this McDonalds breakfast favourite- My version is paleo, whole30 friendly, gluten free, sugar free and are lower in fat than the original without sacrificing on taste or flavour! These copycat Sausage McMuffins take less than 10 minutes to whip up and are perfect for food prep for easy grab and go breakfasts for the week!
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Servings: 6
Author: Arman @ thebigmansworld


For the breakfast sausage patties

  • 1 kilogram lean ground beef just over 2 lbs
  • 2 tsp sea salt
  • 2 tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp rosemary
  • 1 tsp sage
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes optional
  • Cooking spray/oil
  • Aluminium/tin foil

For the eggs

  • 6 large eggs
  • Cooking Spray/oil


  • Sliced cheese of choice
  • English Muffins See note below for Paleo/Gluten Free version


For the sausage patties

  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the ground beef and spices and mix very well. Form six balls and press into a patty shape on a plate and set aside.
  • Coat a large frying pan with cooking spray/oil on low heat. Once hot, add the patties and cover immediately. After 2-3 minutes, flip, cover and cook for a further 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and place cover completely in aluminium foil to 'rest'.
  • Spray a microwave safe cereal bowl with oil/cooking spray and crack an egg in it and cook in the microwave for 1-1.5 minutes until cooked.
  • Assemble muffins by adding sausage patty, sliced cheese and top with the egg. Eat immediately or assemble, allow to cool completely, wrap in baking paper and refrigerate/freeze.


These freezer really well, either in assembled form or sausage patties on their own.
These patties make great burgers or protein toppings for salads or main meals.
For the English Muffin, if you do not have store bought, one of my most popular recipes are the 'Microwave English Muffins' which have 3 options- The standard GF one, a paleo version and a gluten free version. Link will be below.
NOTE- To make this completely Paleo- Omit the cheese and make this 3 minute microwave English Muffin.

To make this completely GF- Use store bought English Muffins which are GF or make the GF version of my 3 minute microwave English Muffin.

Copycat McDonalds Sausage McMuffin- These healthy breakfast sandwiches take 10 minutes to whip up and are perfect for a quick prep to set for #breakfast for a week- #paleo #glutenfree and #sugarfree- Dare I say better than the original?

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Copycat McDonalds Sausage McMuffin- A healthier take on McDonalds Sausage McMuffin, this version is paleo, whole30 friendly, gluten free, sugar free and are lower in fat than the original without sacrificing on taste or flavour! Theytake less than 10 minutes to whip up and are perfect for food prep for easy grab and go breakfasts for the week- Bonus- You can even use my Paleo English Muffin recipe too! @thebigmansworld -

Have you tried a ‘global’ fast food chain in another country? Have you noticed a difference?

Do you hate that change over period from breakfast to lunch menu? DAMN 10.30 AM. 

Were you a stubborn goat when you were younger?

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84 thoughts on “Copycat McDonalds Sausage McMuffin

  1. I had an egg mcmuffin on Friday wihile traveling, fancy that. I love sausage (TWSS) but I can’t general eat it unless it is chicken sausage, and even then I have to be careful.
    Now, can you please find a way to make a Chickfila Chicken Biscuit healthy? But still buttery, decadent, amazingness?

  2. I remember being so disappointed when McDonald’s ran out of hot cakes too! That stuff is traumatic right?! Like how can they run out?!? I feel a tad strongly about this 😉

  3. Gah that McDonalds ingredient list is creeping me out….as for yours? Now that’s something I can defo get on board with. It drives me mad when restaurants stop serving breakfast even though you missed the cut-off by all of 5 minutes…yes that has happened to me!! And what’s even more annoying is when the said dish is eggs- let’s be honest, no matter what time of day, whipping up an omelet takes all of 5 minutes. And hell yes to being a stubborn goat as a kid. In fact McDonalds chicken nuggets were one of the few days I’d actually eat…with extra BBQ sauce of course!

  4. Hi there, these look great and I’m new to paleo style eating and looking for some simple meal ideas. Are the quantities of the herbs used for fresh or dried? Looking forward to trying these.

  5. I used to work at Maccas and lived off these bad boys! I haven’t had it in years. Must rectify that situation with your homemade version!

  6. Dude! You need to quit sharing all of these awesome recipes from your e-book! This one looks particularly dude-worthy, too. I haven’t eaten at Micky D’s since I can’t remember when…and who needs to when I have this recipe at home! Also, did you ever see Big Daddy with Adam Sandler? Your post reminds me of this scene:

    This scene is TOTALLY little Arman! (Make sure to watch it all the way to the end, too…)

  7. When I was a wee lass I would eat two sausage mcmuffins (no egg) for breakfast before church each Sunday. My how things have changed. This comment also ties into my previous comment about jalapeno poppers and chicken nugs.

  8. I haven’t had McDonalds in years! I looooove a good breakfast sandwich though (breakfast anything, really), and this looks super tasty.
    I’ve heard that fast food chains definitely taste different in different countries. I don’t eat fast food, though, so I’ve never put it to the test!

  9. I hope the special version you have saved is made from unicorn meat! Or dingo. Whatevs. Rosemary, sage, and smoked paprika… yeah that sounds golden to me for some sausage!

  10. Yum! McMuffins, yogurt parfaits, and ice cream cones are the only things I ever want from McDonalds. I am sausage over bacon kind of girl, but usually skip it because of all the weird additives. Thanks for an easy recipe.

  11. I’m so happy you shared this! I know a lot of people like sweet breakfasts but I am a salty/savory gal all the way. Breakfast sandwiches are the I’m not surprised that the McDonald’s stuff here tasted different — they probably put so much more fake stuff in there to make it taste “better” aka more addicting. America does that all the time. When I was in Europe the food at McDonald’s was completely different and although I didn’t eat there often, when I did, I was so much more impressed. Here? If I’m in a bind I’ll maybe get a fish filet but other than that, no thanks!

  12. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had breakfast at McD’s. Lunch, dinner, and 1 AM snacking, definitely… but never breakfast. Huh…. And I don’t think I’ve never had a burger from there either. No, wait… I did once. I hated it 😆 But then again I’m not much of a burger girl in general. It’s all about the nuggets and fries.

  13. Funny. Both you and Amanda made reference to the golden arches today!! I used to eat these all the time as a kid…but had them hold the egg. Have always hated eggs – haha! Though I don’t eat meat anymore, these still look fab. Love the melty cheeeeeeese! YUM.

  14. I mostly hate that McDonalds won’t sell fries with the breakfast stuff – I don’t like hash browns but definitely love french fries!! The gooey cheese on your muffins makes them look so much better than the fast food version!

  15. Where I work, we never switch over. I am making eggs until 8pm. People really love that about us…I get an aching back from bending over to take the eggs out of the fridge every 15 minutes. I have never been to another country to try their fast food chain. I think if I finally did venture out of the good old U.S.A. I would want to try something non-traditional from that country. I also don’t really eat at fast food chains here anyway because I’ve read a lot of books about the monopolies and corruption in corporations so I try not to support them…
    That was a long answer…so yes I obviously was a complete goat as a child 😉 Still am.

  16. Sorry I am confused. You don’t mention what sort of muffin you use. How can it be gluten free and paleo with a muffin?

  17. I was craving this so badly while reading this on my train ride home. I remember those pale yellow styrofoam breakfast trays from McDonald’s. That’s when breakfast was my least favorite meal of the day…
    Our dining hall has weird transition periods at 10:30 am because they’re switching from breakfast to lunch and they’re like breakfast nazis once 10:50 hits— “NO MORE FRENCH TOAST FOR ANYONE.”
    And I have to say that I was definitely a stubborn goat when I was younger. I didn’t want to go to Hawaii the first time my parents took us there. I literally said, “I don’t want their pineapples!” This is when we were living in KANSAS.

    1. Oh my gosh the styrofoam!

      10.50am….That’s generous! Also…That is the greatest thing ever. Hear this- When I was 10, I got asked to travel the world for an Ad for tv….I said no because it could have potentially conflicted with my birthday. I also had no friends so have no idea what the point of a birthday at that point was!

  18. Dear Arman, This sounds wonderful…so much better than McDonalds! I would love to try this- perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Pinning. Have a wonderful weekend, Catherine

  19. I am going to have to make theses. I already put sausage out to make patties with this morning. Now I just need to make the paleo version of the muffin. Will save the egg till ready to eat. Not a big fan of frozen eggs.

  20. A bit bummed you didn’t call it Maccas somewhere in this post. 😉 Since visiting, I have adopted calling it that…for whatever reason, I just love it! Also, I love sausage so definitely gotta try making my own.

  21. I hate McDonalds and think the golden arches should be swapped for devil’s horns or a picture of heart disease and diabetes.

    That being said, I used to love the breakfast sausage and cheese biscuit. Probably more for the flavor than anything because those patties are a pale comparison to meat. To this day, I occasionally make these for the Hubby because he still loves them. See, I’m a good wife. Most days. 🙂

  22. Hi there, I love those sausage mcmuffin patties and I just made your recipe for these ones – and they’re delicious! Worth making if you’re curious. Great spice mix.

  23. I’m just here to say HELLO, you know that. I do remember, though – my first trip to Hawaii as a youngun, I was IN AWE of the TWO. STORY. McDONALDS.


  24. Thanks for this recipe… I’m pretty addicted to Sausage McMuffins, so it’s great to know there’s a healthier alternative. 🙂 Can I just check with the ingredients, are the quantities for fresh herbs or can I substitute dried?

  25. The Canadian version is made with pork – this must be an Americanized version with the beef as an ingredient. So giving this a try though subbing pork for the beef 🙂

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