Chocolate Chip Pancakes


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These classic and fuss-free chocolate chip pancakes are the best adult and kid-approved breakfast! Easy to make with a short list of pantry staples, this simple recipe yields a flawless batch of light and fluffy pancakes with gooey chocolate in every bite.

chocolate chip pancakes.

Is there anything better than a batch of old-fashioned homemade chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast? I don’t think so!

Made with a simple 8-ingredient batter, this chocolate chip pancakes recipe yields fluffy-on-the-inside and golden-on-the-outside pancakes every time. The chocolate chips in every bite are just a bonus! 

Best of all? Just like my apple, cinnamon roll, and red velvet pancakes, these sinfully sweet chocolate pancakes are perfect for whipping up for weekend breakfasts and brunches. You can also batch-cook a stockpile to freeze and enjoy any day of the week!

Table of Contents
  1. Why you’ll love these chocolate chip pancakes
  2. Ingredients needed
  3. How to make chocolate chip pancakes
  4. Tips to make the best recipe
  5. Variations 
  6. Storage instructions
  7. Recommended tools to make this recipe
  8. What to serve with pancakes
  9. Frequently asked questions
  10. Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Why you’ll love these chocolate chip pancakes

  • It’s perfect for kids and adults. A classic pancake breakfast is a treat in itself, but there’s something about adding chocolate chips that makes the experience extra special for all ages. 
  • Freezer-friendly. Similar to protein pancakes, you’ll love the convenience of having a stash of ready-to-reheat pancakes in the freezer when you’re craving pancakes, chocolate, or both!
  • It’s just plain delicious. I have dozens of excellent pancake and waffle recipes, including pumpkin pancakes, lemon ricotta pancakes, and cinnamon roll waffles. However, these easy chocolate chip pancakes are truly the best. 
chocolate chip pancakes recipe.

Ingredients needed

Family-friendly recipes like this don’t take much to make – just a small list of pantry staples. Here is everything you’ll need:

  • Flour. All purpose flour is perfect for pancakes. Head to the FAQs to learn how to modify this recipe for special diets, like gluten free, dairy free, etc.
  • Sugar. Granulated sugar sweetens the batter.
  • Baking powder. This makes the batter rise. For the best results, use the freshest baking powder you can find.
  • Salt. To help bring all of the flavors together.
  • Milk. Any type of milk should work. You can even use buttermilk for extra fluffy pancakes.
  • Oil. Use a neutral-tasting oil, like vegetable or canola oil.
  • Eggs. Egg yolks bind the batter together while whipped egg whites are the secret to light and fluffy pancakes. 
  • Chocolate chips. You can use milk, semi-sweet, or dark chocolate chips. Or stick with my sugar free chocolate chips to cut down on the sweetness.

How to make chocolate chip pancakes

Warm and fluffy homemade pancakes are just a few steps away! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Mix the batter. Whisk the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt together in a large mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, combine the milk, oil, and egg yolk. Add the wet mixture to the bowl with the dry ingredients, then gently stir to combine. 
pancake batter.
  1. Add the whipped egg white. In a third mixing bowl, beat the egg white until stiff peaks form. The white should be doubled in size, look extra fluffy, and stand up straight, just like in a pavlova recipe. Gently fold the beaten white into the pancake batter until combined. 
folded egg whites.
  1. Fold in the chocolate chips. Fold in the chocolate chips until they are completely immersed in the batter. 
chocolate chip pancake batter.
  1. Cook. Heat the oil in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Drop spoonfuls of the pancake batter onto the hot surface, then cover it with a lid. Cook until golden around the edges and repeat until all the batter is used up.
pancakes with chocolate chips.

Pancake topping ideas

Tips to make the best recipe

  • Some lumps in the pancake batter are ok. Trying to smooth them out will result in overmixing, which means dense and flat pancakes!
  • Not sure if the skillet is hot enough? Drop in a teaspoon of batter. If the batter lightly sizzles, the pan is ready!
  • You’ll know the pancakes are ready to flip when you see bubbles forming all around the sides and close to the middle (after about 2 minutes). Use a glass lid so you don’t have to constantly lift it and risk releasing the steam.
  • To keep the cooked pancakes warm as you work through the batter, place them on a baking sheet in a 200ºF oven. 


There are no rules when it comes to pancake mix-ins. Make this breakfast a real show-stopper by using any of these extras: 

  • Spices. Add cozy, dry spices like cinnamon and ground nutmeg to the batter to warm things up.
  • Vanilla. Just a touch of vanilla extract will deepen the sweet and creamy flavors. We often do this with banana pancakes.
  • Chocolate. Double chocolate chip pancakes? Yes, please! Mix ¼ cup of cocoa powder with the dry ingredients. 
  • Peanut butter chips. Use a 1:1 ratio of regular chocolate chips and peanut butter chips to make your pancakes taste like chocolate peanut butter cups.

Storage instructions

To store. Keep any extra pancake batter covered in the fridge and use it within 24 hours. If you have leftover pancakes, keep them wrapped in plastic or an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days. 

To freeze. Layer the pancakes between sheets of waxed paper in a freezer-safe sealable bag or airtight container. Freeze for up to 2 months and reheat directly from frozen. 

To reheat. Microwave a few pancakes at a time for 20 to 60 seconds. To reheat a large batch, it’s best to rewarm them on a baking sheet covered with foil in a 350°F oven for about 10 minutes. 

  • Non-stick pan. My go-to pan for cooking pancakes, and they come with a lid.
  • Cast iron skillet. If you want to take your pancake skills up a notch, a skillet is always a great idea!
  • Griddle. The classic pancake cooking tool.
chocolate chip pancake.

What to serve with pancakes

Something salty is always a fab idea to balance out the sweetness. Here are some favorites:

Frequently asked questions

Can they be made gluten free? Dairy free?

I haven’t tested this recipe with gluten free flour but a 1:1 gluten free flour blend should work well. You can also add chocolate chips to my naturally gluten free coconut flour pancakes, almond flour pancakes, and oat flour pancakes instead.

For dairy free chocolate chip pancakes, use your favorite dairy free milk and use vegan chocolate chips instead of regular chocolate chips. Or make my almond milk pancakes or oat milk pancakes with chocolate chips instead.

Can you make the batter ahead of time?

The batter can be made up to 24 hours before cooking, but no longer. After 24 hours, the baking powder deactivates, and the pancakes won’t rise as much as they should.

How do you make waffles with this batter? 

Pancake batter doesn’t typically work for waffles without tweaking the ingredients. Instead, you can add chocolate chips to my almond flour waffles and oatmeal waffles recipes.

chocolate chip pancake recipe.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

5 from 30 votes
These thick and fluffy chocolate chip pancakes are your excuse to have dessert for breakfast! They are made with pantry staples and cook up in less than 10 minutes.
Servings: 8 pancakes
Prep: 2 minutes
Cook: 8 minutes
Total: 10 minutes



  • In a mixing bowl, add the dry ingredients and mix well. In a separate bowl, combine the milk, oil, and egg yolk. Combine the wet and dry ingredients. 
  • In the third bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form. Slowly fold in the beaten whites into the batter until combined.
  • Fold through the chocolate chips. 
  • Add oil to a non-stick pan and place over medium heat. Once hot, drop large spoonfuls of the pancake batter onto it and cover the pan immediately. Cook the pancakes for 2-3 minutes, remove the lid, flip, and cook for another 2 minutes. Repeat the process until all the pancake batter is used up.


TO STORE: Keep any extra pancake batter covered in the fridge and use it within 24 hours. If you have leftover pancakes, keep them wrapped in plastic or an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days. 
TO FREEZE: Layer the pancakes between sheets of waxed paper in a freezer-safe sealable bag or airtight container. Freeze for up to 2 months and reheat directly from frozen. 
TO REHEAT: Microwave a few pancakes at a time for 20 to 60 seconds. To reheat a large batch, it’s best to rewarm them on a baking sheet covered with foil in a 350°F oven for about 10 minutes. 


Serving: 1pancakeCalories: 150kcalCarbohydrates: 21gProtein: 3gFat: 6gSodium: 206mgPotassium: 30mgFiber: 1gVitamin A: 46IUVitamin C: 0.03mgCalcium: 95mgIron: 1mgNET CARBS: 20g
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Author: Arman
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Arman Liew

I’m a two time cookbook author, photographer, and writer, and passionate about creating easy and healthier recipes. I believe you don’t need to be experienced in the kitchen to make good food using simple ingredients that most importantly, taste delicious.

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  1. I was on keto diet in the past summer. It is low carb but I had a tons of fats so everything was good. I love to eat fatty food!?

        1. Hi Meecie- I think it should work (my previous pancake recipes have, I just haven’t tried this particular one)- You might need to add a dash more liquid though 🙂

  2. When I started Paleo I definitely ate more low carb than I do now, but I found I need more carbs in my life for sure. These look so insanely fluffy it’s unreal – need to try! With a side of bacon of course, still low carb!

  3. Yay for pancakes! Carbs are awesome. Brains absolutely love them! Though I love trying things with new flours and vegetables in different ways, so sometimes I try low-carb recipes for fun. Like this one!

  4. I am going to start my own list and I put pancakes on top 😉
    When I think about prep diet I have this sad picture of tons and tons of tupperware with plain chicken and broccoli in mind. I love chicken and broccoli but not like that. To me it’s such a masochistic sport. Not necessarily for the body but for the mind.

    I once met a female figure competitor and I better keep my opinion about her to myself. Though this was surely a character thing not a figure competitor thing.

  5. omgsh these look amazing! so fluffy and chocolatey. i don’t know how those competitors do it… i would last maybe two hours until i was caught eating peanut butter from the jar

  6. This reminds me of the days when I competed in bodybuilding competitions! Oh wait, I never did that. Haha. Seriously, though, these pancakes look insanely fluffy. I’m running on pure fumes these days b/c the rest of the house is crazy sick, and I want nothing more than a huge stack of these flapjacks. (I just typed flapjakes. I don’t know who that is…)

    1. Geebuz! Seeing as these are low carb and you need energy, you totally get to replace the maple syrup with pure sugar.

  7. Again, is butter a carb?
    I love that these DON’T use, like a cup of egg whites! Very cool and pinning for later!

  8. Guess I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow! 😉 ..these look so deceiving…like they’re packed with wheat flour and sugar!! Genius..

  9. There’s a woman at my gym who does those competitions and in the past 5+ years I’ve been going to that gym I’ve literally NEVER seen her skip a day. Ever. It’s insanity because I skip all the time, but she is there at 5 AM every single day without fail. It’s pretty impressive.
    As far as low-carb goes, I think you know how I feel about that 😉

  10. I thought my life was complete after you posted the first recipe to this blog. BUT then this happened!!!!! I have been picky about my pancakes as of late and haven’t been happy with how any of the recipes turned out. Can’t wait to try this one out 😉

  11. These pancakes are so crazy thick! It’s pretty amazing that only 3 tbsp of coconut can do that. I am also amazed by the bodybuilder diet. I don’t think I could do it. Too much you have to give up. Granted it is temporary, but my body has already been through it’s own challenges. I don’t want to mess that up.