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These keto peanut butter cups are better than Reese’s and need just 3 ingredients! No sugar and no dairy are needed, they take minutes to make! 3 grams net carbs per serving! 

keto peanut butter cups.

Who said you can’t have candy on a low carb diet?

Thanks to the plethora of sugar free sweeteners and chocolate out there, you can easily recreate your favorite candy bars, minus all the carbs!

We’ve enjoyed gummy bears, marshmallows, and homemade Reese’s cups.

Table of Contents
  1. The Best Keto Peanut Butter Cups
  2. Ingredients needed
  3. How do you make keto peanut butter cups?
  4. Tips to make the best recipe
  5. Storage instructions
  6. More keto candy recipes to try
  7. Frequently asked questions
  8. Keto Peanut Butter Cups (Recipe Card)

The Best Keto Peanut Butter Cups

I’ve been meaning to share a keto peanut butter cup recipe for quite some time. As someone who LIVED off Reese’s cups, these have been a game changer. Now, these may look incredibly fancy but I promise they are SO easy to make.

  • They need just 3 ingredients. Seriously: peanut butter, sugar-free chocolate chips, and coconut oil.
  • Ready in 5 minutes. The hard part is waiting for them to firm up but that is what freezers are for!
  • Perfect texture. These cups are sweet, salty, and gooey in the middle. They are full of chocolate and peanut butter flavors, you won’t be able to stop at one!

Ingredients needed

As mentioned earlier, these peanut butter cups need just three ingredients to make. Unlike other peanut butter cup recipes out there, these don’t need any flour or fillers to make the filling. Here is what you’ll need:

Substitution idea

Love white chocolate peanut butter cups? Make a keto version by swapping out the chocolate with sugar free white chocolate.

  • Coconut oil– Just a little to make the chocolate exterior smoother and easier to bite into. 
  • Peanut butter– Smooth and creamy peanut butter with no added sugar. 

How do you make keto peanut butter cups?

Start by lightly greasing a 12-count silicone muffin tin or line a 12-count muffin tin with muffin liners.

Next, add the chocolate and coconut oil to a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave in 30-second spurts, until the chocolate has melted. Pour spoonfuls of the melted chocolate into the muffin liners and use the back of the spoon to spread chocolate on the sides. Drop teaspoons of the peanut butter over the top, before filling with extra chocolate.

Now, refrigerate the peanut butter cups until the chocolate firms up. 

keto peanut butter cup.

Tips to make the best recipe

  • These make large peanut butter cups. If you’d like smaller ones, similar to Reese’s cups, use a mini muffin tin or mini muffin silicone pan (we do this with our sugar free fudge).
  • The peanut butter filling is NOT sweet, relying on the chocolate for the sweetness. If you want a sweeter peanut butter filling, whisk it with some sugar free powdered sugar
  • For a thicker filling, add a spoonful of almond or coconut flour to it.
  • If you don’t want to use peanut butter, feel free to swap it out for almond butter, cashew butter, or even sunflower seed butter.

Storage instructions

To store: These peanut butter cups will keep at room temperature, in a sealed container, for up to 4 weeks. You can store them in the refrigerator if you’d like them to keep longer. 

To freeze: Place the peanut butter cups in a ziplock bag and store them in the freezer for up to 6 months. 

sugar free peanut butter cups.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I make the filling thicker?

For a more fudgy filling, add a tablespoon of either coconut flour or almond flour to it.

How many carbs in a keto peanut butter cup?

Each peanut butter cup contains just 3 grams of net carbs.

Are Reese’s peanut butter cups keto friendly?

Unfortunately not! While they do have a sugar free peanut butter cup offering, those have an almost identical carb and sugar count to the traditional cups.

keto reese's cups.

Keto Peanut Butter Cups

5 from 96 votes
This keto peanut butter cups recipe is a quick and easy way to make a sugar free twist on the classic dessert! You only need three ingredients and five minutes to make them!
Servings: 12 cups
Prep: 1 minute
Cook: 5 minutes
Total: 6 minutes



  • Line a 12-count muffin tin with muffin liners or grease a 12-count silicone muffin tin.
  • In a microwave safe bowl or stovetop, melt your chocolate and coconut oil.
  • Spoon out the melted chocolate into the muffin liners and use the back of the spoon to spread the chocolate around the sides. Spoon out tablespoons of peanut butter into the muffin liners, and fill with the remaining chocolate.
  • Refrigerate the peanut butter cups for at least an hour, for the chocolate to firm up.


For a thicker filling, add a tablespoon of coconut flour or almond flour.
TO STORE: These peanut butter cups will keep at room temperature, in a sealed container, for up to 4 weeks. You can store them in the refrigerator if you’d like them to keep longer. 
TO FREEZE: Place the peanut butter cups in a ziplock bag and store them in the freezer for up to 6 months. 


Serving: 1servingCalories: 196kcalCarbohydrates: 10gProtein: 7gFat: 20gSodium: 74mgPotassium: 105mgFiber: 7gCalcium: 7mgIron: 2mgNET CARBS: 3g
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Author: Arman Liew
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Arman Liew

I’m a two time cookbook author, photographer, and writer, and passionate about creating easy and healthier recipes. I believe you don’t need to be experienced in the kitchen to make good food using simple ingredients that most importantly, taste delicious.

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  1. Hi Arman! I love your recipes! I have had gastric sleeve surgery and I find your healthy low cal, lower fat, low carb recipes are especially delicious and helpful on what, can sometimes be a rather dull diet. I made your delicious sugar-free peanut butter cups with Lily’s dark chocolate chips and used your low calorie peanut butter recipe ( which is FANTASTIC!!!). Having trouble figuring out the nutritional info when using the low cal pb. Would you happen to know? Thank you! Lisa

  2. 5 stars
    Now that I actually had a chance to try making peanut butter cups, I can share my experience! Overall these tasted really good, but I ran into two issues. The first one is that the coconut oil seemed to make the chocolate pretty much melt upon contact with my skin, which didn’t totally surprise me because coconut oil melts from simple body heat, so holding these with my fingers to take a bite was not an option. Definitely have to leave them in the wrappers.

    Also, I found that the coconut oil made the chocolate not stick to the mini muffin liners very well. This might not sound like a big issue, but I found that this resulted in the sides of the cups being really thin, so when I took a bite, peanut butter oozed out the sides of the chocolate shells.

    These were tasty and I will make them again, but I found them to be really messy even with prior refrigeration because of the oil. If anyone else experiences this issue, I think spreading the chocolate in multiple layers up the sides of the cups and freezing each layer will keep the peanut butter filling from popping out like it did with mine. But I do love how soft and smooth the coconut oil made the chocolate!

  3. 5 stars
    This sounds a little like peanut butter stuffed chocolate ice cubes! I don’t know if you have access to Albert’s Chocolate Ice Cubes, but they are heavenly little squares of chocolate hazelnut and it’s the coconut oil in them that makes them melt-in-your-mouth soft. I would personally love to see your take on a low-carb version of these addictive little chocolate squares! 🙂

    I recently tried making my own peanut butter cups (not low carb) and while I definitely think they needed milk chocolate as opposed to the dark chocolate I had on hand, I never considered adding coconut oil to the chocolate coating to make it smoother and softer. Thank you for putting that bug in my ear! I’m going to try my hand at peanut butter cups again based on your recipe because anything Reese’s is a weakness of mine too and I’d love to be able to make a more diet-friendly version at home.

    I may not be going low-carb, but I am dieting and those sugar-free Russell Stover peanut butter cups are a little expensive. I would love to have a stash on hand that I can make for a fraction of the cost.