Paleo Burger King Chicken Nuggets

A Paleo twist on Burger King’s infamous chicken tenders- Baked not fried for a much healthier and delicious option- Super simple and a guaranteed hit for an easy weeknight meal or to pack for lunches! 

Paleo Burger King Chicken Nuggets- A delicious, healthy twist on the fast food favourite- #paleo #glutenfree and #lowcarb-

I have the strangest associations. Take today’s recipe for example. I actually never really tried a Burger King chicken nugget until I was in Japan and craving chicken nuggets from McDonalds. Here’s the back story. 

Something not many of you guys may know but growing up, I was obsessed with Japanese electronic games, especially the Street Fighter slot machine (I swear I’m not a violent person!). Now Street Fighter slot machine was a game classified as ‘M’ here in Australia which meant for me to play it ‘legally’, I had to be 15 years of age. 

At the same time, these games were only accessible to play at shopping centres in the video game arcades, so feeding the habit was quite the difficult process. I remember every Saturday after my beloved Chinese school (note sarcasm) I would go to one of the Shopping Centres with $4 worth of gold coins to play Street Fighter four times, with the hopes of getting that much better each time to get to one of the final rounds. 

Friends, it never happened and I swear I just pressed buttons for the sake of it. 

Regardless, this didn’t deter me and I continued this tradition for over two years, until mum asked me how my pocket money was being saved and I said the Street Fighter machine was saving it for me. It didn’t end well and safe to say, I was banned and weekends were no longer spent in my beloved arcade. 

Paleo Burger King Chicken Nuggets- A delicious, healthy twist on the fast food favourite- #paleo #glutenfree and #lowcarb-

Fast forward to 2012 when I went to Japan. As much as I wanted to experience the culture, eat all the food and go to Studio Ghibli, I knew I had to pay homage to my (electronic) childhood by going to Akihabara– A district of Tokyo famous for it’s electronic shops and arcade venues. When I went to visit there, I was astounded by the retro gaming experiences on offer, like virtual dance games, slot machines which gave you candy and a quirky pinball like game called Pachinko. I first heard about Pachinko when my friend here told me it was the ‘biggest thing’ in Japan and recommended I try it online to practice beforehand. I initially thought it was the sound of a Mexican cocktail but clearly I was wrong. Anyway, I played my Pachinko, I played my Street Fighter and was seeing flashing red and blue for the next few hours.

So where do chicken nuggets come in? Well, whenever I went to the arcade as a kid, I ALWAYS had chicken nuggets- ALWAYS. It would be my post game tradition- Get a six pack of chicken nuggets from McDonalds and cry over how sucky I was at the games. After my time in the arcade venues in the Akihabara district, I had a huge craving for chicken nuggets but my vision was clearly impaired from the bright lights and instead of going to a McDonalds, I went to a Burger King. Same colours. Different fast food outlet. Regardless, I wanted nuggets so made do

Paleo Burger King Chicken Nuggets- A delicious, healthy twist on the fast food favourite- #paleo #glutenfree and #lowcarb-

The chicken nuggets were different from Mcdonalds- They had a spicy coating and there was much less of a ‘batter’. Also, the chicken didn’t taste like it came from all parts of the bird bar the breast which made it that much more delicious. Burger King chicken nuggets trumped McDonalds chicken nuggets and as such- When it came to the reader’s Paleo challenge, I had to recreate this- Paleo style

Paleo Burger King Chicken Nuggets- A delicious, healthy twist on the fast food favourite- #paleo #glutenfree and #lowcarb-

These copycat Burger King chicken nuggets are much healthier than the store bought one for several reasons. Firstly, they don’t contact the rib meat, potato starch, modified corn starch and other sixteen ingredients as per their website. They also aren’t shallow fried. My version are coated in a delicious spice rub of smoked paprika, sage, sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, almond meal, almond flour and a tiny bit of coconut flour. They are also baked instead of fried and the meat used is 100% breast meat. 

Copycat {PALEO FRIENDLY} Burger King Chicken Tenders- A Paleo twist on Burger King's infamous chicken tenders- Baked not fried for a much healthier and delicious option- Super simple and a guaranteed hit for an easy weeknight meal or to pack for lunches!  @thebigmansworld -

Told you it was a random association which lead to this. You’re probably in need of a snack now. Go make these Paleo Burger King Chicken Nuggets. Then come challenge me to Street Fighter. You’ll win.

Paleo Burger King Chicken Nuggets

A Paleo twist on Burger King's infamous chicken nuggets- Baked not fried for a much healthier and delicious option- Super simple and a guaranteed hit.
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Author: Arman @ thebigmansworld


  • 1 kilogram chicken breast fillets chopped into nugget sized chucks
  • 3 large eggs whisked
  • 1/2 cup blanched almond meal
  • 1/2 cup almond flour
  • 1 T coconut flour optional- can sub for an extra T of almond meal
  • 1 T sea salt
  • 1 T smoked paprika
  • 2 tsp red pepper flakes
  • 2 tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp sage


  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and line and coat a baking tray with olive or coconut oil/spray and set aside.
  • In a medium mixing bowl, combine the almond flour, almond meal, coconut flour, sea salt, smoked paprika, red pepper flakes, black pepper and sage. Mix very well and set aside. In a separate bowl, whisk the 3 eggs and set next to the before the spice mixture.
  • Begin a process of dipping the chicken into the egg mixture, followed by the spice mixture, ensuring the chicken pieces are all fully coated before setting on the baking pan. Repeat the process until all the chicken is used up.
  • Transfer the tray to the oven and cook for 13-15 minutes, until golden on top, flip and cook for an extra 10 minutes, or until golden and fully cooked through. Serve immediately.


These are crispy when served fresh. If reheating, it is best to use the oven over the microwave.
I used a combination of almond meal and almond flour for the texture- If you only have one on hand you can use the full cup of that.
Adjust the salt to your taste.
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Paleo Burger King Chicken Nuggets- A delicious, healthy twist on the fast food favourite- #paleo #glutenfree and #lowcarb-

Have you ever played or heard of Street Fighter? 

Did you ever play arcade games growing up? 

Team McDonalds or Team Burger King? 

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61 thoughts on “Paleo Burger King Chicken Nuggets

  1. OMG yes to the Street Fighter throwback- I was a huge tomboy growing up so I was all over that & Power Rangers :)! And I know everyone associates chicken nuggets with McDonalds but if you ask me, the ones at Burger King are miles better! These look delish- I make something similar but with oat flour instead- how un-Paleo of me hah!

  2. I’m so glad this calls for smoked paprika. I’ve been putting it in everything lately- adds the perfect something extra.

    My brother and I used to play the game where you use the claw to pick up the stuffed animal at our local pizza place growing up. It was play-til-you-win and we would seriously play for an hour straight and still not get anything haha.

  3. Have I ever heard of Street Fighter HAH. Um have you seen the movie (with Jean Claude Van Dam??). And Mortal Kombat… oh I could go on and on. BK chicken nuggets/strips are the jam. Only rivaled by ChickFila, but I consider Chickfila to be essentially untouchable so that is unfair,

  4. I definitely have always been a video game fanatic, but Street Fighter never caught my attention. But these chicken nuggets caught my attention. You knocked it out of the park with these, Arman! Now all I want is chicken nuggets for breakfast…and lunch…and dinner. I might have to make that happen. As soon as I finish playing video games that is.

  5. Oh man, when I was a kid I loved McDonalds chicken nuggets! I used to love playing the Tekken games- I was always the capoeira dude with the dreads and, not gonna lie, I was really good.

    Haha, oh to be a kid again!

  6. Arman, these look amazing! I used to love BK tenders and McDs nuggets when I was younger but actually haven’t had either in years. I’ve definitely been tempted though but now who needs those when I’ve got these?!

  7. LIES!!! BK absolutely 100% does not trump McD’s! You my friend were confused as a child.

    If I was going to play a fighting game at the arcade, my game of choice was Primal Rage. You do know PR, right? It was Street Fighter, but instead of people, there were dinosaurs. You clawed and tail whipped and bit your opponent. And they had epic finishing moves. The best.

  8. While my chicken nugget eating days are likely over, I do love the spice rub you’ve created for these. I also know several of my friends who could benefit from this recipe, my brother included.

    I of course loved the silly Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros and Zelda, and in fact I intend to play some of these classics this weekend. It’s on my list.

  9. As a kid I LOVED McDonald’s chicken nuggets. With the sweet and sour sauce. OMG. Loved. None of the other chains could come close. Haven’t had one in years and probably never will again but hey, fond memories from childhood, before we really knew much about food and what we were eating. Ha.

  10. I remember those Street Fighter games… I had the biggest crush on Ryu 😛 I was a video game junkie growing up (and I still am), so I spent a tonne of time playing that and basically every other game out there. Heck, I -still- dabble in WoW when I have a spare minute 😉 And I’ve always been about the McD’s chicken nuggets. With extra sweet n sour, obviously.

  11. I was never a nugget fan growing up – I always went for the McDonalds happy meal with a cheeseburger. I think I’ve only eaten at Burger King like once in my life! Also I’m no longer on speaking terms with Burger King because they took over the location of a beloved local burger joint here in Burlington. I’m not impressed with them.

  12. hahaha Street Fighter. Good choice. Although when it comes to those sorts of fighter/melee games, Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Soul Caliber are where it’s at. Do I sound nerdy right now? I feel like I sound nerdy right now.

    Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had Burger King Chicken Nuggets! It was never my first choice of fast food, so I think I’ve only had their fries and chicken sandwiches.

  13. Ahh oh my goodness this reminds me of the time my mom would take my brother and me to the McDonald’s in Kansas that also had a jet ski video game. My brother would play and I would have fun watching and pretending like I was not landlocked in Kansas. My I would always get a filet o’ fish and Reese’s pieces as a treat. HAHA EW.

  14. Those look so delicious! I’ve never had Burger King nuggets– and the last time I had McDonalds ones, I was probably 18, and really sick, and craving something simple– and I bit into one and it had bones in it. Totally freaked me out. Cured me of that craving.

    I’d much prefer to make them at home this days. KL is having a bit of a almond flour shortage.. but as soon as I can get my hands on it, these will be made!

  15. They look really delicious. I do mine almost similar but I also add shredded coconut. I’ll leave this out next time. They look worth a try!
    What do you think, if you had actually saved the money, would you have been able to afford a machine on your own at some point?

  16. Arman,
    I can’t really comment on BK nuggets or video games (though if you want to talk pizza or knitting I’m all over it) but reading this sparked the memory of those Pachinko parlors in Japan.
    When I was stationed in northern Japan I’d walk past seeing the folks zombie-eyed playing constantly. The noise, the bright lights and constant barrage of colors were impressive.

    While I don’t know if I’ve ever had a BK nugget, yours look loads better than anything I’ve ever seen outside of a fast food commercial. My sis in law gave me smoked Spanish paprika for Christmas and I like the idea of testing it out in this recipe.


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