Eggnog Bites


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An easy recipe for no bake eggnog bites which are soft, chewy and packed with holiday spices! Ready in just 5 minutes, these protein-packed and dairy free eggnog bites are completely sugar-free and the perfect Christmas or holiday snack! Paleo, Vegan, Keto, Gluten-Free.

An easy holiday or Christmas recipe for healthy eggnog no bake bites- The perfect dairy-free, protein-packed and sugar-free use for leftover eggnog and the best easy 5-minute eggnog dessert- Paleo, keto, vegan and gluten-free! #eggnog #energybites #christmasrecipes #ketodessert #proteinbites

No Bake Eggnog Bites

“And then before we went out, we had these drinks called ‘Eggnog’. It was so good!”

“You drank eggs? You will get worms now.”

“No, mum. EGGNOG, not eggs. It’s a drink.”

“You will get worms.”

“No, but…”


Don’t try to explain the beauty of the eggnog beverage to my mum. You will just need to accept the fact that you will indeed get worms. 

Ironically, before I tried my first sip of eggnog (or rather, first heard of what eggnog was), I too thought it was a beverage based off raw eggs. However, once I learned that the eggs in it were cooked, I was game to try it and fell in love. The nerdy part of me pretended I was drinking Butterbeer, even though it had no relation whatsoever. Since being back in America, you can imagine just how excited I was to see Eggnog stocked at all the supermarkets.

Although I’ll pretend I didn’t see the store named brands whipping it out in SEPTEMBER

What to do with leftover Eggnog

Traditional eggnog (or the ones I had previously sampled) had typically been full of refined sugar and unless made with a dairy-free milk was unsuitable for those following a vegan, paleo or dairy free lifestyle. I’ve partnered up with my friends at Silk to share a delicious recipe featuring their delicious eggnog! I’ve previously tried their Nog Original and was a huge fan.

This year, I experienced two new flavors- Their Almond Nog original (AMAZING in this recipe) and their Almond Nog Pumpkin Spice. The creamy, rich texture was perfect straight from the carton or one better- Warmed up for 30 seconds. 

These healthy no Bake Eggnog bites are soft, chewy and doughy and the perfect snack to have on hand any time of the year! They also use one bowl and take less than 10 minutes to whip up. You’d think they were unhealthy because they taste like dessert but actually are the perfect healthy snack or dessert to enjoy anytime! They are naturally gluten-free, vegan, dairy free and come with a tested paleo and protein-packed option! 

Homemade Eggnog VS Storebought 

HACK! For my paleo and keto friends out there and for all those occasions the flavored eggnog isn’t available- Check out the instructions to make homemade ‘eggnog’ using Silk’s original unsweetened almond milk. This version is also paleo friendly, so my paleo friends don’t miss out! 

Make these delicious no bake eggnog bites and if your ever in the presence of my mum, be aware that you will have worms. 

An easy holiday or Christmas recipe for healthy eggnog no bake bites- The perfect dairy-free, protein-packed and sugar-free use for leftover eggnog and the best easy 5-minute eggnog dessert- Paleo, keto, vegan and gluten-free! #eggnog #energybites #christmasrecipes #ketodessert #proteinbites



An easy holiday or Christmas recipe for healthy eggnog no bake bites- The perfect dairy-free, protein-packed and sugar-free use for leftover eggnog and the best easy 5-minute eggnog dessert- Paleo, keto, vegan and gluten-free! #eggnog #energybites #christmasrecipes #ketodessert #proteinbites

Eggnog Bites

5 from 11 votes
Easy, delicious eggnog bites which are eggnog flavored and take less than 5 minutes to whip up and require no baking! Soft and doughy, these no bake bites and naturally vegan, gluten free, dairy free, paleo and keto! 
Servings: 18 Balls
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 1 minute
Total: 6 minutes



  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the dry ingredients and mix well. 
  • In a microwave-safe bowl or stovetop, heat your nut butter with your sticky sweetener until combined. Pour your wet mixture to the dry mixture and mix well. Add the eggnog until a thick batter is formed- If the batter is too thin, add a dash more coconut flour.
  • Using your hands, form into small microwave-safe balls. Roll balls in extra granulated sweetener and place on a baking tray or plate. Refrigerate for at least 10 minutes to firm up.


* I used a monk fruit sweetener. Any granulated sweetener of choice will work.
** I used a monk fruit maple syrup. For a refined sugar free option, pure maple syrup and agave nectar work great!
*** For those who don’t have access to eggnog- Make a simple version using 1 cup unsweetened coconut or almond milk, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1/4 tsp cloves, drop of rum extract and 2 T granulated sweetener of choice.
No Bake Eggnog Bites (Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Dairy Free) should be kept refrigerated, for up to 2 weeks. They are also freezer friendly. 


Serving: 1BallCalories: 89kcalCarbohydrates: 3gProtein: 3gFat: 8gFiber: 2gVitamin A: 400IUVitamin C: 3.3mgCalcium: 30mgIron: 1.3mgNET CARBS: 1g
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Author: Arman
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Arman Liew

I’m a two time cookbook author, photographer, and writer, and passionate about creating easy and healthier recipes. I believe you don’t need to be experienced in the kitchen to make good food using simple ingredients that most importantly, taste delicious.

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  1. I do use a raw egg in my mayo so maybe I have worms! Actually I’ve never had a problem…with the mayo or the cookie dough. And I’ve actually never tried eggnog!

  2. When the eggnog comes out, I know it’s really the holidays! Yum! These bites looks extra delicious Arman! I’ll just take that little stack of three, thank you very much.

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I want these in my mouth right now.
    I had my first eggnog experience at Starbucks. Eggnog Latte 😉
    I have raw eggs in my tiramisu. So I think that doesn’t count either!

      1. These sound really good but truth be told I have never heard of half these ingredients,got a recipe for those of us that like all the normal things,love eggnog full flavor and all the other bad for you stuff..

  4. I only like eggnog if there’s rum in it, so there’s that. I had no idea there was such a thing as almond nog, though. Sounds intriguing! I wonder if I can put rum in THAT.

  5. I have had eggnog before and am not the biggest fan. I can do a cup of it at a party once a year and be good for the season. It’s just super thick and clogs my throat. I have never eaten raw eggs. Actually that scene in Rocky where he eats 6 raw eggs in a glass makes me feel really sick. I don’t recommend doing that, you will get worms (and salmonella)

  6. Wait.. excuse me. Pause. Pumpkin spice eggnog? WHAT. I need to find that, and then make these with it. That’s all.

  7. Talk about fearing raw eggs before knowing eggnog wasn’t raw mom drinks raw eggs in her smoothies all the time! freaks me out every time! But these look DELICIOUS. I definitely saw them appearing in september too :p

    Sarah Grace

  8. Raw eggs = heck no. Eggnog = bring me another glass….my first one must have had a hole in it! Now I can just snack on the nog in addition to drinking it. Delicious idea!

  9. I love eggnog, but then I take one sip too many and feel sick (too creamy after a certain point). Guess I should inhale a batch of these instead.