Healthy Carrot Cake Truffles

These healthy Carrot Cake Truffles are SO simple to whip up and you’d never tell they were nutritious! High in protein, very low in sugar and naturally gluten free and a vegan option, these are the perfect snack or pre/post workout treat! 

Healthy {Protein Packed} Carrot Cake Truffles- These healthy Carrot Cake Truffles are SO simple to whip up and you'd never tell they were nutritious! High in protein, very low in sugar and naturally gluten free, these are the perfect snack or pre/post workout treat! @thebigmansworld -

I have issues…with wasting food.

I think it stems from growing up being part of the Clean Plate club.’ Growing up, it was instilled in my to always finish everything on my plate. Not just that, but any excess leftovers would be refrigerated for later consumption. 


1/4 cup of rice leftover from dinner? Refrigerated

2 scoops of salad leftover from making sandwiches? Refrigerated

Half a slow cooker of Vegan chili? Freeze it!

Half a chicken breast from grilling? Tomorrow’s sandwich done

Case in point, regardless of what food or what quantity was leftover, it would not go to waste. Just before I left to America, I had an intense craving for carrot cake- so whipped up a batch of my healthy carrot cake. As with most of my cravings, after a few slices, they swiftly subsided. I had intensions to freeze the remaining half a loaf but my freezer was already accomodating no bake kettle corn bars, s’mores protein cookies and some frozen copycat Lindt truffles. That is just the sweet stuff- pretty sure there is half a tonne of slow roasted Persian chicken in there too. 


The next option was the fridge and well, while it was much more spacey than it’s cooler counterpart, it was still pretty packed. Sitting slyly in the top shelf was the leftover icing from my copycat kind bars

Confession- for three days straight, I ate that icing on toast. I even verbally admitted it to Meghan in Toronto. She was proud. As with the carrot cake scenario, I soon got over that. I had a couple of days at work before I had to fly out and I was hit with an idea. Why not combine try to combine the two?

I’ve toyed with the idea of making a carrot cake style energy bite but decided to do one better (read: be incredibly lazy) and grind up the carrot cake and then cover it in the frosting. Genius right?


I don’t know what made me think that crumbled carrot cake would maintain form. It doesn’t. It just sits as crumbled carrot cake. 


I initially thought to just add the frosting to it but then thought that would result in really ugly looking truffles. I needed the icing for glazing (and aesthetic) purposes. Then the wheels turned (because clearly, it had frozen in motion beforehand). When i first posted the carrot cake recipe, I mentioned how it didn’t need the cream cheese frosting because it tasted pretty darn epic (and I had also forgotten it). BOOM. There was my answer. Use cream cheese as the binder

Crumbled carrot cake + 125 grams of cream cheese + leftover frosting = carrot cake truffles. HEALTHY carrot cake truffles. 

Food wastage? Nope. 


Healthy Carrot Cake Truffles
A delicious, gluten free carrot cake truffle recipe using leftovers!
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  1. 1/2 Healthy Carrot Cake, crumbled
  2. 1/2 tub dairy free cream cheese (125 grams)*
  3. Greek yogurt icing**
  1. Line 2 large plates with baking paper and set aside
  2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the crumbled carrot cake and the cream cheese and mix until fully incorporated.
  3. Form into small, golf sized balls and using two forks, dip each truffle in the Greek yogurt icing to coat completely then set aside on the lined plates.
  4. Refrigerate for an hour or overnight until it sets.
  1. * For a vegan/dairy free option, I've used Daiya cream cheese style spread
  2. ** For a vegan/dairy free option, I've used Greek cultured yogurt by So Delicious
  3. Carrot cake is based off my Healthy Carrot Cake recipe.
  4. Greek yogurt icing is based off the icing used in my Copycat KIND bars.
Adapted from Healthy Carrot Cake and Copycat KIND Bars
The Big Man's World ®


What did your family do with leftovers growing up? (I know many of my friends would have the ‘give it to your father’ tactic!)

Are you a member of the clean plate club?

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98 thoughts on “Healthy Carrot Cake Truffles

  1. Haha I thought it was just my family who had issues wasting food- even just a couple of bites leftover gets shoved back in the fridge. Not going to lie- it sometimes drives me crazy seeing a fridge full of tupperware!! So confession: I’m not usually a frosting fan but when it comes to cream cheese frosting? That’s a whole different ball game- I’d like it by the bowl please :)!

  2. I am the same with wasting food. Growing up this wasn’t really an issue, as I ate everything in sight anyway, but now I eat less, if there is something leftover it never gets thrown. There is always something to do with it, like this.
    Great idea. Me loves some carrot cake.

  3. I am a leftovers nazi. Just ask my husband. I don’t waste food. I think it is a combo of teh clean plate club and watching how much food gets wasted in kitchens everyday. It irks me.

  4. I’m pretty sure we were separated at birth, Arman. Ok, maybe I eat a few more cookies than you do, but I do have serious issues with wasting food. Here’s a hint: anything (and I mean anything) can be turned into tacos. We often snack on tacos here with all sorts of leftovers from blog recipes…and they always turn out great! I’m loving this carrot cake truffle idea, though. You can bring the leftovers of these to Thanksgiving dinner…I’ve got your place at the table set.

    1. Mate…that is genius. I am actually going to try that out. My mate is having a brunch and another mate is bringing eggnog pancakes. You reckon that can be taco’d!

      Hope you had a superior thanksgiving- I’ll be there next year with bells on!

  5. Same here! No good wastage! At home, everything that hasn’t been eaten get refrigerated for later or the next day. However, before that happens, my brother has to eat until he’s about to explode (poor man, acting as garbage bin, I know :-D) Sometimes he says no, though. Way back our dog sometimes had the pleasure of eating leftovers. No, my brother isn’t replacing our dog!! Haha that sounds awful!
    I like your idea of combining two leftover sweets into one, it’s just prefect!

  6. Growing up, my dad and sister would sit at the table waiting for me to get full so they could fight over who got to eat the rest of my dinner. I always think I’m crazy hungry, then I eat way too fast and get really full. I’m the only one who actually eats the leftovers in my house, unfortunately. This means I’ll go days eating the same thing over and over haha.

  7. I’ve got at least 75 carrots in my fridge right now (don’t ask) so the carrot cake is happening. Wether or not I’ll have any left over for truffle making is an issue for another day lol

  8. My mom would turn all our savory leftovers into some sort of fried rice or stir fry or sandwich. She’s a beast at that. I’m definitely a member of the clean plate club now though. It’s hard to waste food when there are signs everywhere in the dining hall that say “being wasteful isn’t tasteful.” Seeing the number of other people’s plates with piles of food still on them also makes me feel obligated to clean my plate.
    Anyway, these healthy carrot cake truffles. I want ’em.

  9. Major NOMS! These look so good. I’m going to need to stash a bag of these for my flight to England soon because clearly, I’m not going to be getting any haagen dazs like some people.

  10. There’s no wasting food in my hood as well, I’m actually such a sucker for leftovers (I create so many things with them!)
    About these truffles…what can I say except that they’re sooo legit!

  11. As you already know (from my survey) carrot cake is wayyy up there on the list of my favorite foods. So anytime I can get it into my mouth more easily I’m happy (that’s what she said).

    I’ve seen people try to make healthy carrot cake without frosting and I just laugggggh and laugh. Silly people.

    We always save our leftovers, trying to be good stewards of the earth. But then we usually end up throwing it away when we clean out the fridge a month later and find all the leftovers. Whoops!

  12. I definitely grew up with the ‘3 more bites’ mentality…which led to the clean plate club. Lately, I’m all about leftovers, because it’s easy to decide what to have for dinner when I know I’ve got something in the fridge already.

  13. I’ve eaten cream cheese icing on toast before! It’s actually the only kind of “frosting” I’ll eat since i’m not huge on the buttercream stuff. I -am- a huge fan of leftovers, though… especially when they’re stolen from family dinners and I don’t have to cook them 😉

  14. Clean plate club all the way. Who’d want to risk getting rain the next day?
    If there ever were any leftovers – we’re a family of five and big eaters – they’d go straight into the fridge. Not so much into the freezer. And now that my freezer is shoe box-sized I always prepare only one or two servings so I have no leftovers. A pity because any kind of cake that can’t be scaled down to single -serving is out of question. And no interesting leftovers to work with. I’ve gone the cake crumbles + cream cheese + chocolate coating route for cake pops before but your carrot cake version might just take the cake .. Pop.

  15. I hate wasting food too! Everything gets used for something! I even tried to make juice pulp cookies and ate them despite the fact they were less than appetising! Definitely a member of the clean plate club, although that Thai did defeat me…
    I love the look of these! They look like donut holes!

  16. I hate throwing food away. I actually feel guilty when I do it. I have this problem where I freeze everything left over that i don’t eat and then plan to use it later. I never use it and I find it in the freezer 6 months later when I completely run out of space and wonder what is taking up all the room.

    I love carrot cake and i especially love cream cheese frosting. These look delicious!

  17. Stop it i’m dying. I used to eat like a box of munchkins for breakfast when i was little =l i never knew that it wasn’t okay to not finish a plate of food. like what’s a “leftover”. Besides the fact i’m a food hoarder and will put back a singular cluster of granola or one almond because “i’ll combine it with the next bag i buy” and everything is too good to waste. But ACTUALLY it’s one of the reasons why i don’t want to grind up my precious carrot cake bread! i know it’s going into a delicious munchkin but the thought hurts! i just need to make two loaves to justify blending it up. and that icing.. it’s glistening like edward cullen. i would grow fangs and then just bob for these donut holes without my hands. =l

  18. I’m alllll about using leftovers!! Not necessarily cleaning my plate but I will save the two bites of chicken for later because I hate throwing away food!!

    I’ve made cake balls where you actually use crumbled cake and frosting so it makes sense you’d have to add a liiittle something to the cake. Looks so yummy doode!

  19. You and I, we have the same problem. I must be VP of Clean Plate Club because I have serious issues with wasting food. I will throw random food mixtures together just because I refuse to throw away any leftovers. And you know what? It usually benefits us food bloggers and recipe developers because it allows us to become more creative in the kitchen!

  20. My mom loved the “no-thank you helping” which I did not know that no other family used. We would have to take a very small portion of something we didn’t like. Good idea at home, but then when I was at a friends house and said to their mom “ok, I guess I’ll have a no-thank you helping”…they were less than enthused. The longest I sat at the table because I refused to finish my dinner was three hours. I think the only reason I finished that meal was because I had to pee…that’s real endurance right there 🙂

  21. The “give it to your dad” mentality works for me. If I want to heat it and put it on the plate for him is is happy to accept! Except for the stuffing. That’s all mine!

  22. I’ve gotten so used to saving leftovers I’m surprised when I find others don’t! I guess you can say my parents trained me well 🙂
    These truffles are brilliant! A great way to use leftover cake!

  23. I love the size of these. There are certain things I struggle to exercise portion control with, but I think I would be able to with these little things. I want to see what they look like on the inside, I just picture this cake like donut hole. But the cream cheese binder says otherwise….

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