The Ultimate 1 Minute Protein Brownie (Paleo, Vegan, gluten free)

A delicious, fluffy, moist protein-packed brownie which takes just one minute to whip up! Clocking in at around 150 calories, it is a healthy snack to have any time and has been oven tested. Naturally gluten free, dairy free, vegan, keto, low carb, and comes with a tested paleo version. 

1-Minute Keto Brownie (Paleo, Vegan, Sugar Free, Low Carb)- An easy mug brownie recipe which takes one minute and is super gooey, moist and packed with protein- Tastes so fudgy! #keto #ketodessert #ketorecipe #brownie | Recipe on



“Drink a protein shake after your workout!”

“Really? But I don’t really like the taste of them as a shake….”

“Okay you need to make this brownie then. It’s protein powder, water and a pinch of baking soda and you microwave it. It’s exactly like a brownie!” 

If I could turn back time, I would. I would go back five years and slap myself for even believing such a thing could be considered a brownie. For a good 4-5 months, after every single workout, I’d diligently go to my microwave in the shared dorm kitchen and make these ‘brownies.’ I’d praise the bodybuilding Gods for this genius creation and how something so ‘healthy’ could be so good.

…I then stopped working out like a ‘bro’ and realized that this brownie was nothing more than a sweetened hockey puck and an insult to the term ‘brownie.’ 

However, I’ve still continued to enjoy protein powder (just NOT with water and baking powder) and realized that with some actual ingredients, a delicious brownie COULD be made. 

Is this brownie like those desserts you make from a box or with butter, oil, flour and love? No, minus the love part.

Is this brownie like the ones sold at Patisseries with a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top? No.

Is this brownie something you’d whip up for your mum when she says ‘I feel like a brownie?’ Sure, if you want to get disowned. 

However, this brownie is an easy, quick and delicious anytime snack to have on hand to keep the sweet tooth satisfied. For those whom enjoy protein packed snacks or shakes post workout, this is the perfect option too. Why ‘the ultimate’ protein brownie? Because it’s not like a hockey puck.

Healthy 1 Minute High Protein Brownie- SO fluffy, light and a little bit gooey, this high protein brownie tastes like dessert- NO butter, oil, white flour or sugar- Oven option too! {vegan, gluten free, paleo recipe}-

As part of my collaboration with Kohl’s, I thought this would be a perfect recipe to share with my dorm room kitchen and back to school theme. This is an easy, nutrient dense snack which literally can be made in your dorm room kitchen- With a few basic items to have on hand, satisfy your sweet tooth the healthy way, without surrendering to pucks.

Hockey pucks. 


This healthy one minute protein brownie is the ‘ultimate’ brownie when it comes to microwaved or protein packed cakes. It’s fluffy and moist and takes only one minute to whip up. The key here to optimum texture is the protein powder you use and the correct combination of ingredients. I recommend using a plant based protein powder or for those without any dietary restrictions, using casein protein powder. Naturally gluten free and vegan (if you use the vegan protein powder), this also comes with a paleo option for those who follow a paleo lifestyle!

For those without a microwave, there is a tested oven version too- Refer to the method below! 

Healthy 1 Minute High Protein Brownie- SO fluffy, light and a little bit gooey, this high protein brownie tastes like dessert- NO butter, oil, white flour or sugar- Oven option too! {vegan, gluten free, paleo recipe}-


Make this ultimate protein brownie and satisfy your sweet tooth any time of the day, with an added protein boost- No hockey pucks welcome. 

If you love these kind of recipes, you’ll LOVE these 4 Ingredient Flourless Protein Brownies– Check out the recipe video below for a step-by-step process!



The ultimate 1 Minute Protein Brownie

A delicious, fluffy, moist protein-packed brownie which takes just one minute to whip up! Clocking in at around 100 calories, it is a healthy snack to have anytime and has been oven tested. Naturally gluten free, dairy free, vegan and comes with a tested paleo version.
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Servings: 1
Author: Arman @ thebigmansworld


  • 1 scoop protein powder- 33-35 grams I recommend using a vegan or casein blend*
  • 1 T coconut flour
  • 2 T granulated sweetener of choice optional**
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1-2 T dark cocoa powder adjust to desired chocolate content
  • 1 large egg Can sub for 1/4 cup egg whites OR 1 flax egg
  • 1/4 cup dairy free milk of choice
  • Dairy free chocolate chips/peanut butter chips etc optional


Microwave version

  • Grease a small cereal bowl or deep mug and set aside.
  • In a mixing bowl, combine the protein powder, coconut flour, baking powder, granulated sweetener and cocoa powder and mix well.
  • In a separate bowl, whisk the egg with the milk and pour into the dry mixture and mix until fully incorporated. Top with chocolate chips if desired.
  • Microwave for 60 seconds and remove from microwave and enjoy immediately.

Oven version

  • Pour batter in an oven safe dish and bake for 10-12 minutes on 180 degrees celsius for 10-12 minutes, until desired consistency.


* For a paleo version, I've tried this out with MHP Paleo protein powder in triple chocolate. It came out drier that the vegan/casein blend so I only microwaved it for 50 seconds and added more almond milk after.
** If your protein powder isn't sweetened, add sweetener to taste.
For a more moist and fudgy cake, remove from microwave/oven earlier. For a muffin like cake, you can cook slightly longer.
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Healthy 1 Minute High Protein Brownie- SO fluffy, light and a little bit gooey, this high protein brownie tastes like dessert- NO butter, oil, white flour or sugar- Oven option too! {vegan, gluten free, paleo recipe}-

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Protein powder uses- Have you ever had the hockey puck outcome? 

For those who workout, do you take protein supplements after a workout?

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124 thoughts on “The Ultimate 1 Minute Protein Brownie (Paleo, Vegan, gluten free)

      1. I’m not sure why you are calling for non-diary milk in your recipes. Soy is the leading cause of testosterone depletion in men! Do some research and take yourself off this toxic soy diet and stop encouraging others in this unhealthily lifestyle.

  1. This sounds awesome! I’ve definitely tried my fair share of hockey-puck-tasting-things. (I saw something on pinterest once for 35 calorie cookies. I made them. They were awful.) This one sounds like a winner though! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I had to laugh at this post because I come home after the gym and EVERY DAY make my protein powder with water and baking powder. If you don’t microwave it too much, I still like it 😉
    However, it still aint no real brownie, and these look BOMB! Pinned!

  3. So I don’t take protein supplements, but I’m tempted to pick some up just to make these non-hocley puck brownies! You had me at 1-minute! But I’m loving that you also owned that these are not ‘brownies’ in the traditional sense of the word. But hey, if they are on the healthier side AND only take 1 minute…count me in! Oh, and I used to eat pizza at every meal when I was a freshman in college. Either pizza or pretzels + Mountain Dew. I was a champion back then.

  4. First of all, I like the wild mushroom sauce.

    Second, these look great. I’m always wary of the recipes that state, “tastes EXACTLY like a “, but contains NONE of the ingredients you’d actually use. Luckily, your recipe has actual food ingredients that one might find in a brownie. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have yet to try the microwave cakes/snacks. I really need to though! I was always scared that I would get the hocker puck like you described though. I’m looking foward to your recipe with those sauces though! The mushroom one and the roasted garlic/carmelized onion flavors sound delicious!

  6. Yum! I don’t know about anyone else but my mom would definitely disown me if I made her a typical protein ‘treat’ and told her that it was a brownie. If I do not have a microwave, is there a way I could tweak it so that I could make it in an oven :)?

  7. It’s a good thing this is healthy, because a brownie that takes only a minute is a very dangerous thing here. Take a break from work, make a brownie, take the dog for a walk, oh I need another brownie, making dinner, maybe I will make a brownie to eat while cooking…haha.

  8. On the sauces front, absolutely either the basil or caramelized onion one. Probably the basil. In my humble opinion.

    I love that you’re now calling yourself out haha I guess that’s fair! We all have pretended at one point or another to like a “healthy” thing just because we convince ourselves we should. But at the end of the day, a brownie is a brownie and that’s that! You can’t healthify it completely. But this recipe comes pretty darn close. You always make your creations look exactly like they have the same texture as their original counterparts, but with better ingredients. You’re a magician!

  9. I’ve never had the hockey puck because I usually mash two bananas and add a scoop of PP in it and eat it like pudding. I cannot afford to waste protein powder because it costs a pretty penny, so hockey pucks for me. I think that idea is really cute and looks tasty. What type of non-dairy milk works best?

  10. Yay I love that this uses the whole egg! 🙂
    We bought some protein when we first arrived here – ingredients wise it’s amazing… Flavour? Not so much. At least david doesn’t mind it in a shake but I cant stand the taste! So this might be perfect, the powder works well in a good old protein pancake!
    Oh and I think you should go for the tomato and basil sauce – it’s a classic!

  11. OK, so I’m not a huge protein powder fan (that’s putting it mildly), but I’m intrigued by this recipe. Maybe I’ll try it for my friend David, who seems to drink that horrid stuff daily. Do I sound like someone’s cranky mother? Maybe, but at least I’m open to the possibilities – as long as someone else tries it first in front of me and looks honestly smitten with the result. xoxo

  12. soooooooo I didn’t microwave it but stuck it in the freezer and ate it frozen raw. unreal. tastes like creamy chocolate ice cream. not sure if you can legally encourage people to eat raw egg though. WINNER! thanks arman!

  13. I say go for the three cheese sauce. No surprise there. Also in that same vein, I eat cheese sticks for protein.

    I know I’ve told you this before, but my grandma had the same dishes, and every time they make an appearance in your post, it reminds me of her. Happy memories right there.

  14. Pingback: Chocolate.
  15. This shocked me – I’m just making the shift over to sugar-free and gluten-free, so most of the stuff like this I find is still pretty repulsive, but this is DELICIOUS! Threw in a splash of coffee the second time – even better! 🙂

  16. DELICIOUS!!!!!!! YUM! I was going to make a shake but once I saw this knew I had to try it. I was skeptical reading the recipe, but Wow — it was amazing. My boys ate most of it with me; we took the whole bowl down in minutes!!!!!!! Thank you for this amazing alternative to a shake. 🙂

  17. I made the recipe and loved it!! Only one thing though… Just my protein powder alone is 150 calories and when I added everything up, I was at almost 420! Curious to know how the calories were calculated. Still healthy and I love it, but don’t think I’ll have it every day. 😉

  18. Do you think it would work out if I used W.W. Flour…? I’m not a gluten-free/wheat-free/grain-free kinda chick, what with my metabolism, I need a LOT of carbohydrates… 😛

  19. I made this tonight….amazing! Even yummier than unhealthier versions of mug cakes I’ve tried. I recently lost 14kg and while I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I struggle with sweet cravings. So glad I found your page.

  20. OH. MY. GOD! THAT IS ABSOLUTE DELIGHT TO EAT, i had to add a tabsp of wholewheat flour though and as a baker, i approve of this recipe ???

  21. Made the brownie mug cake for the first time. Tastes delicious. I used half and half but it seemed to come out a little dry. Any suggestions?

  22. This is legit the BEST mug cake I have ever tasted!! Not spongey or wet looking like some others. I have a brownie chocolate protein powder and using it in this recipe tastes like absolute heaven. I ate two in one sitting…. kind of beats the point, huh? Worth it!

  23. This recipe is like 3 years old so I’m late on this…..I am back on my keto diet and am jonsing for something sorta sweet besides a fat bomb fudge which is basically just…..well, a blob of fat. This will definitely hit the spot. Do you happen to have a blondie recipe ….. I’m more of a vanilla person but definitely want to give these a shot.


  24. Love the recipe idea – I will try it tonight. I LOVE when recipes include all nutritional data so that I don’t have to calculate everything for a keto diet.

  25. What are the nutrition facts for the Ultimate 1 Minute Protein Brownie? I didn’t see it anywhere. Need carb, fiber and sugar content so I know how to track. Thanks!

  26. Any idea what the net carbs would be for this recipe! I looked over the post a few times and didn’t see anything. Please forgive me if I missed it. Thank you!

  27. Hi, I’m just into my second week of Keto and made this last night. Topped it with whipped cream and my roommate and I really liked it. Please tell me what the net carb count is. Thanks much

  28. I just made this and its fantastic! I’ve been looking for recipes since I’ve started keto I’ve had almost no appetite but protein powder tastes awful. The batter tasted pretty bad tbh so I wasnt expecting much more than barely edible but I was pleasantly surprised lol. I think I could eat these every night if I got some pb chips 🙂

  29. 5 stars
    Just found thIs and am eager to try. Would it be possible to substitute a protein shake for the protein powder and milk in the recipe? I’m out of protein powder and would love to try this now!!

  30. I highly recommend dropping with a dollop of melty peanut butter. So good! I have to admit, I do work out like a bro, but I still can’t stand ye’ ole protein+water mixture. I just had this brownie post-workout, and I will be using it a lot from now on!

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