25+ Recipes With Oats


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Each of these 25+ recipes with oats are healthy, delicious, easy to make, and pack a ton of flavor in every bite. From brownies to cookie dough and banana bread, you’ll never have trouble finding new, creative ways to fit heart-healthy oats into your day.

brownie baked oats.

Oats have always been a breakfast staple in my house. They’re effortless, versatile, and a great source of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. While they’re still a part of my everyday breakfast, I’ve enjoyed creating recipes to incorporate oats into every meal of the day, including snacks and desserts

Table of Contents
  1. What are the different types of oats?
  2. Can I eat raw oats?
  3. Breakfast oat recipes
  4. Overnight oats and baked oats
  5. Sweet treats with oats
  6. Recipes with oat flour
  7. More recipe collections to try

What are the different types of oats?

There are two main types of oats: rolled oats and steel-cut oats. Both begin as raw oat groats, with the exterior hull being removed. Rolled oats are steamed and pressed flat, while steel-cut oats are chopped into coarse nubs. There are three types of rolled oats used in cooking and baking:

  • Old-fashioned. Old-fashioned oats are steamed before being rolled flat. They tend to take longer to cook but have a better texture. 
  • Quick-cooking. The happy medium, quick-cooking oats are cooked and dried before being rolled. They cook more quickly than old-fashioned oats but keep their texture better than instant. 
  • Instant oats. Cooked and dried before being cut and flattened. They cook the quickest and can become mushy if overcooked or soaked in liquid for too long. 

Steel-cut oats are less processed, but they can also be less versatile to work with since they usually require more cooking. With the exception of overnight steel-cut oats, most of my recipes call for rolled oats.

Can I eat raw oats?

Technically yes, all varieties of oats can be eaten raw, though I prefer old-fashioned oats since they keep their chewy texture without becoming mushy.

Breakfast oat recipes

Oats are an irreplaceable pantry staple, and I can’t imagine a breakfast without them. Each of these recipes are nutrient-dense and easy to make ahead of time. Plus, they’re vegan and gluten-free, but make sure to use certified gluten-free oats. 

  • Chocolate granola– Top your yogurt, ice cream, or smoothie bowls with this crispy, chocolatey granola.  
  • Granola butter– Turn your granola into the viral sweet treat, smooth and creamy granola butter. It’s perfect on toast, oatmeal, or by the spoonful.
  • Oatmeal pancakes– Nothing’s more satisfying for breakfast than a stack of buttery, fluffy pancakes, and you’d never be able to tell these are jam-packed with rolled oats. 
  • Breakfast bars– Made with rolled oats, bananas, and creamy peanut butter, these sweet treats are the perfect grab-and-go breakfast bar. 
  • Oat milk latte– A homemade version of the popular coffee shop beverage. I explain how to froth the milk, even if you don’t have an espresso machine. 
  • Oat milk smoothie– Sweet, creamy, and made with 3 ingredients, you’d never guess it’s completely dairy-free. 
  • Strawberry oatmeal bars– If you’re looking for something simple but full of flavors everyone loves, you can’t beat these chocolatey strawberry oat bars. 
granola nut butter.

Overnight oats and baked oats

Overnight oats are hands down my favorite make-ahead breakfast recipe. Prep them before bed, and you’ll wake up to creamy, sweet, energy-packed oats ready to grab and go in the morning. 

  • Classic overnight oats– This base recipe explains how to make decadent overnight oats in 5 minutes, with endless flavor combinations. 
  • Baked oats– If you’re not a big fan of creamy oatmeal, you’ll love this hearty baked version. 
  • Tiramisu overnight oats– If you love tiramisu, you will fall head over heels for this tiramisu overnight oats recipe. It tastes exactly like the decadent dessert but way healthier and easier to make. 
  • Snickers overnight oats– The best parts of your favorite candy bar in a hearty breakfast bowl, plus 33 grams of protein.
  • Double chocolate baked oats– Satisfy your chocolate cravings with hearty, warm oats made entirely in the oven. It’s a hands-off recipe that’s perfect for feeding a crowd. 
  • Brownie baked oatmeal– Perfect for meal prep, these fudgy baked oatmeal bars require minimal prep time and come out tasting exactly like brownies. 
brownie baked oatmeal.

Sweet treats with oats

Satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your waistline. These desserts made with oats are every bit as decadent, just completely dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, and filled with wholesome ingredients. 

  • Oat milk ice cream– If you’ve got an ice cream maker at home, this oat milk ice cream is a no-brainer. Even if you don’t, you can still enjoy this homemade treat using just a blender.
  • Protein cookie butter– Yes, you can turn oats into the creamiest nut butter spread that tastes exactly like Biscoff, with over 12 grams of protein per serving. 
  • Oatmeal brownies– Naturally sweetened and made with whole grains, these fudgy brownies are the holy grail of healthy brownie recipes. 
  • Oatmeal cookie dough– No matter how old I get, I’ll never be able to resist eating raw cookie dough out of the bowl. Luckily, this recipe is totally safe (and encouraged) to eat raw. 
  • Flapjacks– A bit different from the American flapjacks, this British breakfast bar is made with rolled oats and sweetened with golden syrup. 
  • Trailmix cookies– If you love soft and chewy cookies, you’ll love this superfood-packed version. 
healthy oatmeal cookie dough with chocolate chips.

Recipes with oat flour

Once you learn how to make your own oat flour, you’ll find excuses to use it in everything, especially baking your favorite gluten-free treats. 

  • 2-ingredient flatbread– Blended oats and milk combine to make soft and chewy flatbread, perfect for wraps, sandwiches, or healthy pizzas. 
  • Pancakes– I share a simple trick to make the best fluffy, thick pancakes with no flour needed. 
  • Banana bread– Get that classic banana bread flavor with zero wheat, dairy, or gluten. 
  • Chocolate chip cookies– Soft, chewy, and chocolatey, you’d never be able to tell these cookies are entirely vegan and gluten-free.
  • Oatmeal chocolate chip bars– 5 ingredients and no eggs or flour!
  • Cookie dough protein bars– These chewy bars are the perfect snack, made with no added sugar and over 20 grams of protein each!
chocolate chip bars.

More recipe collections to try

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