Easy No Bake Low Carb Keto Desserts (Paleo, Vegan)



While I don’t personally follow the ketogenic diet, I am a huge advocate for snacking on keto-friendly foods. 

It’s no secret that my sweet tooth in rampant 24/7. Not a day goes by where I don’t crave something sweet, and more often than not, twice a day. However, before I started intentionally snacking on keto-friendly treats, I would end up mindlessly snacking and snacking. 

Easy Low Carb Keto No Bake Desserts

I’d heard of the keto diet, but I’d always assumed that it was protein heavy, dairy-heavy and void of any sweets.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Looking through my recipe archives, I found that many of my forgotten snacks and desserts happened to be ketogenic friendly. In fact, my favorite brownies and 2 minute English muffin fit the bill.

Over time, I found that the easiest and healthiest way to satisfy my sweet tooth was with keto desserts, especially ones which required no baking and were basically a zero carb dessert. I personally found the combination of healthy fats with some protein to really keep my fuelled in between meals. It also stopped the cravings completely!

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To kickstart the warm season approaching, here are a plethora of simple low carb and keto friendly no bake desserts and snacks. They all require barely any prep time and just a handful of ingredients. You’ll also notice that there are many chocolate and coconut treats. Before you raise your eyebrows thinking they may contain sugar or something fake in them, I promise you they won’t- Every single recipe are low carb desserts without artificial sweeteners!

Not only are all these recipes below low carb and keto friendly, they are also 100% paleo and vegan too. It’s rare to find vegan ketogenic recipes, but there are over 20 delicious ones!

Simple Keto Desserts

3 Ingredient Coconut Crack Bars

3-Ingredient No Bake Coconut Crack Bars

Many keto-friendly recipes contain coconut, and these crack bars have to be my favorite- 3 simple ingredients, freezer friendly and literally ready in minutes! 

They also make the perfect topping for coconut brownies and peanut butter coconut bars

  • Calories- 108
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 11 grams
  • Protein- 2 grams

Homemade Keto Crunch Bars

Homemade No Bake Keto Chocolate Crunch Bars

The traditional chocolate crunch bars get a keto makeover! Loaded with nuts and seeds, it’s easily adaptable to use any nut or seed butter of choice- We love almond butter or sunflower seed butter! 

  • Calories- 155
  • Net Carbs- 2 grams
  • Fat- 12 grams
  • Protein- 7 grams

Homemade Bounty Bars

Homemade No Bake Coconut Bounty Bars

A chocolate coconut combination which tastes like the traditional candy bar! 4 ingredients, 20 minutes! The high-fat low carb alternative is so satisfying, you’ll never buy a bounty or a mounds bar again

  • Calories- 111
  • Net Carbs- 2 grams
  • Fat- 11 grams
  • Protein- 1 gram

No Bake Brownie Cookies

4-Ingredient No Bake Brownie Cookies

As a huge fan of all things brownie batter, this keto no bake cookie is your answer. 

Soft, fudgy, minimal ingredients- You really have no excuses to turn on the oven! 

  • Calories- 97 
  • Net Carbs- 2 grams
  • Fat- 7.5 grams
  • Protein- 4.5 grams

Chocolate Coconut No Bake Balls

4-Ingredient Paleo Vegan Chocolate Coconut No Bake Balls

More of the chocolate coconut combination? I’m not complaining!

These fat bomb chocolate coconut balls are deceptively satisfying- For such a small snack, you’ll be amazed at how much energy you’ll have between meals!

  • Calories- 40
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 4 grams
  • Protein- 1 gram

Pineapple Coconut Bars

Healthy No Bake Pineapple Coconut Crack Bars

Pineapple on a keto diet? This isn’t a joke! While pineapple is traditionally a high carb food, you’ll actually be using pineapple extract! All of the pineapple flavor, minus the carbs.

When paired with coconut, it’s like a healthy tropical dessert bar! 

  • Calories- 108
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 11 grams
  • Protein- 2 grams

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

Healthy No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

Is there any better pairing that chocolate and peanut butter? I think not! These no bake bars taste like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, but healthy AND low carb! It’s ready in 5 minutes and if this is what keto snacking entails….I’m swayed!

  • Calories- 139
  • Net Carbs- 2 grams
  • Fat- 10 grams
  • Protein- 8 grams

No Bake Brownies

4-Ingredient No Bake Brownies

Raw, flourless brownies packed loaded with nuts, cocoa and seeds and NO refined sugar- It’s a keto dieter’s dream! Super fudgy, gooey and the perfect after dinner treat even better tasting than the original!

  • Calories- 185
  • Net Carbs- 4 grams
  • Fat- 15 grams
  • Protein- 9 grams

Chocolate Coconut Crunch Bars

Homemade No Bake Keto Chocolate Coconut Crunch Bars

Crunch bars with some added chewiness, thanks to the shredded coconut. Take it up a notch and add some pepita seeds to it too! 

  • Calories– 155
  • Net Carbs- 2 grams
  • Fat- 12 grams
  • Protein- 7 grams

Brownie Batter Bites

3-Ingredient Easy No Bake Brownie Bites

Poppable chocolate fat bombs which taste like brownies! An easy 3-ingredient recipe which literally takes minutes and the BEST chocolate fix, the healthy way! 

  • Calories- 97
  • Net Carbs- 2 grams
  • Fat- 7.5 grams
  • Protein- 4.5 grams

Lemon Coconut Crack Bars

4-Ingredient No Bake Lemon Coconut Crack Bars

Lemon and coconut is such an underestimated combination! A simple zest of lemon to a coconut heavy dessert can take it up a notch- It’s a taste and texture lovers dream! 

  • Calories- 108
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 11 grams
  • Protein- 2 grams

No Bake Carrot Cake

Healthy No Bake Carrot Cake

As a huge fan of carrot cake, being able to enjoy these keto-friendly bars after dinner has been the ultimate dessert. Although the flourless cake version of this is also pretty stellar….

Healthy Homemade Snickers

5-Ingredient No Bake Snickers Bars

My all-time favorite candy bar! Enjoying candy bars on a ketogenic diet? These secretly healthy snickers bars are loaded with the good stuff, which is all keto friendly! The gooey caramel works well in the protein bar version of this too! 

  • Calories- 125
  • Net Carbs- 4 grams
  • Fat- 7 grams
  • Protein- 5 grams

4 Ingredient No Bake Coconut Cookies

4 Ingredient No Bake Coconut Cookies

Back with the coconut again! These soft and chewy cookies are like edible pillows. Freezer friendly, they are perfect to hoard in the freezer for when the sweet tooth strikes unexpectedly! 

  • Calories- 40 
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 4 grams
  • Protein- 1 gram

Peanut Butter Crack Bars

3-Ingredient No Bake Peanut Butter Crack Bars

There is a reason why these bars have ‘crack’ in the name- You really won’t stop at one. Saying that, it IS an oxymoron. These healthy peanut butter bars are so satisfying, you’ll be able to control yourself. 

  • Calories- 113
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 8 grams
  • Protein- 4 grams

Raspberry Coconut Crack Bars

No Bake Raspberry Coconut Chocolate Crack Bars

A small portion of raspberries goes along way- Adding some tartness to the sweet coconut, this would be the perfect keto-friendly summer dessert! 

  • Calories- 134 
  • Net Carbs- 1.9 grams
  • Fat- 11 grams
  • Protein- 3.5 grams

Ferrero Rocher No Bake Cookies

4-Ingredient No Bake Ferrero Rocher Cookies

Chocolate and hazelnuts merge beautifully together to make these low carb cookies which taste like a ferrero rocher! Soft, fudgy and secretly low carb!

  • Calories- 103
  • Net Carbs- 1.8 grams
  • Fat- 7.5 grams
  • Protein- 4.5 grams

Banana Cream Coconut Cups

4 Ingredient Banana Cream Coconut Butter Cups

Think of banana cream pie in a popable fat bomb form? The gooey coconut butter center is flavored with banana extract, to ensure it is 100% low carb! 

  • Calories- 82
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 8 grams
  • Protein- 2 grams

Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies

4-Ingredient No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Back with the chocolate peanut butter combination! A creamy peanut butter filling covered in low carb and sugar free chocolate! Not a fan of peanut butter? Cashew butter or sunflower seed butter work great!

  • Calories- 99
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 7 grams
  • Protein- 4 gram

No Bake Coconut Cookies

3-Ingredient No Bake Coconut Cookies

The most easiest 3 ingredient keto cookies ever- No baking required!

A simple 2-step process to squash your cookies and desserts cravings in one!

  • Calories- 99
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 10 grams
  • Protein- 3 grams

Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs

3 Ingredient Keto Chocolate Coconut Cups

A copycat version of the popular keto cups, these coconut fat bombs are the OG for any keto follower! 

  • Calories- 99
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 10 grams
  • Protein- 3 grams

Easy Low Carb Keto No Bake Desserts

If you are following a ketogenic diet, don’t feel deprived- These 20 healthy easy no bake dessert recipes will have something for everyone, and keep the sweet tooth in check!

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Arman Liew

I’m a two time cookbook author, photographer, and writer, and passionate about creating easy and healthier recipes. I believe you don’t need to be experienced in the kitchen to make good food using simple ingredients that most importantly, taste delicious.

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  1. Arman, I just made your Paleo/Keto chocolate coconut crunch bars with White chocolate, almonds, pepitas, coconut, and chia seeds, and it turned out awesome!! I’ve been making these every few days for my family, and they love them! I try different variations in the recipe. For example, I made them with pistachios last time in place of the sliced almonds, and they were awesome, too! You’re a genius! Thanks so much for such a great recipe!
    Kerry Nihart
    I have a blog, and I recommended your blog and recipes to my readers. It’s StrivingThroughAdversity.com where I discuss the trials and tribulations of being a full time caregiver to my quadriplegic brother, while I am also disabled myself, and how I draw my strength from God to continue on.
    Well, have a blessed day!

  2. I tried the peanut butter no bake bars and they are awesome! Thanks so much! I just started the Keto eating plan and I was so excited I could still make cookie dough type bars, because those are my fav! Keep up the awesome work on this blog! I love it all 🙂

  3. I am not on a keto diet, but I love that these are all keto-friendly AND vegan-friendly. Goes to prove that you can satisfy your sweet tooth on a high fat low carb diet indeed! I’d demolish those peanut butter crack bars any day!